What is the difference between t-shirts for car seats from cases?

Car seat covers are not only a great way to decorate the interior, but also effective protection of the upholstery of seats from the impact of various negative factors, the consequences of which can lead to expensive repair of seats. However, that's not all. Among other things, car covers on the seats contribute to the increased comfort of both the driver and his passengers. Therefore, the selection of these accessories should be taken with special attention. Let's consider an alternative version of covers - T-shirts for car seats, which are extremely popular.


This accessory is a classic, the most simple and at the same time a reliable way to protect the car seats from external influences. T-shirts for car seats, as well as covers, can dramatically change the interior design in one direction or another, as well as increase ride comfort. They are easily and quickly erased, instantly dried. In addition, unlike the case, this version of the skin can be used in virtually any car, regardless of the design and size of the seats. You can buy such goods in any specialized market or store.


By design, T-shirts for car seats are a shell-shaped shell that completely covers the surface of the seat along its entire perimeter. It is installed such a device really like a T-shirt, stretching on a chair and fastening on all its edges. In this case, unlike cases, this method of skinning requires a minimum of fasteners for reliable operation. And in terms of design solutions, this can be both sporting and classical versions.

How to choose the right one?

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the material from which the t-shirts for the car seats are made. This is very important, because it is on this characteristic will depend on how comfortable your chairs will be. So, let's look at several options of skin:

  1. Velours. This material is very practical and pleasant to the touch. In addition, it prevents slipping the body, but at the same time does not fetter it. Still velor perfectly keeps heat for a long time. But with improper operation, there is a risk of damage to the surface and subsequent replacement.
  2. Leather. It is easy to clean, and nice to the touch the material gives the car solidity. The only negative is the high cost, which is the main obstacle to purchase.
  3. Suede. Dense matter that can be used for several years. There is one drawback - an excessively high price.

After choosing the material, you need to determine the method of attachment. Here there are no restrictions - whether you use Velcro or hooks, all the same, both ways of fixing are very reliable and practical. At this stage, the selection of car shirts ends.


So, we found out what the t-shirts are for the car seats, and made sure that this is an excellent alternative to expensive bags. In any case, this version of the skin will make the interior of your vehicle more cozy and attractive.

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