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What to bake a cake of puff pastry? Snack cakes, "Napoleon", puff pastry cake

In this article we will talk about what you can cook from a puff pastry. I must say that not only excellent cakes come out of it. No less delicious are obtained baskets, volovany, croissants, snack pies with all kinds of fillings, and not only sweet. A dessert or an unusual sandwich for breakfast of the whole family, a refined snack for a romantic dinner, an ornate puff pastry cake - all this requires a long preparatory work. These pancakes can be whipped up. And for puff pastry it takes a lot of effort, a few hours and ... a refrigerator. But the result is worth it! Soft, crisp, thin, perfectly retaining cream. And if you do not have time, you can buy ready-made dough in the supermarket.

How to knead a puff pastry (ingredients)

In a confectionery such a filling or cream is the easiest phase of the culinary process. Let's leave it for later. Whatever you are preparing to bake - an apple pie made of puff pastry or tufted wool - you first need to knead and roll out the base. For it, you need to choose flour with a high content of gluten (from soft wheat varieties). You also need salt and vinegar (or citric acid), even for desserts. Butter (200 grams per kilogram of dough), which in no case can be replaced with margarine or cooking oil, should be used at a temperature of 14-17 ° C, when it is most plastic. It will take a couple of eggs, milk or water.

Kneading, oil preparation, interbedding

These are three phases of cooking puff pastry. First, we pour flour on the hill. In the glass shake the egg, add water, add citric acid or vinegar, salt. In the flour hill we make a depression like a crater. We pour the egg mixture into it and mix it to homogeneity. If the dough is too liquid - pour the flour, but if too steep - pour water. For elasticity, you can add one or two tablespoons of butter.

Kolobok covered with a napkin, so as not to "get winded", and put in the refrigerator for half an hour at least. The oil is softened and mixed with a small amount of flour. It will become dry and sticky, it will be well distributed between the layers. From this mass, we form strata about 2 cm thick. We cool them to 14 ° С. And, finally, the last phase is interbedding. Kolobok rolled into a layer no more than a centimeter thick, and zealous at the edges. In the center, where the dough is wider, we spread the oil. We close it with an "envelope", patching the edges. Again we roll out into a thin layer. We connect the opposite ends of the square in the middle, again create a single layer. Fold the dough in half and take it out to the cold for half an hour. If you carelessly take this last phase, the puff pastry cake will not turn out magnificent, it will not rise.


This procedure does not require any special effort from you, but it is very important. If you do not give the test a good "rest" in the refrigerator, it will simply break at the last rolling. We can not say the exact time of exposure. It depends on the elasticity of the gluten, the thickness of the cakes that will form your puff cake. The procedure of rolling into a very thin layer, folding it twice, four times and then hiding in the refrigerator for thirty minutes should be repeated about four times. You should work smoothly and without hurry. After the last rolling, the dough should rest at room temperature for about twenty minutes.


If you bought a shop sheet dough, then you do not need to read the previous text. But the final stage, baking, requires some culinary skill. If you want to make a "quick" cake (from a puff pastry dough), you first need to unfreeze the bag at room temperature. After 20 minutes, carefully remove the cellophane film.

The oven is heated to 220 ° C. Work surface slightly powdered with flour and unfold on it tight bundle. With a very sharp knife, we cut the dough into several parts with one sharp movement. We roll out thin layers of them. On a watered baking sheet we lay out the cake and often pierce its surface with a fork to prevent the appearance of large bubbles. You can grease it with an egg. Bake about a quarter of an hour. Apply the cream after a full cooling of the cake.

Puff pastry cake: "Dream" recipe

There is another method of making a "fast" sheet base. Three hundred grams of butter must be quickly chopped with 4 glasses of flour, add egg, four cups of sugar, a little milk, a pinch of salt and soda, extinguished with vinegar. Knead from this elastic dough and put it in the refrigerator. Bake three cakes (because they are thick, cooking time is increased to 20-25 minutes). The cream is prepared very simply: apple or plum jam is mixed with the same amount of sour cream. Fill the filling on still hot cakes.

Such different "Napoleons"

In fact, this favorite cake is made from a short pastry, and then it is impregnated with ready-made cakes with a moistened oil cream. After a night in the fridge, the dessert just melts in your mouth. But you can make this cake from puff pastry. Recipe number 1 is as follows. A kilogram of dough is divided into three or four pieces, one is left for rolling, and the other is hidden until the time in the refrigerator. We lay the cake on a pan drenched in water, pierce it with a fork in several places. So do with all the pieces of dough. Cooled cakes can be interlaced with a custard, butter, sour cream or whipped cream with jam.

Another "Napoleon" (cake)

Puff dough cut into eight or ten pieces. We keep the koloboks in the freezer for two hours. Corry roll very thin, bake until golden brown. Cool it down. We cook a can of condensed milk for two or three hours. Milk is mixed with a pack of dessert cheese "Mascarpone". With this cream, we smear the cakes, lightly compacting the cake with our hands. After a night in the fridge, it will soak up enough. We decorate the top of the product with the remains of cream, candied fruits, nuts.

What else are cakes

As we have already noted, confectionery products need not necessarily be sweet. There are also snack cakes made of puff pastry. They are different.

You can cook a wonderful liver cake using pate, mushrooms and carrots with onions. Vegetables (300 grams) are fried. Mix with pâté. Fry finely chopped mushrooms (in the same amount as vegetables). From puff pastry, we form three or four cakes, bake them from five to ten minutes. When they cool down, start making cake. We can lubricate the lower cake with mayonnaise, lay out the pate. On the second place mushrooms, vegetables. We alternate fillings until we reach the upper cake. It is simply lubricated with mayonnaise, we decorate the top with chopped herbs and olives without pits.

If you are a lover of light salads, you can bake puffed volovany - barrels of dough. Inside, you can put salted salmon, sliced into pieces and mixed with greens and cheese, or boiled chicken breast with vegetables, or foie gras with olives. The main thing is that the salad filling is not too liquid, otherwise the puff will spread.

With this test, you can bake apples. Cut out the middle of the fruit, fill the hole with sugar and cinnamon, wrap it in a dough layer. Bake until cooked. If there is no sheet, you can make a cake of puff-yeast dough. It is also sold in stores. Baked in a similar way, only the pan is not sprayed with water, but covered with parchment paper.

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