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Olga It's past. Early Queen queen care

This woman was very bright and cheerful person. Maybe it will seem rather strange, but it was she, the one with so much sympathy for the homeless animals who could laugh even the most sad person, the talented and very bright actress Olga Prokhvatylo, left this life all alone at home. Her biography is a short (unfortunately) life story of a good, but terribly lonely woman.

The beginning of the life path

Olga Prohvatylo Was born in Yekaterinburg. There she received a diploma from the Theater Institute. One can say with certainty that her biography - both acting and theatrical - was extremely successful. Only a year after the graduation from the institute she already had a role in the play "Her people - we'll count!". And the critics' reviews were very flattering for the young beginning actress.

Unfortunately, in the future of her fate, she mostly got episodic roles. But even in them she managed to shine and be remembered by the audience. She was in the troupe of the Theater on Perovskaya, but she did not lose contact with other art temples.

Not only an actress, but also a friend

TV viewers knew her well for the roles she played and loved the actress. Despite the fact that she was not from the first star level, Olga Prokhvatylo was an extremely responsive and kind person, a talented actress. If she had a break in work, she was happy to sit with the children of colleagues in the shop.

Many years ago Olga managed to get her own apartment in the capital. Mom helped her. She sold the apartment in Yekaterinburg, bought herself a small village house, and the main part of the proceeds from the sale of the money was given to her daughter. And even with such a contribution, Prokhvatylo had to take a mortgage. She worked hard to pay off all the debts. I did a lot of casting. I rejoice in any proposed work. U did not manage to become a wealthy man, although she did a lot of shooting, besides she took part in entreprises. As a rule, she had one-off projects. A few days before the tragedy that had happened to her, she was happy. But none of the few friends said anything - afraid to jinx.

Actor's path

During her life, Olga Prokhvatylo starred in more than fifty paintings. It was both small films and long serials. Many of them pass from one TV channel to another without stopping. She managed to play a watch in the "Truckers", the operator in the bank in the "shifted", Antonina in the "Operational pseudonym", Aunt Raya in the series about the beautiful nurse, Svetul in "Hiromanta", Frau Lysenko in "Saboteur".

Even in small roles she showed her acting talent Olga Prokhvatylo. Films With her participation always have only positive emotions.

I would like to dwell on several roles. Rimma in the Three Half-Graces. The role is small, the employee of the publishing house. But with what heat the actress pronounces her own text, that she involuntarily begins to sympathize with her and wish her happiness. Although it is clear that with her chosen one it will not work.

Nurse Tamara from the "General Therapy". Olga Burganovna managed to show that nurses are not just a person in the clothes of a health worker, but a person who is able to empathize, trying to suggest something useful to the patients and their colleagues. She will always listen and try to give efficient advice.

Lisa's mother in "High Security Vacation". In this somewhat sad comedy, you can see the actress as if in two hypostases: in one episode she is an alcoholic mother who, sitting with her drinking companion at a table with snacks, completely forgot about the parent's day; In another episode, she, who assumed a human face after speaking with a "tutor" from a children's camp (the role of Sergei Bezrukov), comes to her child, who meets her with a loud cry "Mom!".

Her care

About the death of the famous actress became known almost immediately after the incident with her misfortune. Friends found her lying on the floor in her own apartment. Unfortunately, she lived alone, so friends aroused after they could not reach Olga. The actress did not have a personal life, there was neither husband nor children. Completely lonely was Olga Prokhvatylo. The reason for the death of this wonderful woman, according to articles in the media, is a heart attack. They wrote that in recent months, the actress complained of periodic back pain, and she was feeling better about being well.

A little later it turned out that Olga Prokhvatylo did not really have a very strong health. The cause of death, as shown by the autopsy, is an ordinary, ill-fated blood clot. On that day, June 8, 2013, she was absolutely alone at home. I went to the bathroom and fell. There they found her friends. In just five weeks, the actress would have turned 45 years old.

Native people decided to cremate the body of the deceased, and buried the ashes near Yekaterinburg.

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