Is it worth buying a "Stealth" ATV: reviews, models, specifications

Quad bike is not only a modern vehicle, loved by fans of off-road travel, but also a reliable all-terrain vehicle that can overcome even the most difficult routes.

The trademark "Stealth" is one of the few on the Russian market, which for a few years managed to secure a wide circle of admirers. What are the characteristics of the manufacturer and is it profitable to buy this advertised brand?

ATVs Stels

The company "Stealth" represents a real breakthrough in the field of speed, comfort and quality. Assembly of ATVs is carried out on the territory of Russia, so the price looks rather democratic in comparison with European and American counterparts.

Of course, the opinions of professionals regarding the quality of this product vary, but it is recommended to purchase the Stealth ATV for beginners and beginners who are not yet available for expensive equipment. Reviews of amateurs who tested this type of technology, indicate quite good technical characteristics and parameters, especially with a sparing mode of operation.

Advantages of ATVs "Stealth"

The developers propose to pay attention to the following positive qualities of the Stels product line:

  • reliability;
  • availability;
  • endurance;
  • strength;
  • Sustainability;
  • maneuverability;
  • The products are time-tested;
  • Availability of European certification;
  • Availability of utilitarian and sports models for different levels of driver training;
  • Ease in the selection of parts.

All the above advantages can not but leave unattended "Stealth" ATVs. The entire model range, in addition, is characterized by ease of care and durability.

Types of ATVs from Stels

Quad bikes are usually divided into two types: utilitarian and sports.

The line of ATVs is the most powerful racing technique, which has impressive parameters and has increased cross-country ability. A striking example of this is the "Stealth Cheetah" quad bike. This model has several varieties, differing in power.

Utilitarian ATVs are designed for amateur driving, they have a less powerful engine, which nevertheless makes it easy to overcome complex obstacles.

Utilitarian equipment is used for trips to hunting, fishing and just for entertainment. Also in this group are children's and teenage cross-country vehicles.

Children's ATVs are a line of cross-country vehicles that help the child to join the trips on the rough terrain on their own transport. The goods are presented in several colors and are intended for the carriage of one and two children.

Teenage ATVs are usually purchased for children over the age of ten.

Stealth sports equipment

Sports motor-vehicles are represented by a number of rear-wheel drive models. The most powerful of them - the ATV "Stealth Cheetah 850G".

Vehicles are excellent for sports competitions, they have good characteristics. It is impossible not to say about the external component, as the company copes quite well with the task of making a powerful ATV for racing aggressive and brutal, but attractive. "Stealth" produces and exclusive models that can please any esthete.


Sports models have the following characteristics:

  • 4-stroke engines of ATVs "Stealth" have 2 cylinders and liquid cooling.
  • The working volume, depending on the model, is 650-850 cm 3 .
  • Power - 51,7-69,0 horsepower.
  • The maximum torque is 60-75 Nm.
  • Ignition is carried out using the Delphi electronic control unit.
  • Suspension brackets have spring-hydraulic shock absorbers.
  • Disc brake system with hydraulic drive on each of the wheels.
  • The capacity of the tank is 29 liters.
  • The total weight is 410 kg.

The characteristic of the "Stealth" ATV of the 850G also includes an electric power steering and a radiator outlet.

The price of sports ATVs

Sports ATVs "Stels" of the domestic assembly are distinguished by their advantageous value. Prices for the 650-cube model start at 440 thousand rubles.

The most expensive 850-cc quad will cost about 700 thousand.

Features of sports models

Manufacturer recommends for racing to purchase the ATV "Stealth". Reviews about this line of vehicles are different. Is the Stealth Cheetah good, as promised?

Among the positive qualities of fans of fast driving noted:

  • Sufficiently low price;
  • Excellent ground clearance;
  • Excellent off-road ability;
  • Effective grousers;
  • Powerful electric winch;
  • Strong protection of the bottom.

There are also dissatisfied with the purchase of athletes who were able to test the ATV in the race. They give the following reasons:

  • Instability on the flat road;
  • It is not convenient enough to use because of the gearbox construction not thought out to the end;
  • The declared power in the race is not always enough;
  • Frequent need for repair.

Most of the athletes who experienced "Stealth" in the race, they agree: the ATV is not bad, but it is not suitable for competitions. It is better to use it for walking.

Utilitarian ATVs

Utilitarian models are quite popular. Models with a volumetric engine, such as the ATV "Stealth 600" or "Stealth 500", are operated for tourist purposes. Utilitarian vehicles are externally well designed and have an attractive design.

It should be separately said about the 300V model. It is suitable for both beginners and teenagers. Its technical component is similar to the more advanced models 500 and 600. The all-wheel drive ATV 300V is often used in the farm for transportation of building materials, snow, etc.


Depending on the model, the characteristics are different. The common thing is that all the elements of the structure are securely fixed to the welded tubular frame. Two-arm suspension has spring-hydraulic shock absorbers. The single cylinder engine has 4 strokes and a liquid cooling system. Ignition system - electric starter CDI, type of transmission - variator.

ATV "Stealth 500" , average in parameters, has such characteristics:

  • Engine capacity - 499 cm 3 ;
  • Capacity - 32 horsepower;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 20 liters;
  • Clearance - 300 mm;
  • The wheelbase is 1490 mm.

Its improved model has improved characteristics. This ATV "Stealth 600" with an engine capacity of 594 cm 3 and a capacity of 39 liters. from.

Price policy

The cost of utilitarian equipment is much lower than the quotations for sporting ATVs "Stealth". Prices for these vehicles range from 285 000 to 450 000 rubles. Shops offer installments, loans. Thus, ATVs are quite affordable.


The most popular model is 500GT. Many motorists managed to get and test this "Stealth" ATV in practice. Reviews are found both positive and negative. Although the company is considered quite good in terms of manufacturing utilitarian equipment, still not all buyers were satisfied with the acquisition.

The following shortcomings were noted:

  • Not all parts are well screwed, especially the shift lever;
  • The signal does not always work;
  • The winch is initially dry, there is a rust in places;
  • At a speed of more than 50 km / h, cracks appear on the plastic;
  • The two of us travel quite dangerously, the place for the passenger is not thought through thoroughly.

Of course, these are not critical drawbacks, and it is possible that the percentage of marriage is very small. The owners and merits of the equipment are noted:

  • Quads "Stealth" prices are quite democratic.
  • Comfortable driver's seat.
  • Excellent external data.
  • High permeability.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • Easy to repair.

It is worth saying that the ATV "Stealth 500" is easily amenable to improvement. This applies to the mode of vehicle use. Let's admit, for fans of trips on the water, the tires change to special, which allows the ATV to literally "float". In addition, tuning centers can add a number of passenger seats, warming up for hands and other useful additions.

Children's ATV line

Children's ATVs "Stealth 50c" and 100RS are designed with the safety of a small driver. These vehicles have a remote control, with which you can adjust the speed mode. Maximum acceleration on this ATV can be up to 65 km / h, but manual control allows you to reduce this figure to the speed of a pedestrian.

Many fathers, wishing to instill a love for a child in motor vehicles, turn their attention to the "Stealth" quad bike. Parents' testimonies testify that this model is convenient, practical, compact and safe, therefore even a teenager can manage it.

Quadrocycles 50c and 100RS have a gasoline engine with a volume of 49.2 cm 3 and 91.3 cm 3 respectively. These models have a carburetor power system, an uncontrolled electrical ignition system. Transmission - V-belt variator.

The cost of children's ATVs is 90-150 thousand rubles. Therefore, if the economic situation allows, the models described above for the future driver - a fairly good investment.


Whether it is worth buying an ATV for this brand, it's up to the driver himself.

A low price and quite good technical characteristics will perfectly suit novice drivers. If there is a question of choosing a sports vehicle, it is recommended to pay attention to the most powerful models.

Salons that sell such equipment are offered to undergo a test test drive, which helps to determine in the future with a choice. Ignore this possibility is highly discouraged, because to purchase this type of transport should be taken seriously, since the ATV is not the safest means of transportation.

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