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How to cook a chicken in the marinade in the oven

Chicken meat is considered the easiest to prepare. One quickly fry, well baked and tasty in boiled form. However, when the whole bird is prepared, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules, so that the dish is fried evenly and bruised from all sides. That is why the chicken in the marinade in the oven must first be well marinated, and then baked in a special sleeve.


For a dish you need:

- whole chicken - 1 piece;

- mustard - 2 table. L .;

- honey - 1 table. L .;

- salt;

- pepper;

- soy sauce - 2 table. L .;

Spices and seasonings are chosen by each cook to their own taste.

Meat preparation

First, you must carefully wash the bird and dry it with paper towels. If you just leave it to dry, then this process will take a lot of time. Then it is processed on an open fire to remove the remains of the feathers, after which once again the carcass is washed and dried.

To chicken in the marinade in the oven turned juicy, you need to make small cuts on her skin and release a part of the space under it. After that, the bird is rubbed with salt and put in a cool place for half an hour. Then it is rubbed with black pepper, also leaving for a while. When performing these operations, it is necessary to rub spices not only into the surface, but also inside. Particular attention should be paid to places with incisions, placing salt and pepper under the skin.


Next, a marinade is prepared for the chicken with mustard. To do this, mix all the spices with honey and soy sauce. Also, the mustard is added there, after which the sauce should be infused for 15 minutes. After that, the bird is carefully rubbed with marinade, injecting it under the skin. In this state, she must stand for forty minutes to soak well.


To ensure that the chicken in the marinade is well baked in the oven, it should be placed in a special bag or thermal sleeve. After that, it is placed in a heated oven at a temperature of 160 degrees. This is the optimum temperature at which the meat will be well baked, and will not look boiled.

In the oven, the chicken under the marinade should be forty minutes. After that, it is taken out and the package is cut. In this form, the bird is again placed in the oven for another 15 minutes. So on its surface a tasty and ruddy crust is formed, and if meat does not reach, then during this time it will be completely cooked. When the appointed time has expired, the oven is turned off and the bird is left for another 10 minutes.

Serving on the table and options for cooking

Typically, the chicken in the marinade in the oven is cooked right along with the garnish. For this, it is stuffed with fried buckwheat porridge or potatoes with apples. You can also use rice, which needs to be cooked a little until the semi-ready condition. The dish itself is usually served hot and whole. It will serve as a real decoration of the table, and you can disassemble it right before use.

Stored baked chicken can be quite long, but only when using a refrigerator. If the bird is well dried in the oven and cooked without garnish, then it can be taken with you on long trips.

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