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Salads with cabbage there is a huge amount, and they are all very tasty, and most importantly - useful to humans, because cabbage contains many vitamins and minerals. These salads are always light and fresh. Some believe that the bosom grows well from cabbage. The simplest is a cabbage salad with cucumber, which is always eaten with great pleasure.

To make this salad, you need to take cabbage, fresh cucumbers and vegetable oil. Salt and sugar salad should be to your liking. Before making a cabbage salad with cucumber, you need to chop the cabbage and put it on a cold frying pan, and put on a stove. You do not need to pour oil! Cabbage is heated, stirring constantly, until it becomes transparent. The main thing is that it is not roasted, and this is done so that the bitterness is gone. Just do not need to wear it too much - it should remain crisp. While the cabbage is cooling down, cook cucumbers - you can cut into strips, and then mix with cabbage. Salad dress with oil and spices and let stand, so that the grain of sugar is dissolved and the taste becomes homogeneous.

You can make a cabbage salad with cucumber in another way. For two hundred grams of cabbage, one hundred grams of cucumber is taken. Cabbage is shredded and folded into a salad bowl, then it must be poured and mashed with hands until the juice appears. Cucumbers need to be peeled and shredded with straw. Combine the vegetables, season with oil and mix. All! Salad from cabbage and cucumber is ready!

Cabbage is useful to all people, but especially children, but not all of them love it. For example, I did not like to eat cabbage for a long time. Up until graduation from school, I generally bypassed all the dishes in which cabbage was kept. But now she likes me madly. Now cabbage salads often replace me with breakfast or even lunch. In many ways, the attempt to switch to proper nutrition is to blame, and cabbage is a very useful product, and there is simply nothing to replace it, especially in winter.

Here, for example, is a very useful, vitamin salad made from cabbage with cranberries. For him, we need one apple, one carrot, two handfuls of cranberries and 200 grams of cabbage (red or white). Cabbage shred straw, dice the apple and sprinkle it with lemon juice, carrots rubbed with straw. All ingredients are mixed, add cranberries and season with vegetable oil. For me, this dish has become a favorite winter salad. Cabbage can be taken and sour, but with fresh it turns out more delicious.

Here is another recipe for salad in vegetable oil. White cabbage (again about 200 grams) finely shred, grate one large carrot and a couple of cucumbers. Make sauce: take three tablespoons of vegetable oil, two large spoons of lemon juice, salt, pepper, you can add a spoonful of mustard. All the ingredients are mixed and served on the table. You can add canned pineapple to the salad, but then you do not need to add mustard. And you can replace pineapple with an acid-sweet green apple.

You can prepare cabbage salads with various interesting additives, for example, a cabbage salad with orange. The orange juice gave this habitual vegetable new notes. You need to take such ingredients: 300 grams of cabbage (white or savoy), two oranges, greens (basil, parsley, green onions), two to three tablespoons of olive oil and a little white wine vinegar. Salt and pepper should be, as usual - to taste.

Cabbage should be chopped, put in a cup and lightly crushed with a pinch of salt. One orange is cleaned, disassembled into slices and cut into four parts. My greens, dried and cut too, but not very finely. Squeeze the juice from the second orange, mix it with butter and beat with a fork. Now you can mix all the ingredients and add a little pepper and a pinch of salt. You can serve salad!

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