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How to get a Polish visa: step by step instruction

Poland is a country of the "Schengen zone", which is not so far from Russia. Therefore, many tourists make out an entry permit to Europe through the consulate of that state. In the article below we will try to tell you about how good the Polish visa is for travel throughout the Schengen area, what are its types, what documents are needed to get it, and what steps and in what order to be done so that you Did not make mistakes, but your enterprise was successful.

What you need and for how long

From the purpose and duration of your stay in Poland depends on the type of entry permit, as well as the period of validity of the brand, which you paste into your passport. Suppose you fly to some country in the world by plane, but with a transfer at the Warsaw airport or Krakow. Then you need a transit Polish visa "A". If you go through the territory of this country by car or train, then you need a permission of type "B". You can issue such transit visas both for one border crossing and for several. If you wish to study or work in Poland, you will need permission of type "D". Well, tourists, businessmen and other visitors who go to friends or relatives are given a standard "Schengen" for ninety days in six months. It can be tourist, business, personal and so on. If you have this Polish visa type "C", then you will be able to travel with it to other European countries. Especially if you open the "multi". And now about how it's done.


There are three main ways by which those who are hungry to get a visa go to Poland. The first and most traditional is the appeal to the consulate of the country at its embassy. But this will have to go to Moscow, and in such a large country like Russia, such a trip can be costly. Still it is possible to address to the travel agency which renders specialized services. But even here you have to fork out, and it is not yet known in which case you will lay out more money. On the other hand, the firm itself undertakes to solve problems: the Polish visa will be in your pocket, and you will save your nerves. In addition, you will avoid red tape related to securities, and if you make a mistake in the design, you will always be told this in advance. Well and the most budgetary way is a delivery of documents through the visa center. We will try to consider it in more detail.

How to register in the visa center

To do this, you need to go to the website of the consulate's service department and see if there is such an institution in the area where you live. The national Polish visa, or "Schengen", opens there only if you submit documents through their resource. Usually there will be a label at the top left where you can sign up for a paper feed. After that, the following window will open before you. There you will be asked to find a region where it will be more convenient to file documents. Then you will be asked for information about how many people are applying for a visa on the same day, what kind of permission you need - for example, a national or Schengen visa. Registration in the service center is the next step. You will have to enter your email address and come up with a password. Only then you will see the form with the questionnaire. There you must specify your passport number, expiration date, your name and surname in Latin alphabet, as long as you apply for a visa and other personal data. To fill this questionnaire you need to pay special attention, because otherwise the system will not let you complete the registration. Only if you did everything right, you are given the opportunity to choose the date of filing of papers - on a special calendar, green indicates the days that are free for recording. If the date is suitable, the system prompts you to decide on the time. After the completion of electronic registration, you need to wait for a special file, where it will be written, when exactly you should appear in the visa center and with what documents.

What to carry

Whichever type of entry permit you ask for, it is always necessary to prepare a standard package of papers. A foreign passport with two blank pages and a valid ninety days from the time you return. In addition, you need a photocopy of his first pages. A Russian passport is also required. And here you can not do without copying the first pages, as well as registration. Well, of course, two photos in compliance with the "Schengen" requirements, insurance and a completed and signed questionnaire. A Polish visa with a single entry requires less effort. To do this, you need to show some electronic hotel reservation. But if you want to "multi", then you will be asked to justify why you need multiple entry. For example, the embassy requires not just confirmation of the reservation, but also prepayment - at least half the cost of living. If you are not traveling for tourism, then you will need a business, guest, cultural, medical or other Schengen visa (Polish). Documents for such permission will require additional. This is the original invitation from the firm or organization (they should be taken with you even after receiving the visa, because the Polish border service thoroughly checks them), and confirmation from the clinic where you are going to be treated, and a "call" from relatives with photocopies of papers, where indicated relation degree. Many such documents will have to be certified by a notary. In addition, you will have to prove your financial solvency and provide assurance that you will return back (an extract from the bank, a document on the availability of housing in the property and so on).

How to fill in the questionnaire

The form itself is also downloaded on the Web - on the same resource where you register. A very important condition for obtaining an entry permit is a correctly completed application form. A Polish visa may not be issued to people who do it inattentively or incorrectly. It is made quite simply and understandably, but there are some nuances. For example, you can fill it in Russian, but you need to write the last name in Latin. Item about the identification number is better to be missed. When asked about the type of document, indicate that you are traveling on a foreign passport. And do not forget to sign the questionnaire in two places - at number thirty-six and at the very end. And be sure to indicate the numbers of contact phones with codes. You can print out the questionnaire only after filling out - hand-written sheets are not accepted. The fact is that it is registered in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, and information about you will be contained in a special bar code. Add one photo to the questionnaire. The second file with the documents.

How to apply and how much to pay

When you receive an email with a confirmation, leave when the time comes, at the specified address. The procedure can take a long time - even an hour or two. In the visa center you will be given a special voucher, and then you will come to the window according to the number indicated on it. The person who will take your documents from you is just a consultant. He does not decide anything, maximum - correct mistakes you made when filling out the questionnaire. Employees of the visa center simply transfer your documents to the consulate. If everything is correct, they give you a receipt, which shows the usual cost of consular fees. This is thirty-five euros plus another nineteen for the services of the center itself. You can pay in the terminal of "Energotransbank", as a rule, it is installed in the same room.

Polish Visa - Reception

In ten days you must find out the answer in your case. You can monitor the process online, on the same site where you registered. To do this, enter your email address and password. Then you enter the "office", where it will be indicated whether your documents are ready. Take them in the same place, where they served - the centers work every day, except for weekends. The Polish visa that you will be given may be valid for six months or even twelve months.

Some nuances

Above, we described the standard instructions for the self-authorization of an entry permit through the service. Behind the brackets, of course, there were some specific moments. For example, if you already had Schengen visas in your old passport, which expired, it is better to make photocopies of its pages and attach it to the papers being filed. If you do not have Russian citizenship, you must bring a document of residence permit. The Polish work visa is issued only with the permission. It is the same in this country for both living (long) and for working life. But this visa is issued when you have on hand an official offer from a Polish firm or company, and there are not enough people in the country who can do this work. Therefore, you will have to prove your experience and knowledge in the required field.

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