Wedding in Boho style: decoration and details

The tradition of celebrating a wedding in the style of the Boho with confidence is gaining the sympathy of young people. This direction embodies lightness, inner freedom and grace. It combines baroque and bohemian style, as well as gypsy elements, vintage and ethnic notes. Anti-glamorous celebration is chosen by creative people who are free from prejudice. The wedding in the style of Boho immerses the newlyweds and guests in a fabulous atmosphere and gives a sensation of flight.

For whom such a wedding is suitable?

Celebration in the style of the Boho is chosen by people who simply and with humor refer to life, but understand the seriousness of the moment. They want to make a memorable wedding, not like everyone else. But in order that the idea does not fail, it is necessary to sustain the style from the beginning to the end. Otherwise, there will be a feeling of incompleteness and dissatisfaction.

Organizing a celebration in this direction, you can safely fantasize and experiment. Ideas can be bright, it is supposed to combine incongruous. This is the main highlight of the style.

Color and texture

A wedding in the style of a boho can be made in any colors and shades. You can combine soft and warm colors with cold shades of color palette. Textures and textures can be completely different, do not be afraid to create compositions from them, even if they are unusual and rather pretentious.

Where to celebrate?

The most ideal place for celebrating is nature. You can organize a picnic, spreading out all-colored cushions and arranging compositions of flowers. If you decide to celebrate a wedding in a restaurant, it is better to choose one that would make it look like a tavern. Well, if it is a spacious room, and from the window you can see the garden or lawn.

If a May wedding is celebrated in the style of a boho, warehouses, garages, lofts or abandoned buildings will do. But in this case, you need to be prepared for the fact that the decoration of such a hall will need a lot of money.


Professionals recommend using natural fabrics in the decor, for example, silk, linen, velvet or sackcloth, without forgetting the effect of multi-layering. But synthetic materials may be appropriate. Branches of trees and shrubs can be decorated with garlands, ribbons and flashlights. To add a twist, tables and chairs should be selected from a different headset. No need to doubt, if they do not coincide in size - this is an ideal option to leave impressions wedding in the style of a boho. The photo will help you figure out how best to arrange all the pieces of furniture.

The dishes can also be completely different. Piquancy to the identity will be given by stylized bowls or cups made of ceramic or colored glass.

More light!

When planning a celebration in this direction, it should be remembered that in this case there is not much light. It is necessary to take care of a large number of light bulbs, flashlights and, of course, candles. In the evening they will create a magical atmosphere: the flame shimmers and flickers, taking away guests and newlyweds into the fairy-tale world.

Chic and simplicity

It is necessary to decorate the wedding venue with elements of different styles: gypsy, Indian or Moroccan. Good color beads from different materials, tapestries, antique lamps, carpets and tablecloths will fit into the interior.

To emphasize the style of Boho, you can combine luxurious things with ordinary products.

The main condition is for a wedding to be made in the style of Bohoshik. The photo shows how to combine luxury with simplicity.

Image of the bride

On this day, the bride looks extremely gentle and feminine. Its image should be free, light and airy. Do not choose dresses with intricate cuts, it is better to stop the choice on simple models. Be sure to take care of the presence of a long veil. The main rule - in all should be felt the strength of spirit and creativity.

If you do not want to wear a white dress, you can replace it with sand, cream, blue or pink shades. But accessories will not be superfluous. Boho style means a lot of jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, beads, buckles and straps. You can use floral prints, avant-garde or embroidery. If you are planning a May wedding in the style of a goddess in nature, shoes should be picked up without a hairpin.

Perfectly complement the created image of large curls, which easily fall to the shoulders. You can do careless scythes or tufts. There are no restrictions for self-expression, in all freedom is felt. Some brides prefer to decorate themselves with wreaths, hoops or cumbersome hairpins.

What should the groom look like?

If a wedding is organized in the style of a boho, the groom should think about how he will look. Instead of a jacket it is necessary to put on a vest. The outfit is best to choose from natural soft tissues, such as linen or tweed.

What to submit to the table?

The core of me should consist of vegetables and fruits. All snacks should be made easy and low-calorie. It is better to cook meat on the grill. Be sure to serve cake. Do not make it too complicated, but at the same time it should be refined and elegant. If desired, you can replace it with pies with different fillings.

How to organize?

The newlyweds have two ways of solving the problem: you can hire a specialist or do everything yourself. If the choice fell on the first option, it would not be superfluous to see the portfolio of a professional and make sure that he really can organize a wedding according to all the requirements.

In the case when the newlyweds decided to act independently, you need to think over everything to the smallest detail so as not to miss important nuances.

  • Invitations. You can design them in any way, but it's better to print on a calender with a gentle font and decorate with vignettes.
  • Banquet. It is not necessary to organize traditional "gatherings" at the table, it is better to stay on the buffet table. Free movement is a prerequisite, which must be strictly observed if a wedding is planned in the style of a boho. Chic can be added to the general atmosphere by lavishly decorating the transport with ribbons, feathers or hearts from any material.
  • Music. All the motives that will sound at the celebration, should be easy and unobtrusive. Ideal for music in the style of folk.
  • Gifts for guests. It can be any trifle, for example made magnets with the date of the wedding or decorations made of wood, painted with paint.
  • Candy bar. The cake can be made small, complemented with cakes and give the guests the opportunity to decide on their own when to go to sweets.
  • Girlfriends of the bride. Dressing girls in the same outfits is not necessary, but you should think over the element of clothing that will be repeated. It can be anything: a hair, a shawl or a bow. Everything depends only on the imagination of the newlyweds and their preferences.

Key points

To a wedding in the style of the boho was at the highest level, you need to remember the key nuances:

  • Availability of natural materials.
  • Abundance of colors and bold combinations.
  • Gypsy elements in clothing, decoration and decoration.
  • A large number of different accessories.
  • Hand-made products.
  • Convenience and comfort. The bride and groom should not be constrained and feel uncomfortable, therefore clothes should be chosen convenient and practical.

Do not be afraid of experimentation, when a wedding is organized in the style of a bogo-hippie. Details will help achieve a sense of freedom, ease and negligence. Such an unusual holiday will be remembered for a long time not only by the newlyweds, but also by all invited guests.

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