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Angel Day: Faith, Hope, Love and Sophia. history of the holiday

The name Vera is very beautiful and ancient, in Greek it sounds like Pistis and denotes one of the most important Christian virtues - faith. Now let's take a closer look at Vera's day as an angel. Faith, Hope, Love - three sisters who took martyrdom for the glorification of faith in Christ. It is worth mentioning their mother Sophia. September 30, close to the people who own these rare names, it is necessary to prepare for them a bright congratulation on the day of the angel. Faith in the Lord has helped many Christians to endure terrible suffering. Before proceeding to this topic, let's make a small digression. Let's start with the history of the life of the holy family and recall the circumstances under which they committed their martyrdom.

September 30 is the day of the angel. Faith of the Holy Martyrs

This event occurred during the reign of the Roman Emperor Andrian, who ruled from 117 to 137 years. The entire population of Rome was pagan, but from the time of the ministry of the apostles, the first Christians began to appear there, who did not spare their lives for their faith.

Sophia was one of such women, she deeply believed in Christ and taught her three girls - Faith (Pistis), Hope (Elmis) and Love (Agape). She dedicated herself to raising children. It was very important for the mother that her girls were not attached to earthly goods. She soon became a widow and began to help the poor, then, along with her daughters, Sofia moved to Rome. Her daughters were by nature very beautiful and chaste, so the rumor of this pious family reached the emperor himself, who wanted them to serve the pagan gods, but they refused. Sophia knew that death awaited them now for disobeying the emperor, and she prayed earnestly that the Lord would strengthen their faith and strength of mind.


Fury and anger attacked Andrian from the speeches he heard, and he gave the children to be torn to their executioners. They began their tortures with Vera, the eldest daughter of Sophia, who was then 12 years old. Before the eyes of the sisters and her mother, they first ruthlessly slashed her whips and tore off parts of her body, then laid it on an iron grate, which was heated to the limit. But thanks to God's power, the fire did her no harm. Then the cruel Andrian forced the girl to throw in a cauldron with boiling tar. But the Lord took care of his maiden here, and the kettle cooled in a second. Then the martyr Vera was cut off by the sword.

It was September 30, now he is Verin's day of the angel. Faith in Jesus Christ helped her to cope with all the trials, with all the cruelty of torture she did not renounce her.


The turn came to the younger sisters, who were waiting for the same fate. They were very enthusiastic, looking at how Vera courageously endures her torment. Ten-year-old Hope was also scourged first, and then thrown into the fire, but here, by the will of God, the fire did not burn the body of the young girl, then she was suspended on a pole and began to tear her body with iron hooks. And then they threw Nadezhda into a cauldron with boiling tar. However, the cauldron immediately disintegrated, and the resin splashed around the neighborhood, burning the hated hangmen. But the conscience and intelligence of the emperor was silent, he was so angry that he ordered the guard to cut off the girl's head.

Now Hope has the day of the angel. Her faith in Christ also helped to cope with the tortures, and then came the turn of the youngest, Lubov.

Love and Sofia

The third girl was tied to a huge wheel and began to beat with sticks until her fragile body became a bloody mash. It was impossible to describe what terrible torments Love suffered, but she survived, and then she was beheaded.

All these tortures were carried out directly in front of the mother, and this was the most terrible torture for her. She had to look at all this terrible action. Her girls, by her own instruction, endured all the suffering with dignity and thereby glorified the name of the Lord even more. They, like many other Christians, met their martyr's death with dignity.

So that Sophia's torment lasted, Emperor Andrian allowed her to take the bodies of her daughters. This mother's heart was no longer able to withstand, and then the Lord sent her a quick demise. She died at the grave of her children. Believers Christians buried the body of Sophia next to her children.


Now in the theme "The Day of the Angel: Faith, Hope, Love and their Mother Sofia" can put an end. The history of this pious family can not fail to touch the hearts of Orthodox people, so on this day they go to church to serve a prayer, put candles and honor the memory of these great martyrs.

Well, the people now call this day "babynym name-day," in the ancient, but already baptized Rus, this day no one worked, and three days it was decided to congratulate all women. And they had to cry a little on this day, so that their further life would develop safely.

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