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KVN team of PFUR: composition that made a splash

KVN is a game that for many years has been stirring the souls of millions of people. It is loved not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders. There is a huge number of teams that have performed successfully and successfully on the stage of the KVN. Many of them have released a lot of celebrities. One such successful team is the PFUR.

Search yourself

In 1998, the unique and original KVN team "Children of Lumumba" was established at the University of Friendship of Peoples . She immediately made a splash. And it is not surprising: it included some Africans, who also tried to joke in Russian.

The sharp rise of the "Lumumba Children" ended in the same collapse in just 2 years. By that time, the team's black and white humor had become boring, but it was not possible to offer the audience something new and original to the "Children". At that time, many people put an end to the KVN command of the PFUR. And they were not right.

In 2000, the University again begins the search for people who will join the KVN command of the PFUR. The composition of the "Lumumba Children" was updated: white kids were included in it. In addition, they created a more multinational team with the original name "Samurai of the city of Yokohama, Kawasaki Prefecture".

The Sochi Festival-2001 was attended by both teams. They played unevenly: they won or lost. Each of the teams wanted to continue their careers, but the university management stated that only one of them could represent the university. As a result, it was decided to hold a tournament between the teams inside the university. As a result, "Samurai" went to "KiViN-2002" and they achieved the right to participate in the Euroleague.

First successes

2002 was the first full season, in which the KVN team of the PFUR declared itself. Its composition continues to be supplemented by new bright personalities, who constantly bring in the game original images. For the first time after the "Lumumba Children" the game becomes successful.

Finally, the children were noticed and invited to the "Voice of KiViN" in Jurmala. Everyone knows that this is a much higher level of the game. Here the team comes under the general name "National team of the Peoples Friendship University of KVN". Its composition becomes more or less constant. The success of the team was phenomenal: the guys take "KiViNa In Black", they are given the honorable right to close the gala concert.

Unfortunately, in autumn 2002 the PFUR lost in the semifinals. But the members of the jury choose them the third team to the final. And they are absolutely right: the team becomes the champion of the Euroleague-2002. And on KiViNe-2003 PFUR for the first time passes in the Higher League.

After another two years of successful performances at Sochi's KiViNe-2005, the KVN team of the PFUR, whose composition was finally perfect, announced that it was taking a time-out in its speeches. Naturally, the fans were in shock.


Like many teams, the team of the University of Friendship of Peoples has published a considerable number of successful children who have gained immense popularity. Here is not a complete list of those who once played for the PFUR KVN. The composition of the team can boast of such participants:

- Sangadzhi Tarbayev is a captain. This witty and extraordinarily charming young man led his team in the right direction.

- Incomplete would have the team of the KVN PFUR composition without a charming guy Andrew Njogu. It was around him that a lot of team jokes were built in his time.

- Ararat and Ashot Keshan are brothers, for whom KVN was the launching pad. Confidently declaring themselves from the scene, they became successful actors of the TV series "Univer" on TNT. Ashot also took part in the project "Friendship of Peoples".

- It is interesting that many talented singers come out of the Club of cheerful and resourceful people. At one time, Pyotr Elfimov joined Pyotr Yefimov in the KVN, who participated as a Belarusian singer at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, and Pierre Narcissus is the same "chocolate hare".

- Bakunev Vadim, Konstantin Fedorov, Diana Mukhamedzhanova - to list the names of the PFUR players, who somehow regularly flit on television, can be virtually endless. Undoubtedly one thing: in due time this command has brightly risen on олимп КВН.

The present

In 2011 the fans of the team were delighted. She suddenly appeared on the "Voicing KiViNe" and performed so successfully that she took the gold.

Today the PFUR team successfully traveled all over the country and not only. The guys give concerts, which are full of people's halls. They visited many countries, where their performances also have a stunning success.

In 2014, the team of the Peoples Friendship University of Russia returned to the stage. Its composition has now been updated by hitherto unknown young talents who study at the University of Friendship of Peoples. It is not clear yet whether they will be as successful, but everything is possible.

One of the most successful teams of KVN is the national team of the PFUR. So it was in the past. Will it be the same in the future - as long as no one knows. One can say with certainty: the PFUR has already left its mark on the Planet of the KVN.

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