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How to shave a dangerous razor safely?

The habit of shaving goes back to the distant past, so this process is well known to any man. True, then the "tool of labor" had little in common with modern adaptations, but the essence of the procedure did not change. But even today, not everyone knows how to shave with a dangerous razor.

The most "whimsical" razor

If there are practically no problems with modern tools, the use of a dangerous razor raises many questions and prejudices. It is certainly the most demanding. At first, use it slowly and carefully, so as not to damage the skin.

It is important not only to master how to shave a dangerous razor, but also to know that it is necessary to look after it and properly sharpen the blade. Then the procedure will only bring pleasure, since one pass shaves a fairly large amount of hair. Especially popular is the blade among aesthetes and connoisseurs of classics. Most often it is made of stainless and carbon steel, which is completely justified.

Dry shaving

This type of removal of unnecessary bristles implies that there is no need to moisturize the skin. Shaving can be mechanical, electric or electromechanical machines. The treated areas will not be strongly irritated, but the hairs will grow very quickly. The need to shave every day can be considered the main drawback of this method.

Wet shave

To understand how to shave a dangerous razor, you need to understand that it is used for shaving with moisturizing the skin. This method is also suitable for the use of safe machines. This is a quick and reliable way that gives good results: the bristles grow much longer than after dry shaving. But you should know that there may be irritation, which can not always cope with even quality gels and balms. Especially it concerns the winter period.

What do you need for a dangerous shave?

Recently, a dangerous shaving is not as popular as before, but he still has dignity. The most important thing that is necessary for the procedure is a dangerous razor. On the market are models from different manufacturers, so the choice is large enough. To understand how to hold a dangerous razor, you need to know that it consists of a handle and a blade, which is made from steel with a special composition. The material has properties that help to heal small wounds and scratches.

An important accessory is the belt for straightening. It can be hanging or taut on a special bar with a handle. An abrasive paste and anointing paste are also useful. It is used to apply a cream that forms a thick foam.

Preparation of shaver

Before proceeding directly to the procedure, it is necessary to prepare a razor. It should be "pulled" on the belt. Do this from yourself, controlling the constant angle of the blade. If you do not follow this rule, you can damage the tool.

Foam is beaten with a brush and applied to slightly moistened skin. After the shaving is completed, you need to put a towel dampened in hot water to your face. Then you can apply balm. Such measures will help to avoid irritation and redness of the skin. If desired, you can carry a shaving gel on your face .

Disadvantages of dangerous shaving

If you understand how to properly shave a dangerous razor, then the shortcomings of this method can be minimized. But still they are: people who use such razors, note the high cost of the instrument itself and the necessary accessories.

The handling of a dangerous razor requires great care. One awkward movement is enough to damage the skin. During the whole procedure, the main principle should be observed - do not drive the machine horizontally.

Men who need a dangerous razor, reviews will help you choose the right model. People who practice this method of getting rid of unnecessary vegetation say that this procedure is a kind of ritual. Shaving brings undoubted pleasure, and the skin becomes tender and smooth.

Advantages of a dangerous razor

A machine of this type has a number of advantages that it is completely pointless to dispute.

  • Long service life. If you know how to shave with a dangerous razor, and correctly handle it, to rule on a belt and not to cut various materials, then it will last a very long time. Sharpening and cleaning from dark spots will allow the machine to be handed over to the next generation.
  • Clean shave. Men who use a dangerous razor, are sure that it shaves much cleaner than safe attachments. At first, it may seem that it is difficult and inconvenient to use, but with experience it becomes clear that this is not so.
  • Saving. Advantages of a dangerous razor are that, although all the necessary accessories are not expensive, the money is still saved. This is because you do not need to buy removable cassettes. Pasta should be purchased about once a year, and the belt can last about thirty years, if you treat it carefully.

What do I need to know?

If a man does not know how to use a dangerous razor, and he does not have experience, he, as a rule, is very worried for the first time. Therefore, before the procedure you need to calm down, because it is extremely important to have a firm hand. To get used to the machine, you can turn it, try the sharpness of the blade, but do not start shaving.

The event will pass without complications and problems if you remember three important rules:

  • The razor must be well sharpened.
  • The angle of inclination is 30 degrees.
  • The skin of the face should be stretched.

If you do not comply with these points, it will be difficult to understand how to shave a dangerous razor. If the blade is not sharp enough, then on the face there will be cuts even at the most careful and careful shaving. Observing a corner of thirty degrees is also justified: in this way you can achieve maximum smoothness of the face and avoid irritation. Tight skin is probably the most important thing. If creases are formed, cuts are guaranteed.

How to shave properly?

You need to start with the preparation of the skin. To shave went smoothly, the face must be soaked and steamed. For these purposes, it is convenient to use a terry towel, soaked in hot water. It's enough to attach it to your face for a couple of minutes.

Some men use soap for shaving, but it is better to buy a special foam. Start all the movements in the direction of growth of the bristles. To achieve smoothness, it is necessary to conduct the blade several times in one section.

First of all, you should shave the right side of the face, pulling the skin with the fingers of your left hand. When excess vegetation is removed, you can move to the other side. In order not to miss the patches, the skin needs to be properly stretched.

To shave the lower part of the face, you need to tilt your head to the right or to the left, and then tilt back and traverse the edge of the chin. All actions should be performed carefully and slowly, so as not to be injured. Initially, the procedure will take a lot of time, but then it will go much faster.

Sometimes men doubt if they need a dangerous razor. Feedback will help make the final decision. Experts argue that this method of removing bristles is worthy to master it. No wonder this procedure was called "royal shaving."

Shaving your head

To make the head smooth is easiest with the help of two tools: a machine and a dangerous razor. You can not start the procedure without blurring the skin with gel, which forms a thick foam. It is more convenient to apply the product to the treated areas gradually, and not simultaneously to the entire surface. But shaving your head with a dangerous razor on the back of your head can be difficult. To cope with this task will help the second mirror. Although many men agree that it is disorienting, it is better to carry out all the actions to the touch.

After the head becomes smooth, you need to thoroughly wash off the remnants of the product and hair. Having palpated the entire surface, you can determine where the bristle remains, and repeat the procedure again. Shaving is necessary against hair growth.

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