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Secrets of Delicious Kisses

Date? Congratulations! Kisses you more! What, there is no certainty that you are a good kisser? Ha, but there's nothing complicated right there. Read, memorize, practice!

So, cognitive moment: we kiss from birth, and the skill is in our blood. Only at first whom do we kiss? Yes, Mom, of course. And then, as we grow older, the objects for kissing change radically, and this is for the best! The technique of kissing can be improved. What is the main thing in this business? Confidence, confidence and once again confidence.

The rest, as they say, is a matter of technology.

The main rule is the freshness of breathing. Did you eat the onion just before the date? You'll be healthier, the onion for the skin. Very useful. If it is applied to the face, there will be no acne, no problems with oily skin, no enlarged pores. How to apply? Very simple, at least in the form of a mask. To the chopped onion add honey and leave on the face for 15 minutes. Yes, of course, the smell will not be pleasant. But what to do, will have to suffer for the sake of skin beauty . So far, only one manufacturer of cosmetics has removed the scent of onions in their skin remedies. They moisturize, cleanse the skin, rejuvenate and remove the pimples. And this cosmetics is created on the basis of flavones onions.

And we still have to be satisfied with the home mask for charm.

In general, if you need a quick way to freshen your breath, here are some useful tips.

From the folk: pozhu parsley, mint, you can even lemon sugar sprinkle and eat.

From the classics - use Antipolitsey.

Let's go to the main thing, to the process. How to kiss? Do not be embarrassed, this is in the first place. Relax! This is not an exam or a parachute jump. A relaxed pose and lips - and you will succeed. For the completely enslaved it is recommended to watch the video lessons, they are now set on the Internet. There is even a clip with a two-minute (!!!) kiss "Demon vs Heartbreaker - You are my high".

Train more often, be braver, turn on the imagination! After all, as the classic said, kissing is a fire of love!

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