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Restaurant "Skotina" (Krasnodar): brief information and meat menu

Restaurant "Scotia" (Krasnodar) has been operating since 2013. It is considered the birthday of this institution on October 14. It specializes, as is probably clear from the name itself, on the production of meat dishes. I would like to note that first of all here it is Kuban meat that is used. To maintain it in proper condition, so that it complies with the standards and was of high quality, a special camera was equipped in the restaurant. This global refrigerator has a total area exceeding the mark of fifty square meters. There is a real meat workshop in which the products are processed. All dishes cook prepared with additional equipment. In this case it is coal furnaces.

How does the restaurant work?

Meat restaurant "Skotina" (Krasnodar) is engaged in breeding its own bulls of various breeds to meet the needs. Actually, from their meat and then prepare the appropriate dishes from the menu. All recipes have been worked out in detail by professional chefs. For the preparation, all parts of the carcass are used.

Restaurant "Skotina" (Krasnodar): the menu

The beef segment includes nine dishes. The first of these is boiled beef. Cost: three hundred rubles. Served with a bowl of broth, herbs and garlic. It is prepared by cooking. The second dish is beef ribs. Cost: 450 rubles. In one portion there is a whole rib, which first languishes in herbs and beer, and then is fried on a grill. The third dish is a shank, melted in herbs and bone marrow. Cost: 350 rubles. Long heat treatment of shanks with bone marrow grass takes about four hours. This is done in a cast-iron pan. The fourth dish is beef medallions . Cost: three hundred rubles. The cooking process consists of a long heat treatment (up to forty hours), after which the meat is fried on the grill. The fifth dish is beef in wine sauce. Cost: 350 rubles. This is a proprietary version of "Beth Burgenon." Beef marinated for a day, after which a long time is tantalized on the stove.

The sixth dish is steak. Cost: 390 rubles. This chopped meat in the form of a chop, in which eggs are added. The seventh dish is patties in breadcrumbs. Cost: 250 rubles. This is a 100% beef, in which add onions, garlic, and spices. Eighth dish: onion pie with veal cheeks and truffle oil. Cost: 350 rubles. And the last, the ninth dish from the category, are bull eggs with baked beets and smoked sheep cheese. Cost: three hundred rubles.


The first dish in this category is the tongue in creamy sauce. Its cost is 350 rubles. The second dish is a leek with a grated pickled egg. Cost: 200 rubles. Boiled beef tongue will cost cheaper by almost a hundred (290 rubles). Pate of calf liver with marmalade onions costs 250 rubles. Beef tartar (made according to the recipe of the editor-in-chief of the Afisha-Food magazine by Alexei Zimin) is 400. The same is true for carpaccio of marbled beef with parmesan and mustard sauce.


The first dish from this category is fillet-mignon. It will cost visitors a thousand rubles. This is a transverse thin section of the central part of the fillet tenderloin, the most tender and lean meat. Then comes the riba. It costs two hundred rubles more than its predecessor. Ribai is cut from the thick edge of the carcass. It has a large number of fatty veins. Served in a restaurant with sauce to choose from. The top three in this category is the entrecote on the bone. Its cost is the same (1200 Russian rubles). In fact, this is the same riba, but on the bone, cut from the rib cut. The next step is the striploin. It is also called a New York steak. This is a piece of meat from the lumbar part, a thin loin edge. It consists of fairly large, but at the same time delicate fibers and has a concentrated beef flavor. Served with sauce to choose from. It costs 950 rubles. The next dish is called "Kuban steak". As they say in the institution itself, this is their response to the Florentine steak. Meat is cut from the lumbar part of the back in the region of the thick edge of the tenderloin. The penultimate item in the menu is Chateaubriand. It costs 1400 rubles. This thick edge of the central part of the beef tenderloin is fried evenly on each side. It is cut and brought to almost full roast in hot cream butter. Well, completes the category of beef diaphragm. It is also known under a different name - "butcher's steak". The dish costs 600 rubles. It has a bright and rich meat taste.

Restaurant "Scotia" (Krasnodar). Reviews

Many users write in the international network about this institution the following. The restaurant "Skotina" in Krasnodar is probably the most famous meat restaurant. He is able to surprise anyone with that simple atmosphere and tranquil atmosphere that reigns inside the institution. The staff is friendly enough and can consult the visitors if necessary. Alcoholic production, by itself, is very diverse, and the choice of meat dishes is capable for some time to drive even the most experienced amateur into a stupor. They are prepared, of course, not fantastically, but very, very delicious. Insignificant shortcomings are still present, but almost no one ever pays attention to them.

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