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Sights of Kamensk-Uralsky: description from photo

Kamensk-Uralsky is one of the oldest industrial cities in Russia. It was founded in 1701. Today this city is, in fact, an open-air museum. The sights of Kamensk-Urals are numerous, and visiting them will surely be interesting to many tourists. To look in this city really is on what.

History and general description

On the basis of the settlement on the site of the modern Kamensk-Uralsky there is a very interesting legend. According to legend, once in the local forest was a small hut. Once in the winter, the hunters stopped in the camp for the night. The weather on the street was frosty, and the firemen did not spare the firewood for the stove. At some point, the hearth warmed to the limit could not stand the heat and collapsed. The stones from which it was built, fell into the fire, melted, and then solidified solid monolithic slab. It is believed that this was the way the iron ore deposit was discovered in the interfluve between Kamenka and Iseti.

At first the monks of the nearby monastery used found by hunters deposits of ores. Later, this land was seized in favor of the state. And after a while the deposit began construction of the first iron foundry in Russia.

Today in Kamensk-Uralsky there are a total of more than 170 thousand people. The city is modern and well developed. However, even today, it is from the geology of the locality and the history of the iron foundry that its main attractions are connected. Kamensk-Uralsky, whose description of interesting places is found in many tourist guides, despite its venerable age, remains primarily a city of metallurgists and masters. In addition to the iron foundry, there are several other industrial enterprises, built mainly in the Soviet years. The largest of these are the Sinarsky Pipe Plant and the Urals Aluminum Smelter.

Sights of Kamensk-Uralsky: what is worth seeing in the first place

This city is located 100 km from Yekaterinburg. Its main sights are:

  • Rocks "Seven Brothers" and "Stone Gate".

  • The Savior-Transfiguration Monastery.

  • Mount Bogatyrek.

  • Bell factory.

  • The dam of a city pond.

Also worthy of attention of tourists are the sights of Kamensk-Uralsky, like the chapel of Alexander Nevsky and the merchants' manors of the XIX century. Very many tourists visit this city and the Geological Museum.

"Seven Brothers" and "Stone Gate"

These rocks in the city, perhaps, are the main attractions. Kamensk-Uralsky (photo confirms this) - a city that has a completely modern look. However, it was built under Peter the Great. And its foundation was directly connected with iron ore. This city is located in a very interesting geological zone. There are many different beautiful stone landscapes here. The "Seven Brothers" rock attracts tourists mainly with its unusual shape. This stone complex is very similar to the well-known Chertovo fortified settlement, located near Sverdlovsk. It refers to the Upper Iset mountain massif. Many consider this rock to be even more spectacular than the Sverdlovsk fortress. The fact is that the belt "Seven Brothers" is higher and has much steeper slopes. Climb on this rock without climbing equipment is impossible.

Outwardly, the belt represents a huge stone ridge stretching from north to south. Once upon a time, apparently, this rock was a single monolithic massif. However, over time, due to weathering, its upper edge acquired a bizarre shape, divided into separate groups. Today, above the solid wall of the massif, seven unusual vertical rocks rise. The form of each of them somewhat resembles a human figure. Hence the name "Seven Brothers".

Legends about the origin of this ancient natural complex there are many. According to one of the legends, "brothers" are the petrified children of one of the workers, who once tried to escape on the mountain from a cruel manager. There is also a legend according to which these stones appeared in pagan times. According to this legend, evil giants turned from the godmother Yermak into the rocks.

The formation of the "Seven Brothers" and the surrounding landscapes are in fact very interesting sights. Kamensk-Uralsky (photo below confirms this), however, attracts tourists and another unusual rock. "Stone Gate" is an interesting object, which is, in fact, a visiting card of this city. This unusual rock represents a huge miraculous monolith with a large hole-entrance in the middle. It is called so because, in appearance, it really looks like a huge rickety gate, one side slightly under water.

Bell Factory

As you can see, natural attractions are very interesting in this city. Kamensk-Uralsky (photo and description of it, given above, this is confirmed), however, an industrial settlement. And therefore it is famous not only for its original stone landscapes. In addition to unusual rocks, a very popular sight for its guests is the Bell Factory. This enterprise was founded was a group of activists in the early 1990s. Today, due to its presence in the city, Kamensk-Uralsky is called the bell-ring capital of Russia. At the plant, you can either look at the casting process itself or visit the art workshop, or listen to an interesting story about the history of the establishment of this enterprise.

Savior Transfiguration Monastery

Some pretty ancient religious buildings are also something you can see in a city like Kamensk-Uralsky. The sights of the city (architectural) are concentrated mainly in its historical part. It is here that the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery is located. This group was founded as a women's almshouse back in the 19th century. The initiator of the construction was the unknown widow Ivanova. Ten years later, a relatively new almshouse was transformed into a Christian community. After a while, the daughter of a wealthy master Avdotya Voronina donated her a stone house and two large wooden buildings. Of course, the benefactress became the leader of the community. In the stone house it was decided to equip the church. The consecration of this small structure was carried out in 1862.

In 1872, the construction of another church began on the territory of the community. Six years later, her main throne was consecrated in honor of the Transfiguration of the Lord. In 1892 the whole complex, part of which was already a large chapel, was approved by the Church as a women's monastery.

Shortly after the revolution, the monastery, like many other similar religious complexes, was closed. Later, the buildings of the monastery were used as a transit point for political prisoners. The monastery was reborn in 1998. Now it is a working man's abode.

Mount Bogatyrek

Rocks "The Seven Brothers" and "Stone Gate" are not the only natural attractions of Kamensk-Uralsky. Guests of the city should definitely inspect the stone massif "Bogatyrek". This rock is located not far from the center of Kamensk-Urals. It represents an ancient limestone remains. A few of its tops-tines fan-like descend into the valley of the river Kamenka. The tallest vertical array in form resembles a male figure. Hence the name of the rock.


Of course, there is an interesting legend about this unusual education. According to legend, once in these places lived a young man, nicknamed Bogatyrek, deft and skillful, but of small stature. Once an evil witch came to the village. She settled next to him in the forest, in a cave, and began to harm people. Bogatyrek called out to neutralize the witch, collected his armor and went along the shore of Iseti to its lair. A long battle lasted between the sorceress and the young man. At last Bogatyrek overcame it. However, the dying sorceress managed to send his last curse on him. And now stands a young man in the form of a rock in the middle of a modern industrial city.

The dam of the city pond

This is an interesting structure and must be seen by tourists who came to Kamensk-Uralsky. Attractions of the city of metallurgists are really very interesting. And the old city dam is no exception in this respect. The construction of this structure began even before the foundation of the city itself - in 1700. He supervised the erection of the dam Ermolai Nekhlyudov. This building is located in the old part of the city. The pond formed by the dam once became one of the first artificial reservoirs created in Russia. During the entire existence of this structure, it was repeatedly flown by floods several times and erected anew. However, on the right bank of the Kamenka River, the retaining wall, built in the 18th century, is still preserved.

Near the dam there is one more interesting sight of Kamensk-Uralsky - the monument "Cannon". Established this unusual composition in the city in the middle of last century - in 1967. The monument was erected in honor of the workers of the cast-iron foundry, famous in military battles.

Sights of the Kamensk-Uralsky Sverdlovsk region: the chapel of Alexander Nevsky

This religious building was erected in honor of the 300th anniversary of the city designed by architect A. Dolgov. The chapel was consecrated in 2001 by Archbishop Vikenty of Yekaterinburg. The chapel was named in honor of the icon of Alexander Nevsky presented to this new church by the city administration. The Russian Bell-Ringing Festival is periodically organized on the square in front of the chapel.

Merchant Manors

Ancient architectural monuments are also what Kamensk-Uralsky is famous for. Sights of the city (photo of one of the buildings can be seen below) of this group are very interesting, and many tourists visit them. The most popular ancient architectural objects of Kamensk-Uralsky are the merchants' manors of the XIX century, built in the Baroque style. They are in the historical part of the city, on the street. Lenin. Inside some of these beautiful houses, even elements of the design of the century before last were preserved. Guests of Kamensk-Uralsky have the opportunity to inspect the manors of merchants:

  • The Shamarins (Lenin, 91).

  • Zyryanovs (Lenin, 100).

  • Vorobyovs (Lenin, 127).

Also, many tourists visit the old mansion of the Tronins, built in the Gothic style.

Geological Museum

What other attractions are there in Kamensk-Uralsky? The photo of the old merchant's estate clearly shows how unique the appearance of such buildings is attached to the historical part of the city. But there is in Kamensk-Uralsk and another very popular tourist attraction - the Geological Museum. Guests of this city should definitely visit this site. A museum was organized in secondary school No. 16. The total number of its exhibits is 4009 copies. There are several main sections in the museum. The most interesting, according to many tourists, are "rocks", "historical geology", "paleontology".

Instead of concluding

Of course, the rocks "Seven Brothers" and "Stone Gate" in this city of metallurgists are the main sights. Kamensk-Uralsky is famous for its architectural monuments. But the above-described natural formations, a monastery and a museum are certainly not the only places worth visiting a tourist in this city. There is in Kamensk-Uralsky and many other attractions worthy of his guests' attention.

It is, of course, possible to study the unusual places of this city independently. However, many experienced tourists advise it is better to visit one of the local tourist offices and purchase a few excursions. With a guide about the history and features of the sights of Kamensk-Uralsky, you can, of course, learn much more.

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