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Make-up - an integral part of any image, and in order not to spoil the image, it is necessary to be able to properly use cosmetics. With everyday make-up, things are much easier than with a make-up that should seduce a romantic date. Sexual makeup should be properly selected, depending on the chosen image. Today, we'll review the rules for applying make-up, learn how to apply all the tricks.

Types of makeup

The concept of sexuality in every woman is different. The image is chosen independently, and it seems from the side that there are a lot of them. In fact, this is not so, and now we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main types.

  1. Fatal Beauty. Distinctive features of this image are bright red lips, eyes, decorated in the style of a fig-ice. This sexy make-up is acceptable only in the evening and at night, and during the day it looks stupid. If your appointment is scheduled for the daytime, you can create a fatal woman, but with less bright shades of cosmetics. For example, if you decide to separate your eyes with dark shadows, then the lipstick should be a light shade or not at all. If you want to focus on the lips with red lipstick, then the eyes should not be made too bright. The upper eyelid should be articulated with an arrow, but it should be applied with shadows, not with eyeliner. So your image will be fatal, but acceptable for a day's appointment.
  2. Natural sexy make-up is chosen by younger girls and women, who feel uncomfortable with bright cosmetics. For this make-up, you need to have a bronze powder in the cosmetic bag, which is applied to the entire face and décolleté area. The contour of the face should be emphasized by a darker powder. In this case, eye shadow is selected in brown shades, olive and green. Do not forget about the arrows! Color of lipstick from light beige to saturated pink.

That's basically it. Each appearance will be individual, depending on the chosen color scale of cosmetics, facial features, the shape of the arrows on the eyes.

Arrows - the basis of sexual makeup

If a woman needs to look sexy, she can not do without arrows. Only with their help can you achieve the same cat look that captivates men. But this is not the only role of arrows, they help visually change the shape of the eyes, increase them, make them more expressive, emphasize beauty.

Before becoming a mirror and drawing them, check out the photo shooter in front of your eyes, especially if you first decided on a bold make-up. Look at the instructions with the technique of applying eyeliner, select for your eye shape the one that fits.

A mandatory tool for drawing arrows on the eyes is a fat and soft submarine pencil. It is necessary in order to perform fashionable for several years the make-up of the ice fig. It is also worth it to have girls who first decided to try on their own sexy makeup. Only the one who has mastered the pencil professionally will cope with liquid podvodka.

The Secret of the Shooter

In order to correctly apply arrows, you need to know what they are capable of. Wrongly drawn, they are able to completely ruin the image, highlight the shortcomings of the eyes, hide dignity.

If the eyes are widely spaced, avoid the elongated ends of the arrows on the outer corner. Draw a line along the growth of the eyelashes, especially emphasizing the inner corner, the arrow should not protrude beyond the outer corner more than 2 millimeters.

If the eyes are planted close, draw a line with a pencil, retreat from the inner corner by 2 millimeters, and draw the outer end of the arrow with a ledge from the outer edge by 5 millimeters.

If the eyes are small and narrow, the arrow is held above the level of growth of the eyelashes.

Round eyes to turn in almond-shaped arrows help, spent along the growth of eyelashes. Begin drawing a line from the inner corner, extending the outer by 5 millimeters.

For deep-set eyes, it is not recommended to use black eyeliner. Choose gray, olive and brown colors.

The pointed arrows give depth to the look.

Drawing a line on the upper eyelid, it should be pulled towards the temple. So the arrow turns out to be more even.

The lower eyelid should be brought along the mucous membrane, and behind the line of eyelash growth, there are shadows.

Narrow eyes are not drawn from below with a pencil, only shadows are used.

Recently, not only black eyeliner is relevant, to emphasize their beauty, to look sexy. Photo shooter on the eyes, executed in different colors, serve as proof that such make-up looks no less sexy than with arrows, marked by classic black. Choose the color of the arrows is necessary, based on the shade of the eyes.

Smokey Ice: Technique of Execution

It is believed that to perform the gypsy ice should be only in black and gray tones, because in translation such a name of make-up sounds like "smoky eyes". This concept is already outdated, and you can choose a range of shades that will suit the color of the eyes, the shade of the skin, along with the situation. Smokey Ice is suitable for both the evening and the day image, it differs in the colors of the shadows. In the evening, deeper and darker shades are used, and in the daytime - light. In any case, the eyes will be with smoky povolokoy, expressive and intriguing. To make the right sexual eye make-up in the style of a fig, ice, it is worth using the technique of applying cosmetics, which is more than one hundred years old.

  1. The technique eliminates the use of liquid liner, use only a soft pencil.
  2. From the outer edge of the eye, the arrow should be more oily than from the inside, slightly upward toward the temples.
  3. The outline for the lower eyelid should be thin.
  4. The contour is thoroughly shaded.
  5. Shadows to choose are worth the shades, suitable for the color of the pencil, to create the effect of a smooth transition of colors.
  6. The darkest shadows need to be applied to the upper eyelid with a thick layer. With their help, outline the arc of the eye cavity.
  7. Shadows of less intense color are applied to the lower eyelid, from the outer corner to the inner corner.
  8. Pearl or beige shades must be applied from the fold of the eyelid to the eyebrow.
  9. Each layer of shadows must be well shaded.
  10. Mascara is applied in several layers and on the upper and lower eyelashes.

Correctly combine the shades of shadows with the color of the eyes

In order to emphasize the color of the eyes and not lose it, the shadows must be correctly selected:

  • For owners of brown eyes with a swarthy skin, brown and olive shades are ideal;
  • Brown-eyed girls with fair skin are recommended to use cornflower blue, blue, violet and blue shades;
  • For women with green eyes, chocolate, purple, golden and dark green shades are ideal;
  • Blue-eyed beauties are available a huge range of colors, these are gold, silver, pink, blue, lavender and purple shadows;
  • For gray eyes bronze, sand, blue, purple, green, turquoise, brown and blue shades will do.

Purple color of shadows will suit any color of eyes. This shade will make both green, and blue, and brown eyes brighter, deeper.

The secret of sexual lips

Since ancient times, women have emphasized their lips with bright colors to seem more sexy and attractive among other women. Today, there are many methods to make the lips more voluminous and seductive. Many girls resort to plastic surgery, less courageous use lip tattoos. In both cases the volume increases, the color becomes brighter.

If you are not ready for such procedures, then there is the opportunity with the help of cosmetics to make sponges more attractive. It is worth remembering the most important rule: never lips will not be sexual, if you do not care about them. Avoid drying the skin, pamper yourself with a variety of caregivers. Only healthy, well-groomed, without traces of weathering sponges will be tempting.

Volume lips: step-by-step instruction

Sexy lip makeup is very easy to create. Use the method of professional make-up artists:

  1. In dimple above the upper lip is applied a light-reflecting cream. Use a soft brush. This little trick will visually give lip volume.
  2. To make your lips seem fuller, use a pencil to mark the outline, draw lines slightly above the lip line, blend.
  3. Apply lipstick, but not too much. Otherwise, the image will resemble a surprised fish.
  4. In the center of the lower lip, you need to add shine.

Makeup Makeup Secrets

According to professionals, without a well-groomed skin it will not be possible to achieve the ideal image. Sexual makeup means not only the eyes and lips, but also the radiant, moisturized skin.

Use a bronzer to make the skin look healthier, fresh and shimmering.

Do not forget about the eyebrows. Ideal eyebrows can be made with the help of cosmetics.

If cheekbones are not naturally expressed, use blush and powder.

Do not select eyes and lips at the same time. To get a sexy make-up, not vulgar, when using the technique of the Smoke Ice, use only lip gloss. If you decide to seduce with bulky and sexy lips, then the eyes should be painted with light tones, not brightly.

Use these tips and you will always look perfect!

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