Crochet hook how to tie? Knitting patterns with description

Knitting is a fascinating process that can not only bring pleasure, but also lead to the appearance of original things. If you want to get a new beautiful shoes, you can make crochet for yourself or your child.

Preparing for knitting

For those who are interested in crochet hooks, there is a clear sequence of actions. In the beginning, if you are knitting yourself, decide on your size. Remove the measurements from your foot, or make a copy from the sole of the shoe that you are wearing now.

Then you need to prepare yarn - one hundred grams. You can take yarn, which is dominated by cotton or acrylic. It is better to take a string of "macrame", in which case your shoes will be more durable, and there will be no risk that the threads will tear.

Knitted sneakers for children: sole

If you want to tie booties-kedy hooks, the description is not difficult. To create such shoes, you will need yarn "Kirov Iris": fifty grams of red, one hundred grams of white, one hundred grams of pink. Also will need hooks - the first and second number, a sewing needle, manicure scissors.

We knit a thread in two additions. First we knit forty air loops, then ten of them are knitted with stitches without a crochet, and the remaining loops are knitted with crochet.

Good work is crocheting. Keds with its help you can create very stylish.

The second row we knit only with columns with a crochet. The third and fourth rows are also knitted with crochet stitches, the fifth and sixth rows are also knitted. Then we tie the finished sole with the pillars without the crochet.

Manufacture of pins

How to get slippers, sneakers? Hook them can be tied very quickly. The seventh and eighth rows are knitted with no crochet, and now the finished part of the booties is doubled. The ninth row - we are tying only fifty-eight columns with a crochet, the remaining fourteen loops should be left untouched.

Tenth row: crochet crochet according to the same pattern. Keds that can be made in this way are very durable.

In the eleventh row we knit the same, but we do not bind the three bars at the end.

We twist the twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth rows as well as the eleventh row. Then we start to make a tongue, and our crocheted crochets will be ready soon. We collect ten air loops and knit in usual rows to a height of seven centimeters, where we close the hinges. Then we sew the tongue with white threads to the inside of the booties. So we get our booties-shoes (scheme). Hook them they are made from columns with a crochet and columns without a crochet.

Do not forget to make holes in your booties for laces, each hole must be sewn with a looped seam. Laces can also be made using a hook. Type thirty air loops crochet, tie one or two rows of a column without a crochet, and you get laces.

Knitted sneakers for adults

In general, crochet hooks, whose schemes depict the alternation of columns with a crochet and columns without a crochet, can be linked to an adult. In these sneakers, it will be convenient for you to walk around the apartment, they can serve as home slippers.

To create such a shoe you will need two hundred grams of acrylic thread, hook number three. We begin knitting from the soles. We make a chain of ten air loops, we tie it with columns without a crochet. The crocheted crochets are made in the following way: the second, third, fourth, fifth rows are tied with columns without a crochet, and the sixth row will be different. In this row we knit one column without a crochet in every four loops, and then in the fifth loop we knit two columns without a crochet, so until the thirty-second row. The work ends when you have thirty-eight loops in a circle.

Boca slippers

So, our sneakers are partially ready. To knit the sides, you will need to tie the soles of the soles. At the same time, you need to do a reduction in order to get the sides of the slippers vertical.

Now all the rows of knit polustolbikami, so to a height of three centimeters. All these series are done with the help of polustolbikov, which we connect at the end of the rows with the help of aerial polustolbikov.

So we knit four centimeters, leaving a hole where the hood is planned. And do not forget that you need to beautifully form a toe. We all love crochet. Keds are a good idea of what can be connected, but you need to calculate everything correctly. All calculations must be done before knitting.

Mystery and the end of work

In order to tie the toe, you need to dial eight loops. In the next row, you knit everything completely with columns without a crochet, in the third and fourth rows, you continue to knit in rows without a crochet. To the edges of slippers you get round, you need in their corners to tie in one loop for two bars without a crochet.

We make eleven rows, we knit all rows with cords, gradually reducing the number of columns in the row. So we get the sides of the sneaker, which then we tie the top with the pillars without the crochet. You can use for a column without a crochet thread of a different color. For example, if the yarn for the main knitting was green, then you can take the string for the harness red.

You can individually tie the shoelaces, that is, first the chain of the air loops of the desired length is knit, and the second row is made from the top with the columns without the crochet. To such laces you can sew beads from beads, which will become an original decoration.

Knitted Slippers

So, crochet crochets are easy to make. Let's try to learn more about how crochet crochet knit . This simple shoes are useful to you in the home. And it is not difficult to create it.

In order to deal with the creation of such a knitted product, you need to know the volume of your foot. Then get one hundred grams of wool yarn, hook number three, five. In the first loop we knit six bars without a crochet, then the work goes in circles. When you make a circle of six by six centimeters, then you knit on ten loops a straight sheet up, and so twenty rows.

Then you get a toe and a foot, and you need to tie the sides. Following the instructions, you quickly make comfortable slippers that you can carry around the house and at the cottage.

When knitting such things as sneakers or slippers, you need to take the rule of the circle, that is, the number of loops that you add in each row must be equal to the number that you typed in the first row. For example, if you had six loops in the starting ring row, then you add six in each circle, and in the end in the sixth row you will get thirty-six loops.

To knit slippers, use woolen coarse threads, you can remnants of thread. It will take one hundred-two hundred grams.


If you are interested, what an original gift can be made to your beloved man on his birthday or on February 23, then you will get such slippers-crochet hooks, which have the name "sneakers-tanks". They look like the military equipment "Tiger" or "T 34". They knit their craftsmen to order, but if you are interested, then you can try to tie these slippers yourself.

To do this, you will need felt insoles, in which you need to make holes in the circumference along the circumference. We take a small hook, we tie a sole, threading through the holes. Then we take a thicker hook and knit four rows up. In a similar way knit booties, crochet for them is the same as for slippers.

For your "tank" you will need "wheels", which can be linked like ordinary circles. That is, you type two loops and knit in a circle with columns without a crochet. First they are six, then twelve, then eighteen, then twenty-four. Then you can take out two loops in each row, so that your wheel becomes slightly convex.

After that, we fix the climb using the turning rows, and then along the circle we knit a step - the transition into three loops. We start to gradually reduce the sides. And soon before us there is a hole for the slipper. When you knit the second sneaker, do not forget that the insole is tied on the other side, and then you get the right and left sneakers. The necessary attributes can be found in the furniture department, it is especially good to use sewing accessories, which will look beautiful in this case.

Such crochet hooks, whose schemes are simple, will turn out to be simply excellent for you, because you will create them in order to make a pleasant one for your loved one. Tapki-tanks will be his favorite shoes, because you created them in view of his individual sizes.

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