Autonomous water supply - reliable and comfortable!

Everyone who has ever seen a well in a private house and a system of filters, a pump and a water pipe going into the building knows what autonomous water supply is. In general, it is a comfortable high-pressure water system that allows you to independently feed the house with your life-giving moisture for several years.

As is known, the water supply system can be centralized or autonomous. However, the quality of water with centralized provision does not always suit the consumer. For this reason, individual or autonomous water supply is increasingly installed.

There are distinctive features between these systems installed in a private house and in the country.

At the same time, the autonomous water supply of the house, in which they live year-round, does not provide for the drainage of water from the system in the winter. But for a holiday home, the plum for the winter is mandatory, as the use of the system ceases until the spring.

Naturally, the data of the system on the margin of strength and quality of materials in the manufacture will also be different. In a private house, the water consumption is 3 times more than in the country, so you need more reliable equipment and materials.

Autonomous water supply must have a source. They may be a well or a well, it all depends on the level of groundwater.

To give the best option is a well, since it does not require constant use. But for a private house, the most appropriate solution will be a system of autonomous water supply, ensuring uninterrupted water from a deep well. However, due to the presence of a huge amount of iron ions in the system, filters must necessarily be provided.

Pros of autonomous water supply:

- complete independence from the city network;

- Improved quality due to deep water system;

- Once you have installed the system, you no longer pay for water;

- you are guaranteed to provide yourself and your loved ones for several years with water.

This system is fully automated and provides a private house or cottage with water, which is in the system under constant pressure.

Thus, you are protected from sudden disconnection of water, from losses in the pressure system, when the garden season opens, are not associated with chlorination of water, with repair of the water pipe, and, of course, you do not need to put water meters.

If you encounter water supply interruptions at the dacha, then with the installation of this stand-alone device you will forget what it is, since you will be fully provided with it.

The very design of an autonomous water supply consists of main units and a pipeline. So, the heart of the system is the motor, by means of which pressure is pumped in the pipes. It controls the operation of the pump and monitors the maintenance of the water pressure of the relay. A hydraulic accumulator helps in the operation of the pump, controlling the number of unnecessary starts, helping to stabilize the pressure in the system.

Autonomous water supply is the reliability of equipment and your comfort!

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