Nina Garcia: biography and books about fashion

Recently, the concept of "fashion" has been transformed into a separate phenomenon, which is devoted to films, magazines, shows and about which books are written. There was a whole galaxy of writers, writing exclusively on the theme of fashion. Among them, Nina Garcia, known if not to a wide range of readers, then a rather large number of them.

About what books of Nina Garcia

This woman has created several books, which for some have become a practical tool, and for others, nothing more than a beautiful collector's edition. Despite such ambiguity, these works deserve attention with their original manner of presenting information and the presence of colorful illustrations.

So, what does Nina Garcia write about? About fashion, its history, sometimes about the origin of certain items of the wardrobe. Also this talented journalist gives practical advice on how to profitably combine these or other details, things, sets; What you need to have a woman in your closet to always have the opportunity to create an actual, and, most importantly, compelling and suitable image.

Many criticize the writer for the fact that her advice to many does not fit, because they are designed, rather, for, let's say, non-poor women who have the opportunity to buy expensive clothes (this is exactly what Nina Garcia writes about). Then, as a girl with a modest income, her books will not be of practical use. Perhaps this is so, but the works of Nina Garcia uniquely expand the reader's horizons, bring up a standard sense of style and give those classic basics of a combination of clothes that can be used in the future.

Brief biography of Garcia Nina

You can not talk about the writer's books, if you do not know his biography. Nina Garcia was born on May 3 in 1965, in Colombia. Her family was rich, the main income was from trading.

She graduated from the school, then received a bachelor's degree from Boston University. Next was the Paris Higher Fashion School and the Institute of Fashion and Technology.

The path to credibility

All the education of Nina Garcia said that the girl is going to link her life with the fashion industry. In it, she came in the 80's, starting her way with the company "Perry Ellis" (New York). The next stage - work in the magazine "Elle", at the position of the editor first, and then the stylist. Having worked in the publication until September 2008, Nina moved to another project - the magazine "Marie Claire", where she became editor of fashion. Her duties include coverage of the most titled and authoritative exhibitions and fashion shows in America, Italy and France.

To date, Nina Garcia is rightly considered the most authoritative critic and analyst of everything that happens in the fashion industry.

Nina Garcia: books

Being a fashion-employee of the magazine "Elle", Nina released her first book called "A Little Black Book of Style." Light saw her in September 2007, reviews and criticism of the work were rather supportive. In her first creation, Nina did not give clear advice on what, how and with what to wear, but rather widely opened the veil in the backstage world of fashion. The book was recognized as one of the best books about fashion.

Almost a year later the next work of fashion critic - the book "100 things of the ideal wardrobe." This publication already had a practical focus: the writer's goal was to help a woman compose and staff her versatile wardrobe.

And again in a year Nina will present the third book with a more global title "Strategy of style". From the name it is clear that speech in it will go about working out and construction of the individual fashionable style.

Nina Garcia: "Strategy of style"

All the works of this extraordinary woman deserve to be read. However, the "Style Strategy" contains more practical recommendations, how to approach the creation of your wardrobe wisely, how not to spend on unnecessary things, how not to lose yourself and your individuality in pursuit of fashion, which is very actual for today.

A red thread through the book is the idea that it is impossible to buy all the most fashionable outfits on Earth, that the most expensive things, dresses can not create an ideal image, if there is no sense of taste and style. Therefore, it makes no sense to chase clothes only because it is trendy or from some designer. It is much more useful to buy and choose things that suit only a specific person.

Also the author advises to start work on the style from the inventory of the already existing wardrobe. At the same time, it tells you which items you need to get rid of, and which ones can also "live". In addition, Nina gives a number of useful tips, how you can completely update your arsenal of clothing, without going bankrupt. It turns out that there are some basic and win-win things that, with a skillful combination, can really turn an impersonal and tasteless person into a fashionable dandy. In addition, the fashion columnist gives real advice on what things you do not need to spend and which ones to buy.

In any book, content is important, not form. But not in the fashion literature. Nina Garcia supplied her photo, exquisite design, unusual illustrations printed on expensive paper. Therefore, the "style strategy" can take a worthy place in any book collection or be presented as a gift to a modern woman (it is shameful for him not to be).

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