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Sebastian Fukan - co-founder of parkour and the founder of freerana

Sebastian Fukan is the co-founder of the parkour movement. Freeran is another name for a similar discipline, developed by him independently. And Parkour Sebastian came up with David Bella at a very young age. At the moment they are the most popular tracers of the planet. Philosophical views of Fukana on parkour are widely known. He stresses not only the study of the foundations of security, but also the maintenance of a positive image of the freeran in society.

Start training

Sebastian Fukan was born in 1974. The boy grew up with one sister and four brothers. He started training at 15 years old. Napare and David Belem came up with a parkour. And after their ways broke up, he founded his own movement - freerun. It appeared as a result of Sebastian's 18-year practice. And the origin of the freeman goes to the Marine from France, George Heberd, who founded the Parcours, or the natural method. He included several disciplines (jumping, balancing, climbing), which subsequently introduced into the program all military schools in the country.

In his youth, Sebastian Fucan, along with friends, jumped and moved in the urban jungle the way he wanted. Subsequently, such attacks were referred to as parkour referring to the Parcours DU Combattant (obstacle course, developed by the French military).

Soon Fukan felt that he lacked new knowledge to achieve his own goals. The young man began his research, pondered the practice and selected more convenient movements for himself. As a result, the tracer understood where the fear comes from and how to control this feeling.

Sebastian sought to raise the parkour to a higher level, coming up with new methods of moving in space and modernizing the basic elements. Fukan realized that not only the physical component is important, but also a philosophy similar to that found in various martial arts. Sebastian began to practice jeet-kun regularly. He also studied the philosophy of hagakure, Lao-chi, aikido, etc. Some concepts tracer included in his practice.


Working in the fire department, Sebastian Fukan suffered a serious injury. This event was a turning point in his life. He began to encourage surrounding people to take more care of their own body and health.

Sebastian wanted to modify the parkour and bring something to his sphere. In this regard, he developed a new discipline, which he called "freer". Its main goal is to show one's own skill in moving in space and motivate others to make appropriate and proper training. In addition to developing a physical base, Sebastian came up with a philosophical component. Literally it can be expressed in one line: "Follow your own path." Expression of opinions and freedom of thought are only encouraged.

The difference between freerana and parkour

These disciplines have almost everything in common, but there is one small difference. For freeraners, the usefulness of movements becomes level with their beauty and aesthetics. Tracers are improving precisely in the effectiveness of overcoming obstacles. They do not focus on the elegance of the movements. Freeranners also want to jump over an obstacle not only effectively, but also beautifully.

Supporters of David Böll against this position. After all, parkour was invented by Vietnamese soldiers. In fact, its main function is to flee to achieve the goal or from danger. This is the fundamental principle of parkour. And the beauty of the movement is absolutely meaningless in a critical situation. The tracer does not care how his trick looks from the side. The main thing is that it is useful and perfect in terms of minimum energy costs.


In 2003, Fukan took part in the filming of the documentary "Jumping in London." In the UK, this film was literally a teaching aid on the freerunning. Later it was shown around the world. The popularity of freerana and parkour has increased several times.

In 2006, Sebastian was offered to star in the movie "Casino Royal". It was the 21st film about James Bond. Fukan played in one of the episodes of the terrorist Malcolm. Sebastian perfectly coped with his role. Also, the actor staged for the picture all the stunt scenes using freeran and parkour.

Another film that added Fukan's popularity is the Tournament of Survival. The premiere of the film was held in August 2009. Just like in Casino Royale, Sebastian appeared there in an episodic role. But the hired killer Anton Bogart played one of the most vivid characters in the picture.

Other projects

In 2007, Fukan signed a contract with the company that produced sneakers. So the market appeared shoes, created specifically for parkour.

In parallel, Sebastian wrote the book "Freeran: Find your way." The publishing house was engaged in the same firm that produced sneakers. Soon Fukan opened his own freer school. He taught everyone who wants the philosophy of parkour and the correct definition of his place in life.

Personal life

Sebastian Fukan is married. The tracer has two children. Currently living with his family in the UK.

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