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"Emerald City", Penza: restaurant, hotel, entertainment

"Emerald City" (Penza) is a whole entertainment complex where you can have a great time as a big noisy company, or a romantic couple or a whole family. There are several separate places for leisure here: bowling, restaurant, men's club (striptease), billiards, sauna, there is also a hotel for guests of the city. "Emerald City" (Penza) is an entertainment center where you can not only have fun, but also have a rest by renting a hotel room.


Specially for its visitors, the administration of the RC made 16 separate bowling lanes, so that everyone could play. It is also remarkable that two specially equipped children's tracks work specially for the young guests of the center. Here you can really spend time with the whole family, staying in the city of Penza. "Emerald City" is a bowling alley for big and small, which runs from 11am to 5am every day, without days off. It is noteworthy that this center is suitable for holding international tournaments. The cost depends on the rental time and type of the track (for example, VIP will cost an order of magnitude more expensive, and on weekdays the prices for ordinary tracks do not exceed 200 rubles per hour). During the game, you can refresh yourself with soft drinks and have a bite of fine Italian pizza.

A restaurant

"Emerald City" (Penza) - a restaurant in which you can hold not only a modest family holiday, but also a real noisy celebration of a big company. The European menu is developed by the chef, who has experience working abroad (America, Europe), and also in the Russian capital - Moscow. The banquet hall is designed for 200 people, which allows holding a celebration for a really big company. On weekdays , you can order a business lunch at a very democratic price, which does not affect the quality of lunch.

Men's club

The playful name "Dolls" speaks for itself. Each dancer is just a doll, which excites, beckons, makes you sink into a sweet erotic fantasy by dancing alone. Any man can feel himself the most welcome guest. There is a men's club from Thursday to Sunday. The cost of the ticket depends on the day of the week and the planned program. Girls can also visit an erotic show, but you will have to pay twice as much for an entry as a young man. No wonder the place is called the men's club.


"Emerald City" (Penza) is a place where you can play Russian billiards on any day of the week from 12 pm and until 2 am. Specially for the fans "to drive balls" there are 15 tables. 12 of them are designed for Russian billiards, and three are for the American pool. The billiard club is located on the second floor of the entertainment complex.


This is the largest dance floor in the Volga region, which can easily accommodate 1500 people. During various concerts and special programs, sometimes the number of visitors exceeds this mark. It is noteworthy that even among the week there are really a lot of people here. The dance floor is open from Wednesday to Sunday (from 22 pm to 5 am). It is noteworthy that girls can visit the club for free, but young people will have to shell out a little (on any day, except Saturday, the entrance is 100 rubles). Two bars will help refresh themselves during incendiary dances, and VIP-zone, designed for 60 people, - relax and have a little chat during a break.


"Emerald City" (Penza) is also a sauna where you can really relax. At the discretion of the administration, the number of simultaneous visitors may exceed the standard 10 people, but, naturally, for an additional fee. The sauna is open daily from 11am to 4pm. Unfortunately, evening visit is not provided even for a fee. But for one hour of visit you can relax, rest and even swim in the cleanest pool after a hot steam room.


Guests of the city are often offered to visit the hotel "Emerald City" (Penza). Reviews about the rest in it are exceptionally positive. First, the service is always at the highest level. Guests will not be awakened in order to clean the room. The maids come when visitors are out to clean up. Secondly, you can always order breakfast, lunch or dinner right in your room, as in any civilized European hotel. Thirdly, for the comfort of guests in the rooms there is cable TV, air conditioning and a small refrigerator with soft drinks. Room categories:

  1. Junior Suite.
  2. Suite.
  3. Business.

This is done so that everyone can choose a room for himself. For example, for a business trip, the category "business" with a separately equipped office and the opportunity to visit the conference room is perfectly suited. In addition, hotel guests can visit any entertaining institution of the complex at a discount, which can not but be a pleasant bonus to rest.

Special offer for honeymooners

"Emerald City" - a hotel (Penza), where they are always happy to offer the newly-made husband and wife a romantic wedding night. Especially for the newlyweds, the administration has developed a "wedding offer", which includes:

  1. Luxury apartments.
  2. A gift from the hotel.

The standard gift of the administration is a basket of fruit and champagne. In case the number is ordered for a day, the newlyweds will also have a free session in the "Emerald City" sauna at any convenient time.


The entertainment complex invites guests at any convenient time every day. Affectionately called Penza "Izyum" is a place where you can relax everyone. It is noteworthy that its visitors are not only residents of the city, but also people from the region who want to spend their leisure time in one place, and not to rush around the city in search of entertainment. Find the "Emerald City" in Penza can be located at: Builders Avenue, house 1. The institution works every day from 11 am until late at night. Especially for guests with their cars there is a guarded parking. In addition, the administration will kindly call a taxi to any visitor, if he so desires.

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