Original gift box of paper with your own hands

Remember how, as a child, you with impatience unfolded beautiful colorful boxes, found under the tree. The opening process pleased not less than the gift itself. The souvenir, packed in an original wrapper, always looks more spectacular. A beautiful box of paper, hand-drawn for a design model, will be adopted as a token of attention and respect. And if you pack it with a real home soap or jewelry, made by yourself, then the delighted words of the birthday boy are provided to you.

How to make a box of paper with your own hands?

A simple option   -   A one-ton model, is performed very quickly and easily.

1. For its production you will need two square sheets of colored cardboard. The size of the sheet will depend on the volume of the proposed box. One sheet is needed to make the base, the other for the cover.

2. First we will execute the basis of our accessory. To do this, take a sheet of cardboard and outline the fold lines. If you want the box to be square, just roll two opposite edges to the center and iron the folds. Unfold. Now do the same with the other two edges.

3. Next on each square, obtained at the four corners of the box, make one cut, equal to the length of a short square. This technology makes standard packing boxes, for example, for household appliances.

4. It remains to fold our workpiece, the resulting edges turn inward and glue.

5. Make the lid. And now a box of paper with his own hands is ready.

However, there are more complex options that allow you to create real masterpieces. For example, Colorful A box of origami paper will be created on the basis of interesting Japanese technique.

1. To produce it, you need 4 identical sheets of paper, the color of which you can choose according to your taste. All 4 parts are made according to the same scheme.

2. The sheet of paper must be bent at first once, then unbend and do the same procedure with the second side. Then we need to outline the diagonal folds. The square is folded diagonally first with one, then on the other side.

3. Then we turn everything around again. Now add the lateral corners to the middle in turn. In the resulting envelope, bend to the center of the two opposite sides, outlining the folds, and then unfold the two corners completely. Make two creases on the sides in the area of opposite corners, bending them to the center.

4. Now raise the lateral angles along the intended arrows, forming a box. The last remaining angle is bent from above and fix the bottom of our model. And now a beautiful box of paper, the scheme of which is quite simple, ready.

5. Now it remains to make the three remaining boxes, and then put them into each other as shown in the picture.

A box of paper made with your own hands on any of the proposed technologies, will look more original if you decorate it with a beautiful bow, gluing it on the lid. Now it will remain to put a prepared gift into it and hand it to the birthday person.

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