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The character of Aquarius (men, women, girls)

Aquarius is a collection of the devil and the angel. He does not recognize imitation, hates imposing, but sometimes he does not mind something to shock. Likes to do pleasant things, but mostly only to himself. Aquarians do not want to be like anyone, but they really want to be respected and appreciated. Representatives of this sign love everything new and unexplored. However, more about the temperament of Aquarius next.

The patronage of the planets

Representatives of this sign are emotional and quite impressionable. It should be noted that the Aquarians are under the auspices of two powerful planets - Uranus and Saturn.

The first one inspires researchers and scientists. The second - condemns the representatives of this sign to complete submission to fate, which, unfortunately, is not always happy in all cases. As a rule, Saturn is a planet of sadness, memories, lost hopes, unfulfilled desires and melancholy.

The Character of Aquarius

Born under this sign is attractive enough for others, since the main feature of such people is responsiveness and humanity. They completely immerse themselves in other people's problems and do everything to help those in trouble.

There is little ingenuity in every Aquarius. Representatives of this sign are always filled with a million ideas. Unfortunately, to realize them in life prevents rapid loss of interest. In addition, the thoughts of Aquarius sometimes cross the line of reality. Therefore, such people are sometimes called "fantasy" and "dreamers".

It should be said that practically to all representatives of this sign an immeasurable love for constancy is alien. Aquarians do not tolerate routine, although sometimes laziness and inactivity are peculiar to them.

The character of Aquarius is instability. Sometimes representatives of this sign are completely immersed in problems and feel insecure in their abilities. But this period does not last long. Negative mood is quickly replaced by calmness and desire to move on.

As a rule, those born under this sign are rather modest and restrained. Aquarians rarely ask for help, although they are always ready to come to the rescue.

The life of such people is unhappy, but this does not mean that it is gray and monotonous. The character traits of Aquarius will never let him get bored. In his life there will be everything - wealth and poverty, love and disappointment, success and decline. It should be noted that the fate of the representatives of this sign is benevolent. That is why they will always find a way out of the most difficult situation.

Temperament of a Woman-Aquarius

The character of the Aquarius-woman has various features. These women sometimes compared with the flower, which must be nurtured and watered.

Those born under this sign do not like to flaunt their feelings and emotions. They prefer restraint so that no one can take advantage of their weakness. Even in the most difficult situations, Aquarius women are able to demonstrate their self-control.

To show weakness, it is only capable of dealing with the other half. Here she is emotional, unrestrained and sensitive.

The character of the Aquarius-woman is soft enough in most cases. But this does not mean that she can not stand up for herself and her family. As a rule, such women never give up. In their minds, there is always a complex exit plan from any situation.

Those born under this sign are very fond of dressing beautifully. Do this not to attract the attention of others, but in order to please yourself.

Representatives of this sign are very fond of animals. In her house there is always a puppy or kitten, which she cares with pleasure.


It is worth saying that Aquarians very rarely agree to be housewives. Prefer to trust this beloved. Therefore, such girls are difficult to find a suitable man, ready to stand at the stove and take care of the home.

She herself prefers to earn money and strive for the highest degree of career. Often, such women are not always able to build a strong family. For her the main thing is career and prosperity.


If we talk about relationships with men, then the girl-Aquarius, whose character has many positive features, prefers the only one. If she falls in love, she will never be able to pay attention to another. She is uneducated and suspicious, sometimes trusting, than actively used by others.

The Aquarius Girl, whose character is often hard, has many friends. Sometimes a quarrel with a lover and loneliness compensates for it by communicating with good people. She will never deceive or betray the best friend. Its motto is "always tell the truth, whatever it is".

In a bad mood, it can be sharp, which always offends the interlocutors. Quickly departs, but does not feel guilty, referring to all sorts of details.

The Character of Aquarius-Men

Men born under the sign of Aquarius are mostly arrogant, objective and intelligent. In the arsenal of their qualities - sympathy, kindness and the desire to help people.

Men-Aquarius are strong. They have a desire to emphasize their individuality. No more people were born who these men would like to imitate.

It should be noted that Aquarians are single. But this quality does not prevent them from possessing charm and tact. As for close people, the character of the Aquarius-man manifests itself in a completely different way. In this case, he is ready to give up everything and come to the aid of his relatives, leaving all his affairs and problems.

Representatives of this sign are real gentlemen. These men always behave gallantly in any situation, be it a family relationship or a working situation.

Aquarius always brings justice and from the bottom of the heart wishes to make the world better. Such men do not like to show their feelings and emotions. Prefer to be in the shade. They do not like it when they come to their souls and give advice. It is worth saying that he himself never advises anything.


As for welfare, everything is much worse here. Aquarians do not seek a rich and measured life, considering money is not the main thing necessary in life. With finance, such men are treated rather carefully, preferring to save for a rainy day. Aquarius man can give all his savings to the needy. This is perhaps the only sign that is able to make sacrifices, if only the surrounding did not suffer.

Often the representatives of this sign get good scientists and researchers. Aquarius shows interest in everything, so his mind and ingenuity can be involved in any field of activity.

Relations with others

This sign (Aquarius), whose character is ideal, by nature - a real romantic, who for the sake of his girlfriend is ready to perform unusual acts. It should be noted that the first love of such a man remains in his memory for the rest of his life.

The character of Aquarius in relationships with women is rather mild. A man born under this sign will never dare to offend his chosen one or raise his hand on her.

If on the way there will be another girl, she prefers to declare it directly. It is worth saying that the Aquarius man will leave without thinking, if in the relationship there will be no harmony and mutual understanding.

In a bad mood, representatives of this sign go into themselves. Nothing and no one can overcome his "closeness" until he gets rid of it.

Here they are - Aquarius!

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