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Lomonosov, restaurants: description, list, rating and guest reviews

In this short article you will be introduced to Lomonosov, restaurants of this city and cafes, in which we strongly recommend to pay a visit.

A little about the city

Lomonosov is a small town, his whole life passes under the soothing splashes of the waves of the Gulf of Finland. It is a cozy and fairly simple city, which, by the way, is the first to see off and meets travelers, arriving by sea to St. Petersburg.

As you already knew, this is a port city, which is very full of piercing sea winds, air and traditions.

Lomonosov can easily be called a museum in the open air. Anyone who has even once visited the local places, walked through the old beautiful park, saw beautiful, swaying water lilies on the surface of the ponds, will at the slightest opportunity to return here, as if hearing the call of this beautiful place.

Lomonosov is a truly mysterious and inviting city with its own history. And now we will discuss in detail Lomonosov's cafes and restaurants, which we highly recommend you to visit, if you, of course, want to have a good time and taste the most delicious food in your life. So, we begin!

Restaurants of Lomonosov

In this quite cozy and historic city there are a lot of nice restaurants and cafes where local residents and tourists gladly spend some of their free time.

And where else to eat walking to the outskirts of Lomonosov tourist, if not in a warm and friendly cafe!

In Lomonosov there are cafeterias such as Voyage, Crystal, Orange, Hunting, Fortune ... And also restaurants with amazing names: Titanic, Krasnaya Vorona, Lana, Laguna- Service". And now we will discuss some of the above establishments.

Cafe Crystal

Exact coordinates: Russian Federation, Lomonosov city, Red Fleet street, house number 4.

The city center is approximately 1.19 kilometers away.

To order a table or ask questions of interest you can administrations by calling the following phone number: +7 (812) 422-87-09.

Description and reviews about the cafe "Crystal"

The city of Lomonosov has a variety of restaurants, but it is in this establishment that we recommend you to visit first!

The prices in this restaurant are lower than those of competitors. The café resembles a simple dining room, unless maintenance is better here.

It is very nice and friendly staff. Cafe conquers customers, above all, its simplicity and home cooking, which is an important factor for tourists coming here who are bored around the house!

Interior of the Kristall Cafe

The kitchen here is only Russian. In the interior there are various scenery from wood, there is a large and cozy fireplace for ignition.

On the walls of the restaurant you will see artfully executed frescoes. They depict Slavic patterns.

The floor is covered with honey-colored tiles. Furniture is pretty simple: ordinary tables and chairs made of wood, which are also almost not distinguished by a special chic. Modest atmosphere does not leave anyone indifferent!

Menu of the cafe "Crystal"

Here there is a large number of delicious pancakes with a variety of fillings, but the most delicious are those with red caviar and cream cheese.

In the summer you will be offered delicious kebabs, cooked on the grill on a special recipe. A wide variety of ice cream, a variety of delicious fruit and vegetable salads will not leave indifferent sweets and vegetarians.

Agree, to visit similar restaurants, cafes, bars of Lomonosov, reviews on which in the majority are positive, everyone can, but only in the cafe "Crystal" you can taste delicious dishes at democratic prices.


Coordinates: Russia, Lomonosov city, Aleksandrovskaya street, house number 37.

It takes about 1.19 kilometers to get to the center.

Phone, where you can call the administration and ask all the questions: +7 (812) 422-11-97.

Description and reviews of the cafe "Fortuna"

The atmosphere in this cafe is always very pleasant and cozy. This institution was opened on the site of the former cafe "Molodezhny", and those visitors who used to go to the old establishment, became regular customers in the new cafe.

There is always a very diverse menu, which will please its boldness and taste of any gourmet. The collective in the cafe is well-coordinated and has been working here for years. People like to spend here and banquets, and quiet evenings!

Interior of the cafe "Fortuna"

In the interior of this restaurant an abundant color palette, which pleases the eye, especially in a dank winter. You must pay attention to soft warm lighting, which makes it even more cozy. On the walls there are wallpaper of a gentle pastel-green hue, there are small pictures in the frame depicting nature in different seasonal periods.

The floor is laid out with white tiles with orange bizarre patterns. Furniture is quite simple - small round wooden tables in the color of walnut and the same chairs with soft upholstery in pastel green colors.

Many restaurants in Lomonosov are unique, why we recommend that you visit the institutions that are represented in this article.

Menu of the cafe "Fortuna"

In this restaurant, guests are offered a varied menu. Here you will find all sorts of side dishes, sauces, different versions of meat and fish dishes, as well as a variety of delicious desserts.

Meat is served here both in fried, and in steamed, stewed and boiled. Those who wish can order a roasted pork steak.

At banquets, a popular pike with vegetables and trout in caramel sauce is very popular.

From the variety of desserts, eyes are scattered: there are always different kinds of cakes, strudels in the most diverse versions. Especially popular for some reason here is the strudel, which is cooked with both apples and all sorts of berries, such as cloudberry, cranberries, plums, grapes, etc.

Do not forget, this article presents the best restaurants in Lomonosov, addresses, reviews and other information you will also find in this material.

Cafe Voyage

Coordinates: Russian Federation, Lomonosov city, Ekaterininsky pereulok, house number 15.
The center is only 95 meters away.

Telephone number, on which you can contact the administration of the institution: +7 (812) 422-54-28.

Description and reviews about the cafe "Voyage"

Polite and good-natured staff of this cafe will not leave you indifferent! Here you can eat both in the arbor and in the hall, enjoying food to the sound of beautiful music. The restaurant serves Chinese and Russian cuisine. To try unique dishes from the chef, people and go to this small institution!

The interior of the cafe "Voyage"

In this institution is a very beautiful interior: the walls are lined with a mirror tile, there are all kinds of stone decorations in the Chinese style.

Thanks to the mirrors, the walls fascinate visitors with their unusualness. Furniture in the cafe - a different wooden tables and chairs with soft upholstery of red velvet. Wooden handrails have engraved Chinese characters. The color of the East is felt in everything!

Menu of the cafe "Voyage"

The kitchen in this restaurant has a pronounced Asian flavor, there is a sushi master in the restaurant (a chef from China).

Here you can taste rolls in crispy batter with cucumber and smoked eel, in the form of heart with sauce, rice and salmon, with rice, seaweed and spinach, with tiger shrimps, egg and rice in a creamy cream.

A large number of sweet rolls in chocolate with exotic fruits (pineapple, kiwi, mango, bananas, etc.) will not leave you indifferent! On hot from the Chinese cuisine to your attention soup with tofu and seaweed, which is considered the crown dish of the institution and has a fairly high demand.

From Russian cuisine, try fish pies with carrots and cumin. An incredible variety of meat dishes will please your eye. Try the duck, goose, chicken and other dishes that are served in baked form.

Many visitors recommend to try fish with vegetables. Sweet dishes here are very fond of, especially popular are chocolate pancakes with caramel ice cream! Here they prepare a very tasty and aromatic borsch with beans on chicken broth, and customers advise to try it with sour cream and garlic pampushkas.

The Titanic Restaurant

Coordinates: Russia, Lomonosov city, Pobedy street, house No. 21.
The center reaches 1.41 km.
The telephone number is +7 (812) 422-64-94.

Description and reviews of the restaurant "Titanic"

One fine day, in the beginning of 2004, the indigenous inhabitants of the city of Lomonosov witnessed the opening of the remarkable restaurant establishment "Titanic".

All familiar liners in the 20's became the personification of what was called unauthorized luxury. Centuries passed, and the word "Titanic" acquired an exclusively gastronomic meaning. Now it means an impeccable standard in everything: in the kitchen, service, organic products and drinks!

And like an oath, hangs a gastronomic code of honor on the wall of the restaurant "Titanic" - a menu of a hundred years ago!


The furniture of the restaurant has also proved inviolable for new-fangled designers, true luxury, as you know, does not grow old. Expensive mahogany, velvet, satin chairs, marble stairs and aquariums are something that is always fashionable, but not always available.

In this restaurant in a separate room at the oval table, international delegations who come to the city of Lomonosov often dine. Restaurants of such a high level are not uncommon here, but for now we are continuing!


Once upon a time all restaurants served only live oysters, foie gras, golden asparagus, lamb with mint sauce, donor pudding and much more. Now it is clear what order the restaurant of the same name began to follow and follow!

It serves exceptionally expensive dishes only from fresh poultry meat, fish, various animals. Without vegetables in this institution, too, did not happen - salads and other dishes are sure to please you.

The restaurant has a large-scale popularity. Serve rare varieties of game and fish. If you want the client here can cook a whole wild boar on a spit! Amazing dishes will not leave anyone indifferent!

Lomonosov: restaurants (rating)

And now the most important thing is an unspoken "table of ranks" of local catering establishments.

  1. The Titanic Restaurant.
  2. Cafe "Voyage".
  3. Cafe Fortuna.
  4. Cafe "Crystal".
  5. Cafe "Hunting".
  6. Cafe "Orange".
  7. Restaurant "Red Crow".
  8. Restaurant Lana.
  9. Restaurant "Laguna-Service".

You were introduced to the best restaurants in Lomonosov. Be sure to visit these establishments!

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