How to make a simple drawing on the nails at home

The world of fashion dictates its rules. It concerns not only clothes, shoes or accessories, but also manicure. It is not necessary to follow the canons of fashion exactly to be in the trend always. There is an unspoken rule - a manicure should be combined with at least one of the image. This can be achieved not only by color, but also by drawing. For this, it is not necessary to have an artistic skill, the main thing is to have at hand a minimal set of tools.

A simple drawing on the nails at home can be done with a varnish and a needle. The main thing is to choose a suitable visual sketch. An important condition: the needle pattern is applied to the not completely dried lacquer. On a wet coating, the pattern can be smeared, and the dried up will not work. If you do not have enough skills to use the needle, you can use a toothpick (it is softer, but thicker).

Also a simple drawing on the nails at home can be done with brushes. A set of brushes is preferably purchased in a specialized store for nail art (the art of drawing on nails), brushes from the office store will not work (too thick). Among other things, the kit usually includes sockets of different sizes (special needles with balls at the end for drawing patterns of different thicknesses). Naturally, it is useful and acrylic paint, which will be drawn elements. You can buy it in an ordinary stationery store or art department.

Before drawing the drawings on the nails with brushes, it is worth to practice on the paper to derive the most delicate and accurate lines. They will help you to fill your hand and training video tutorials, which tells you how to put your fingers, tilt your brush, take paint and other foundations of the basics. An important condition: it is desirable to dilute acrylic paint with water, which means that you need a palette.

A simple drawing on the nails at home can be applied and the usual varnish. There is a special technology - varnish in combination with water. The procedure looks like this:

  1. The lacquer drips into warm water (the consistence is rather thick, but not too).
  2. Then, on top of this drop, another varnish drips (of a different color).
  3. If you want, you can add a third color.
  4. A little needle draws a pattern of drops (limited only by your imagination).
  5. The cream is applied to the skin around the nails (without touching the nail plate).
  6. Each finger is immersed in water, under a varnish pattern.
  7. It is removed already along with the drawing (excess lacquer on the skin is easily removed, thanks to the cream).

This technology requires a little practice and imagination. On each finger the pattern can be different, but executed in one color scale. Such a home manicure will suit very patient and plodding ladies, because it is not always obtained the first time.

A simple drawing on nails varnish can be applied and using a special varnish with the effect of craquelure. The basis is a normal glossy varnish. On top of it is applied craquelure (it gives the effect of cracking). Usually this effect is matte, but different firms have in their lineup several different options.

Do not be afraid to apply a simple drawing on your nails at home yourself. There is always room for imagination, and the result sometimes exceeds all expectations!

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