How to bless a daughter before the wedding by all the rules?

Question: "How to bless a daughter before the wedding?" - occurs before the wedding. This is a very important ancient custom. For the last Time he underwent quite serious changes, but the essence of it remained the same. With the help of this ritual, parents give farewell words to the bride for a long and happy life in marriage. By itself this procedure is not very complicated and takes quite a bit of time. Its roots go back to antiquity, when the influence of the church on people's lives was much greater than now, but today in this ritual there is a religious moment.

It used to be so

Previously, the custom was completely different and the rite was held at a completely different stage of the celebration. Previously, the procedure was carried out at a stage when the potential groom asked the daughter's hands. As soon as the consent was received, the parents retired to the young and gave them parting words for a long and happy life. At the same time, everything should be done with an icon in the hands, which is deployed to the future wife and husband.

How to bless a daughter before the wedding? At the final stage, it was necessary to kiss the icon, which was then passed on to the young and was to be the guardian of their future family. This procedure ended earlier. As to who should be on the icon, there are no strict limitations. It was more preferable if it was a family heirloom, which had been transmitted before in the birth line. But if there was no such icon, then images with the image of the Mother of God were used. It was believed that this guarantees a long and happy life together.

Modern execution

Times change, and with them, and customs. So, how to bless a daughter before the wedding, there were some differences. If earlier this procedure took place at the matchmaking stage, now it occurs after the bride's purchase, when the bridegroom passes all the tests and finally gets to her beloved. Both parents of the bride and groom can take part in this. The icon should be prepared in advance. It is better if the ceremony takes place in a small circle - only the newlyweds and parents. To do this, you can retire in the room. The blessing of the bride's parents is recommended to be prepared in advance. It is better if it is uttered from oneself, from the heart, and not by faceless, repeatedly used words. There must necessarily be mentioned that you need to treat each other with the understanding that you need to be together, no matter what. At the end of the farewell, it is necessary for the newlyweds to kiss the icon, then the parents, and the guard of the future family should be transferred to the young. After that, the wedding ceremony continues on.


The blessing of the young bride's parents symbolizes that they let their daughter into adulthood. Now she is leaving their family and creating a new social unit. At the same time, they wish her immense family happiness, mutual understanding. It is better to hold several rehearsals beforehand in front of a mirror of how to bless a daughter before the wedding. This will allow you to work out the speech, feel more confident, avoid the incidents that may arise during improvisation.

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