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Restaurant "Old Havana": address, menu, reviews. Restaurants with a show in Moscow

Moscow is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the world, where thousands of tourists come from all over the world every day. The capital of the Russian Federation is well developed infrastructure, which positively affects the level of economic development. Thanks to the latter, new bars, restaurants, cafes and similar establishments are constantly opening in Moscow, which are beginning to be in great demand among locals and tourists. Today we will just discuss one of these projects.

Have you ever visited restaurants with a show program in Moscow? Unfortunately, there are few such institutions in the capital, but one interesting project stands out among them. In general, in this short article we will discuss in detail the restaurant "Old Havana", reviews about it and its menu, we learn the prices for dishes, the exact address, contact details and many more other useful information. Let's start right now!

basic information

If you are already ready to visit the restaurant "Old Havana", almost without knowing anything about it, you need to get on the street Talalikhina. By the way, would you like to hold a banquet event in this modest but pleasant institution? For any questions you can call the administrator at the phone number +7 (495) 676-10-44.

The club "Old Havana" (Talalikhina street, 28th house, 1st building) is always glad to new visitors, but you should pay attention also to the schedule of this institution: the restaurant works from Tuesday to Sunday around the clock.


Today we have already touched on the theme of holding any celebrations in "Old Havana", but this should be discussed in more detail. In this unique restaurant with a chic program you can celebrate any holiday, whether it's a wedding, birthday or something else.

The main hall of the project is designed for 200 people, and if you need to hold a banquet in a narrow circle of loved ones, the restaurant administration is ready to offer you a lease of 2-3 tables, which will be more than enough for a modest dinner.

By the way, useful information will be that "Old Havana" (club) for more than 3 years has been carrying out a variety of unique events on its territory, thanks to which all the employees of the institution have a rich experience that allows them not only to provide high-quality services to visitors, but also to do everything possible For everyone to be happy. The organization of your holiday will be staffed by institutions, whose representatives will do everything at the highest level.

Do you love Latin America? Then you definitely need to hold an event in the style of this region. Rent a small site, hitting on which, you will temporarily find yourself in colonial Latin America. In addition, a fantastic entertainment program is always available for all customers of "Old Havana", as well as a wide variety of competitions, master classes and much more that will allow you to rest and remember it for life, then to tell the children and grandchildren.

Vacancies in "Old Havana"

At the moment (end of 2016), this project does not need additional staff, but there is a special section on the official website ( called "Vacancies". There the information is constantly updated, so if you are looking for a job, want to be in an excellent team with experienced professionals and at the same time want to receive a high salary, be sure to follow the updates.

Employees of the restaurant "Old Havana" (Talalikhina street) argue that this institution has become their favorite place of work. The reason for this lies not only in good salary, but also in relation to the staff, because everyone is respected here, and this is a rarity in the modern world, unfortunately.


You want to book a table in such an institution, like the restaurant "Old Havana", but do not even guess how it can be done? Do not worry, because the project is always ready to help you.

So, first, go to the official site of the institution (the link is listed above), then go to the "Table reservation" section. Further all is very simple: you need to choose the necessary places, having carefully studied a picture in the corresponding section. After that, call one of the phone numbers (+7 (495) 676-10-44 or +7 (967) 094-44-70) and indicate to the administrator or dispatcher what table you would like to reserve.

Also note that in case of your failure to appear within 30 minutes after the time of rent, the table will be removed from the reservation, and it will be able to be occupied by other visitors.


The restaurant "Old Havana" in Moscow offers every visitor to taste a variety of delicious dishes of European and Latin American orientations. The main menu of the institution is represented by a huge number of cold snacks, salads, alcoholic beverages, hot snacks, desserts and hot dishes.

So, we have already talked a little about the project "Old Havana" (club), so now it is more detailed and worth discussing some of the sections of the main card of dishes.

Cold starters

What are the dishes presented the very first and main menu section? First, you can try olives and olives "Gigante" (300 rubles for 150 grams). Secondly, for the order is available a cold snack "El Patio" for 350 rubles (300 grams), which consists of fresh cucumbers, sweet peppers and tomatoes, and served with greens.

In addition, be sure to try Tartar, made from chilled tuna, avocado, mango and other ingredients, served with honey-mustard sauce and lemon dressing, and costs only 780 rubles. For 670 rubles. You have the opportunity to purchase and evaluate carpaccio "Elegante", which is prepared from thin slices of beef tenderloin, salad, cheese, tomatoes and served with a sauce called "Vinaigrette".

Also, anyone can taste a dish such as "Assorti de Cassos", which is a classic assortment of goat and other types of cheese. Worth this snack is not very expensive by Moscow standards - 740 rubles. And for fish lovers, there is a special snack for 650 rubles in the map of dishes - "Salmon and La Cubano" is an interesting dish from salmon marinated in rum with mint, served with orange slices, and capers.


Fans of this category of dishes will definitely be happy, because "Old Havana", which has the slogan "Cuba next!", Offers a truly huge selection of salads. For example, you can taste in this institution a signature salad "Old Havana", which costs 1225 rubles. So, what is this dish? It should be noted that "Old Havana" is a chic pyramid made of pieces of lobster, tiger shrimps, mussels on a shell, scallop and other ingredients. All these ingredients are prepared in white wine, and a glass of this delicious drink is received by the client in the form of a compliment from the chef.

Well, it was about a specialty dish, and now you can discuss more classic, as well as popular. "Greek" from leaves of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as cheese and sweet pepper will cost you 430 rubles for 350 grams, but "Caesar", cooked from pieces of roasted chicken fillet, cheese, toast and having a classic dressing, will be on 10 rubles more.

At the same time, the salad "Kubano" for 480 rubles, which includes bacon, potatoes, lettuce leaves, gherkins, is also available for order. Served this dish with a sauce that has exactly the same name, tomatoes, as well as roast beef of the highest quality.

Hot appetizers

Do you like warm dishes from different types of meat and seafood? In this case, you just need to study in detail this section of the main menu of the institution, like the restaurant "Old Havana", reviews about which are almost always positive.

In this section, fried tiger prawns with garlic and white wine for 1550 rubles, as well as baked mussels for 1050 rubles are available for order. In turn, for only 450 rubles you can try "Quesadillas" with mushrooms, chicken or beef. Well, the wings "Spicy", served with French fries, will cost you 590 rubles.


Strange as it may seem, there are not so many sweet dishes in the main menu of the "Old Havana" project (the restaurant, whose address you see above). Each visitor has the opportunity to try the classic flan (milk dessert with cinnamon and nutmeg) for 250 rubles. At the same time, the same dish with ice cream will cost 50 rubles more.

Light dessert tiramisu costs 300 rubles, like a classic cheesecake. In addition, you can order a fruit vase for 950 or 1550 rubles. Of course, the menu presents other positions, but they are almost not in demand among customers.


Visitors to this establishment consider it the best restaurant with a show program in Moscow. By the way, a small list of similar projects in the capital will be presented in the next section.

The customers of "Old Havana" like a high level of service, excellent quality of food, an acceptable pricing policy of the establishment, as well as a real Latin American atmosphere. There are excellent banquets, thanks to which this project is exactly worth recommending to every lover of Latin America.

Restaurants with a show in Moscow

As you remember, it was already mentioned earlier that there are not many such institutions in the capital, so we will only present to you the TOP-10:

  1. "Old Havana."
  2. "Roll Hall" (+7 (495) 255-01-11).
  3. "Semenov" (+7 (916) 105-55-10).
  4. "Without Ponto" (+7 (495) 988-20-63).
  5. "Grand Family" (+7 (915) 195-46-73).
  6. "Gusyatnikoff" (+7 (495) 632-75-58).
  7. "Modus" (+7 (495) 221-10-23).
  8. N. Tesla "(+7 (495) 950-58-57).
  9. "Bulk" (+7 (499) 238-30-10).
  10. "Zee Sad" (+7 (495) 783-81-09).

So we discussed the best places. In this list there are restaurant bars that receive exceptionally positive reviews. Come and see for yourself the excellent service and the high quality of the dishes yourself!

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