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How to dilute the milk powder correctly?

Every good housewife is looking for any opportunities to make the nutrition of her family balanced, full and tasty. To do this, you need to have good products. Milk is one of the most demanded food components for cooking. This is especially noticeable when there are children in the house. This product is also sold as a powder. Surely everyone knows how to make milk powder.

Sometimes there is no regular milk at hand, and the store can be closed. It is at this point that milk powder can help out. Due to its nutritional value, caloric content, protein and carbohydrate content, it is not particularly inferior to whole milk. With regard to trace elements and vitamins, they are about the same amount as in conventional milk.

How to make milk powder, even a child knows. After all, this does not require special knowledge and training. It is enough to take a small amount of water, pour in the powdered milk, then mix thoroughly. Also a big plus is that it does not need to be boiled, because it has already been subjected to temperature treatment. Even in this product there is vitamin B12, which is extremely necessary for our body.

One may ask: "Where do you buy dried milk?" In fact, it can be bought at any grocery store. Perhaps, only in small settlements and villages it is not always possible to meet this product, because villagers keep milk cows or buy fresh whole milk from their neighbors. Basically, its cost is not so high, probably, that's why the sale of dried milk is quite profitable. After all, the goods do not linger for a long time on the shelves of grocery stores.

It is interesting, but milk powder is a part of yogurt, bread, confectionery and even baby food. It turns out that we, without choosing such milk, still consume it together with other products. This need not be feared, because it has already been proved that it does not cause harm.

What is milk powder? It is a soluble powder, which is obtained by drying pasteurized and normalized cow's milk. As for history, for a long time there was only whole milk. But the times began when the milk had to be stocked up. For example, during a war or famine. Often, milk powder helped young mothers, who could not breastfeed their babies. It was enough to just buy it, but how to make milk powder, it's not necessary to think long.

Surely every adult remembers how my mother planted a wonderful white powder, and it turned out a wonderful tasty drink. In fact, the value of the invention of this product is very high. After all, milk powder is used in many food products. It is also important that the period of its storage is long enough, which gives the confidence that the landlady will not get into a problematic situation, when suddenly milk is drenched, and after another there is no time to run away. It's enough just to climb into the kitchen cabinet. How to dissolve powdered milk? This is not necessary to read the instructions, it's so simple!

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