Dresses are magnificent: for small and adult princesses

When a young girl can feel like a charming fairy, how not at the prom. In itself, this event is exciting and memorable. And to come to him in a dress, which will be remembered for a long time by the charmer and her classmates, is very important and significant for any graduate.

Parents need to know firmly that this is an event of cosmic importance for their child. Think about the outfit from head to toe, taking the smallest detail into account. If suddenly a smart dress is not the only one at the ball, it will be just a universal catastrophe for the girl.

So, the dresses are lush and elongated, vintage and modern, bright and gentle tones: you can experiment and think through the image for a long time. Why for a long time? Yes, because any self-respecting girl prepares for the ball in advance, that is, in a few weeks (and perhaps months).

Consider when thinking about the order, where the evening will be - in school, university, restaurant, on the boat. If at school, you can confine yourself to a beautiful dress with all the attached elements: handbag, hairdo, shoes. And if we are talking about a ship party, then do not forget about the possible wind. Then you need to think about a cloak or stole.

First, flip through the fashion magazines, look at the ball gowns: lush, long and other styles. Learn popular materials that cover the theme of evening dresses for the prom. If you have a familiar dressmaker with excellent taste, then you have a direct road to it.

Of course, the taste preferences of your daughter are also important. Ask what she likes more - the dress is lush or tight, short or elongated. You need to choose the style that suits your girl. You can choose the right product for any type of figure: slender, plump, tall or short. There are no restrictions either in the color decision, or in the choice of a certain style, nor in the length of the product.

Remember that accessories must be present in the attire. It can be a handbag, earrings, a bracelet. They will create a unique image. And also a hairdress. Do not forget about the oval face (round, wide, narrow) and the outfit to which it will be made.

What else is important?

  • Owners of wide hips should pay attention to the dress curvy from the waistline, or evening versions with a neckline.
  • Girls with a feminine figure will approach a dress-case or with a deep cut in the shape of V.
  • For a fragile figure, you can choose an outfit with an expanding skirt.
  • Polnenky ladies with a bulging belly should choose dresses with a corset. Any overstated waist will visually attract attention to the bust, and the waist will become "thinner".
  • Young ladies of small size can safely choose tight-fitting dress-cases or in the form of a trapezoid, instead of magnificent dresses for a ball.
  • If the hands are full, then they do not need to be denuded, but it is worth covering with lace air sleeves or at least a short sleeve. Do not wear jewelry on your hands, it is better to attract the attention of a necklace or chain to the decollete zone.

If your girlfriend has not yet grown to the age of the graduate, do not forget that she is also a little princess. You will be delighted to see children's fluffy dresses sold in regular stores and online. Give your baby a holiday. Let her and her parents be happy!

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