Why is it useful to replace the oil filter

Every motorist is obliged to conduct periodic maintenance of his "iron horse". First of all, it allows you to eliminate the malfunctions that have not yet shown themselves, which can "get out" the most uncomfortable moment, so to speak, according to the law of meanness. The second positive action is the prevention of such malfunctions.
Each maintenance means checking the tightening of the bolts, especially the suspension. Well and one more obligatory moment is addition or replacement of account liquids, and also filtering elements. They play a huge role in the life of the car. For example, replacing the oil filter helps to increase the pressure in the lubrication system, and hence, increase the resource. Fuel filters pass fuel through themselves, which is logical, and it then falls into the cylinders, so the state of the latter directly depends on the state of the former.

If the smallest abrasive particles get into the cylinders of the engine, then its mirror will be scratched, and scratches, which on other surfaces will not even be visible, lead to loss of compression, which consists precisely of such trifles.

The oil filter can be replaced even without changing the oil. Many will say that this does not make sense, in fact it is far from the case. Replacing the oil filter allows you to remove from the engine all the contaminants that have accumulated in it, since there is a chance of penetration of such debris between the mating parts of the engine, although it is not large. Here again it is worth remembering the law of meanness.

Naturally, if the oil in the engine has been replaced , a replacement of the oil filter is required, since the new oil has a lower viscosity and it is simply capable of washing the filter itself. Car filters are installed not only on the engine. They can be used, for example, in gearboxes. As a rule, they are automatic, and have great performance. The revolutions in such boxes are simply huge, and the torque transits for five hundred Nm. In this case, the hit of any smallest particle between the gears will lead to the immediate failure of the shaft to which they are clothed. Well, if their productivity is high, then it is logical to assume that repairs will be expensive.

Among other things, the replacement of the oil filter allows you to determine in what state the engine is. If at the same time his behavior has changed markedly, especially with the parallel replacement of oil, then the engine will continue to serve faithfully and truthfully to its master for a long time. If the characteristics remained at the same level, the repair is not far off. Of course, there is a possibility that the oil and filters were in good condition, but then the replacement would not be required. Then you just have to rejoice, because in the first case you will have a good motor for a long time, and in the second you are just a caring car owner.

Naturally, there is no universal scheme of action in this situation, there is an approximate plan of action, following which, it is possible to maintain the engine's performance, and indeed the whole car, for a long time.

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