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"Fanny" (park, Togliatti): description, services and reviews

"Fanny" (park, Togliatti) - this is the place where you can have fun with the whole family, as it will be interesting for adults and children alike. In addition to a variety of attractions for all tastes, it is still possible to get to the often arranged for young visitors all kinds of activities, such as discos, quests and various games. You can also simply walk along the well-groomed and ennobled territory of the park, as there is an interesting and fascinating entertainment waiting at every corner, which can provide a great mood for everyone who comes here to spend their leisure time. We learn a lot of interesting information about this place further from the article.

History of the creation of this place

This children's town was built and developed together with Avtozavodsky district. It was designed and created by employees of the Volga Automobile Plant. The grand opening of this place was a real event for the townspeople and took place in 1980. Since that moment the park has become a popular recreation and entertainment center for almost all families of the city, many of whom were employees of the automobile plant. On its territory at that time, eleven rides, a pavilion with slot machines and a town of traffic police were installed.

In 2005, all the swings were restored in this place, and new ones were built. In the same year the center receives a different name, which sounds like "Fanny" (park). Togliatti and its residents can now enjoy improved attractions and a great place to relax. All visitors here are guaranteed to receive a lot of unforgettable impressions and will spend their leisure time remarkably.

Modern highlight

Currently, the entertainment center "Fanny" - an amusement park in Togliatti, where you will not have to miss any child or parents. On its territory, which occupies about eight hectares of land, there are about fifty different swings, carousels and labyrinths, so everyone can find a job to their liking. Some of the attractions do not stop working even in winter. Here, too, there are several magical glades, on which there are bright scenery, all kinds of fairy-tale characters and the incredible beauty of a stream.

In addition, in such an entertaining place as "Fanny" (park, Togliatti), you can find yourself a secluded place on a bench near a pond and just sit in silence or refresh yourself in a cozy cafe. On holidays, various fairs, animation programs, concerts of local bands, as well as folk festivals and various interesting contests are held in this place.

For fans of active recreation in the summer season, free yoga classes are held on the territory of "Fanny". Also, the administration of this institution offers services for organizing various holidays and birthday at the most affordable prices. Therefore for today this park is the most popular place in the city for family rest and pleasant pastime.

Entertainment for children

There are many attractions for young visitors. They are such as: "Convoy", "Alladin", "Bell", "Parovozik", "Circus", "Boats", "Canoe River", "Young", "Railroad" and others.

In addition to riding on a swing, in this park older children can visit a pneumatic shooting range, an autodrome, and kids jump on a trampoline. Such a variety of entertainment can please any child and take it for a long time.

Attractions for the whole family

If together with the young visitors to the fun center "Fanny" (park, Togliatti) came also the parents, then together they can go to the laser shooting gallery and run after each other with special pistols that shoot ultraviolet rays of safety. Also the whole family can ride at the "Star Wars" or on water motorcycles.

Especially like many visitors are balls on the water and huge fun hills. Also, the Ferris wheel "The Sunshine Circle" will not leave anyone indifferent. Its height is more than thirty meters, so it is possible to see the whole city from a bird's eye view. This attraction has several closed cabins, which allows you to ride it all year round. For fans of adrenaline on the "ferris wheel" is equipped with a platform with seats, on which you can also climb up.

Also popular with families are attractions such as "Orbit", "Whirlwind", catamarans "Sea Bee" and "Miracle-throw".

Entertainment for extreme sports

Those who come here for a portion of adrenaline, must certainly ride on the "Flying plate" or try the "Extreme-trampoline". Also for such people will approach the attractions "Superfood", "Adrenaline", extreme hill "Cyclone" and "Driving School".

Thanks to this variety of entertainment, clients of all ages come to the "Fanny" leisure center (park, Togliatti). The prices for attractions also can not but please all visitors with their accessibility.


In addition, on the territory next to the swings and carousels is a large aqua zone, where you can also have fun and actively spend time with the whole family. There is a comfortable resting place, where there are more than three hundred comfortable sun loungers, as well as two large swimming pools with a pleasant water temperature.

Children also do not get bored when they come to this water park (Togliatti). "Fanny" (park) and his staff took care of their young visitors. Specially designed for them several types of slides, having different heights, as well as a shallow children's pool with clean and comfortable water. In the summer, such a water zone in the city is particularly relevant, when you already want to sunbathe and swim, but before vacation is still far away. Therefore, "Aqua-Fanny" (a park in Togliatti) at this time of year visits a lot of families with children or just a company of friends, in order to get a lot of fun and unforgettable impressions. Moreover, the cleanliness in this aqua zone is always under the watchful eye of employees of this institution.

Other types of recreation

You can also have a great time just by the pool, which is located in one of the cozy places of this park. There you can see especially many people in hot weather, when you want to plunge into a pleasant coolness and for a long time enjoy such a swim. This pool with blue clear water for the residents of the city has become a real salvation in a strong heat and a wonderful alternative to all city beaches. Moreover, the cost of his visit is very affordable. Therefore, many locals like to come to swim in the "Fanny" (park, Togliatti). The pool, the price of a visit to which is very low, works for visitors every day.

Children can enter its territory for only 100 rubles, while the price already includes a chaise longue, a toilet, a cloak-room and a shower. The ticket for adults will cost 200 rubles. Since children under the age of six can not attend the pool without accompanying their parents, you can simply come and sit next to a cool water and pay only 25 rubles, if there is no desire to swim.

In addition, recently on the territory of "Fanny" still opened a wonderful contact zoo. It is allowed to enter the enclosure, where quails, goats, rabbits, pigs and other interesting livestock live. At the same time, visitors can not only look at animals, but also feed them and touch them. Children from such communication come to indescribable delight. Also in the park there is a unique tent with exotic butterflies, when you visit, children get into a real colorful fairy tale.

Another interesting place is the zone with dinosaurs, which is located on the territory of "Fanny". Visiting this place gives the opportunity to plunge into the park of the Jurassic period and to travel several millennia ago, when the whole world was dominated by these huge reptiles. This zone also works in winter, when a spacious skating rink is opened for visitors.

Price policy

The staff and the administration of the park are trying to be as loyal to their customers as possible, therefore, until the end of the summer, an action is held here, during which you can visit three attractions at a cost of two.

Therefore, many people come to spend their free time in "Fanny" (park, Togliatti). Prices for its attractions start from 60 rubles. And ends with 120 rubles. In comparison with other similar institutions, they are loyal and accessible. You can also buy a ticket for ten skating, the cost of which is 450 rubles, or a certificate for several visits.

Impressions of visitors

Thanks to such a large selection of various attractions and flexible pricing policy, almost all the townspeople have already visited Fanny. People are simply delighted with its aqua zone, where, in their opinion, very comfortable sun beds are located, there is a chic pool with a pleasant water and a cozy cafe where you can taste delicious food.

In addition, all visitors like the fact that there are attractions for any age groups and preferences. Also, people like that the park is growing a large number of trees and installed comfortable shops, so you can always find a cool shade and relax.

Contact details

Open to visitors every day and without weekend "Fanny" (park, Togliatti). The mode of operation of this institution is as follows: from 10:00 to 22:00. He was placed behind the shopping center "Rus" at 16A Frunze Street. For information, you can call this number: + 7 (848) 49-44-23.

This entertainment park is loved by all the locals and visitors of the city, as here you can get a lot of positive emotions, a certain charge of cheerfulness and just have fun with the whole family, riding all sorts of attractions or enjoying taking aerial baths in the recreation area near the pool.

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