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Dietary food: how to cook red beans

Beans came to us from South America many centuries ago and to this day is widely used for cooking various dishes. In addition to excellent taste, it contains vegetable protein, amino acids, vitamins, carotene, as well as sulfur, which is extremely necessary for various infections, diseases of the skin, respiratory tract. It is important that it does not lose its properties during long heat treatments.

Today in the market you can find different kinds of this vegetable culture, the red bean is very popular with it . But not everyone has an idea of how to cook red beans, what to serve and what dishes it uses.

It should be said that such a representative of the legume family is perfectly combined with various sauces, garlic and onions, as well as with rosemary. More beans are used to make salads, filling sauces, borscht and other. However, before cooking red beans, it is recommended to soak it for up to ten hours in water, with every three hours the water must be changed. In order for the dish to look beautiful and have good taste, cook the beans until ready in an open dish and salt only at the end of cooking. It should be remembered that undercooked beans contain substances that pose a danger to human health. Also, when preparing this vegetable, it should be remembered that it has the ability to increase in size during cooking.

Let's look at several examples of how to make red beans.

1. Dry beans are poured in water and cooked until ready. In this case it is necessary to use fresh beans, which was collected two months before cooking. Salt in the process of cooking can be put, but you can also do without it, in the latter case you get a rich bean broth, which can be used for cooking, soups, mashed potatoes or dressings. Also, legumes are often stewed with tomatoes.

2. Pre-soak in water and then cook the beans. In this case, it is important to know that in summer, the soaked vegetable should be placed in a cold place to prevent its germination or souring. Using this method of preparation, thick beans or stewing are obtained.

3. Beans are salted for several hours. Before cooking the red bean, it is soaked in brine (1 liter of water, 2 teaspoons of salt and 1 string of beans) and left for a day in a cold place. After all, water must be drained and washed with legumes under a stream of water. In this case, you can get whole cream beans with excellent taste qualities, similar to canned beans. At the same time, the dish is cooked on a small fire.

4. Beans are cooked with sea kale without pre-soaking. How to cook red beans in this way? It is necessary to take half a kilogram of beans, four liters of water, a spoonful of salt, a leaf of sea kale and cook everything to the full. Cabbage is thrown away after cooking, and everything else is used to prepare various dishes. In this case, the bean itself turns out to be tender enough, soft, and also fragrant and tasty.

It should be noted that beans are well suited to people who use a protein diet, since the vegetable protein in it contains about 30%. Also this culture helps to improve the state of the skin of a person, protects against the appearance of cancerous tumors, normalizes blood sugar levels, removes harmful substances and toxins from the body.

Thus, in order for the body to receive all the nutrients, it is necessary to remember how to cook red beans. Also this culture has dietary properties, therefore it is often used in dietary nutrition or with various diseases of the digestive tract, liver and kidneys, heart and many other ailments.

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