Micropigmentation of eyebrows - features of the procedure

Micropigmentation of eyebrows is a special cosmetic procedure. The method allows, first of all, to arrange the correct accents, correct natural shortcomings, and also completely correct their form.

The use of specialized coloring pigments makes it possible to form a clear outline of the eyebrows and make them more expressive. Particularly relevant micropigmentation of eyebrows for girls who have blond hair and pale skin.

Preparation for micropigmentation

The shape of the eyebrows must necessarily match the female personality and be selected according to the preferences of a particular person. And preferences here can be quite original.

Before performing a manual micropigmentation of eyebrows, a specialist must find out how often the client is going to dye the hair on these sites, perform depilation, and so on. Based on the information received, the stylist should be able to select and offer the most suitable, beneficial options for improving this detail of the person. When taking a job, the master must be guided by his own capabilities, the availability of professional equipment, proceed from the characteristics of the client's face.

One of the most important issues for most clients of beauty salons is how much manual micropigmentation of eyebrows costs. To date, the price of the procedure remains available for most people and depends on both the complexity of the work and the professionalism of the master.


The list of tools for normal correction includes: tweezers, pencils, hair dye, shadows, the like. In addition to these cosmetic products, the micropigmentation of the eyebrows requires the presence of a special device that drives the needle to introduce the pigment into the upper layers of the skin.

Typically, the micropigmentation apparatus is used to create the most discreet makeup or to perform a surface correction. However, in some cases, a complete painting of the form can be carried out.


Professional masters perform micropigmentation of eyebrows with a fairly shallow dipping of the needle to a depth of no more than 0.5 mm. Thus, it is possible to achieve the necessary effect and avoid painful sensations.

As for the duration of the procedure, in most cases it takes about an hour. In this case, the saturation of the treated area immediately after the action of the permanent agent is several times brighter than after the healing period.

Eyebrow Care Tips

The formation of crust is a specific consequence that accompanies the micropigmentation of eyebrows. Reviews of girls who have already managed to go through this procedure, show that such a crust disappears within a fairly short period of time. However, along with it, some color saturation also leaves.

Getting rid of crust alone is highly discouraged, as this can lead to distortion of the shape of the eyebrows and the development of inflammatory processes. Therefore, during care of the crust, you should:

  • Avoid any contact with water, in particular, refuse to visit baths, saunas, swimming pools;
  • The use of soap and cosmetics;
  • Do not subject the line of eyebrows to sunlight, ultraviolet radiation until the crust completely disappears;
  • Avoid physical contact with tissues, household items and other personal hygiene products.

In general, the process of healing and getting rid of the crust along the entire line of eyebrows should occur without any intervention.


The procedure for micropigmenting the eyebrow line has a number of contraindications, among which the presence of diabetes mellitus, blood clotting problems , cancer, the tendency to allergic manifestations and serious viral infections that are in the acute phase come first. Before the procedure, a test for personal susceptibility to the components of the pigment is mandatory.

Subsequent correction

After the micropigmentation of the eyebrows, an additional correction is sometimes required, which is performed after complete healing of the treated areas. Usually, the correction procedure is carried out one month after micropigmentation, but no later than 45 days.

Correction may be required in the fading of the dark pigment and loss of its expressiveness. At the same time, the cost of the correction session is from 50 to 100% of the full price for the procedure of micropigmentation. It depends primarily on the condition of the eyebrows and the healing features.

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