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"Monet" is a restaurant in Yekaterinburg. Best cafes and restaurants in Ekaterinburg

Tasty food, a pleasant atmosphere and a hearty welcome are something that family gatherings are usually remembered for. Homeliness, laughter of native people and the best dishes - it is impossible to exchange for any luxury and splendor of expensive restaurants. But there are times when you just need to change the situation, unload your beloved mother or wife, give her the opportunity to enjoy delicious food, while allowing you to relax and relax. A family celebration is a wonderful occasion for visiting a good cafe.

"Monet" - the most family restaurant

Often, every working day begins with fuss. Parents flee to work, while trying to take their favorite children to kindergartens, schools, sports training. Time for smiles and kind words almost does not remain. What can we say about the family breakfast. Many run out of the house hungry, and children, in turn, complain about the daily duty to eat a plate of boring and completely tasteless manna porridge.

Many cafes and restaurants in Yekaterinburg are waiting for their guests since the morning. Not an exception and "Monet". This institution opens at 8 o'clock (from Monday to Thursday). The varied breakfast menu will please any visitor. And children will be happy every day to try new pancakes, pancakes and omelets with the most delicious fillings.

English, French and Scandinavian breakfasts, cheese croutons and fruit salads, crispy croissants and melted apples melting in your mouth are just the beginning of that striking list of possible dishes offered in the morning that can be seen in the menu of this restaurant. Even semolina porridge is cooked here on coconut milk and is a real work of art.

Lunch break or family celebration? Assign a meeting in the "Monet"!

A joint dinner, which is ready to offer this cozy restaurant in Yekaterinburg, Can become a real family holiday at the height of the working day. A special menu for lunch (offered in a fairly wide period of time - from 12-00 to 16-00) will satisfy even the most refined tastes of these gourmets.

Family holiday, children's birthday, anniversary and wedding - any of these events can be organized in such a cozy and hospitable place, as Satori-Monet (restaurant). Ekaterinburg is famous for its wonderful cafes and bars, as well as the skill of the staff working in them. Experienced employees not only help in choosing the most suitable dishes, accommodation of guests with maximum convenience, but also organize an entertainment program.

This restaurant in Yekaterinburg is famous for its entertainment for children. In addition to the special room that exists there, where the kids can play a lot under the supervision of the city's best educators, Monet offers its young visitors various competitions and training sessions. Mentors are provided on weekdays from 18 hours, and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 12 hours and until the cafe has children.

Worthy business lunch is the best way to negotiate

Located on the territory of the famous business center "Onegin Plaza", "Monet" (restaurant, Yekaterinburg, R. Luxemburg, 49) can become a real "highlight" of business meetings, as well as a worthy place for a relaxing break at lunchtime. Thanks to a special menu, all meals are prepared in the shortest time, and their price will be very attractive.

Near the restaurant there is a convenient parking, where guests can leave their cars, absolutely not worrying about their safety. For visitors wishing to enjoy the good weather and the surrounding landscape, there is a summer terrace. And for those who are forced to work even at lunchtime , free Internet access (Wi-Fi) is offered.

Additional amenities for guests

Visitors can choose any convenient way of payment. This can be cash or non-cash payment, which is often acceptable for corporate clients, payment by bank card.

For the convenience of foreign guests, this restaurant in Yekaterinburg offers a menu in English. There is a choice of dietary, vegetarian and lean dishes. Also this place is famous for a variety of drinks, including a large assortment of delicious coffee. There is also a non-smoking room for visitors. And those who prefer exoticism, can spend time enjoying a hookah.

Unobtrusive music, a cozy atmosphere, a variety of the best dishes, these are the qualities that made the restaurant "Monet" really popular and loved among its regular visitors. This is the place where you can relax and relax alone, have fun with your family and friends, arrange a business meeting or a romantic date.

Other services of the restaurant "Monet"

In addition to delicious breakfasts and lunches on its territory, the Ekaterinburg restaurant "Monet" gladly offers services to those who do not have enough time for proper rest and a leisurely meal. And those who were taken by surprise by visitors, and can not do without a hot dinner, instantly delivered to the right address.

In order to taste delicious food without leaving home or office, you just need to dial a phone number. Then everything will be easy. The staff of the restaurant will help to make an optimal menu and calculate the required number of dishes. Delivery is carried out in a place convenient for the customer, to the specified time. Customers can choose their favorite food from a fairly extensive list:

  • pizza;
  • paste;
  • Sushi;
  • Rolls;
  • Salads;
  • Soups;
  • Hot second courses.

Those who wish to have a picnic or just have a snack on the way can order any dishes they like to take away. Qualitatively packaged products will remain hot for quite some time, and fruits and vegetables will keep their freshness. A large selection of all kinds of drinks, as well as a luxurious wine list, will undoubtedly be a pleasant addition to all the facilities already listed.

The best restaurants in Yekaterinburg, which are a pleasure to visit

The restaurant "Monet" is not the only place worthy of attention in the glorious Yekaterinburg. Residents and visitors of the city have the opportunity to have a great rest in many establishments. Everyone can choose a place to taste. Someone likes luxury and chic, someone - a simple cozy atmosphere.

There are many options:

  • Restaurant "Onegin", located on the 15th floor of the hotel of the same name, is one of the most fashionable and unusual places. The decoration of the hall resembles the magnificent magnificence of the palace chambers. Carved furniture, crystal candlesticks and carpets in a fraction of a second transfer guests to the atmosphere of the Pushkin era. And the view from the window and at all makes the heart trembling enthusiastically: the whole city is in the palm of your hand. Is not it great?

  • Eastern tranquility and pacification - this is the atmosphere in which the visitors of the restaurant "Crepe de Chin" are immersed. And the unimaginable variety of Asian and European dishes will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of a truly good cuisine.

  • Many cafes and restaurants in Yekaterinburg are famous for their interior, but such a skillful combination of eastern luxury and European chic, like in the Saray club, there is, perhaps, nowhere else. Cozy cubicles and soft sofas, gilded thrones and comfortable armchairs, coupled with bright entertainment shows will not leave anyone indifferent.

The true charm of the East

The place which the city of Ekaterinburg really is proud of is the restaurant "Sufra". Real Azerbaijani cuisine, unique interior and hospitable staff remind of oriental traditions and famous hospitality.

This is one of the most prestigious places in the city, in which you will not meet accidentally stray slacker. Businessmen, couples and respectable visitors - this is the contingent of the restaurant "Sufra". This is a stylish place for stylish people who, even in the smallest trivia and interior decoration items, emphasizes their status.

Once in this elegant institution, visitors are in the hall, worthy of the visit of the most senior guests. Luxurious decoration, coupled with the impeccable behavior of the staff perfectly form the exclusive image of an upscale restaurant.

Restaurants in Yekaterinburg: reviews and impressions

How many people there are, and so many opinions about a place. Each person in his own way perceives the environment, as well as each of us loves certain dishes. It is impossible to unequivocally judge anything, based only on the views and opinions of other people, without personal experience.

Of course, you can also find negative reviews about restaurants and cafes in Yekaterinburg, but they make up only a small part of those admired opinions that people have after visiting these wonderful places.

Stylish furniture, hospitable staff, delicious dishes and drinks - that's what every visitor will meet with almost any restaurant. Regardless of the size of the institution, style direction and the available menu, every visitor will be warmly welcomed. Polite and professional workers will do their best to rest at the highest level, and impressions of lunch or dinner remember for a long time.

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