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How to adjust yourself to the positive: simple enough, but effective ways

Everyone, probably, knows the phrase that human thoughts are material. The more positive a person's mood , the easier his life, the better he can deal with matters and cope with problems. Today, there are techniques to adjust yourself to the positive and subsequently improve your life and attitude towards it.

Thoughts in the right key

For the mood for positive, the main thing is to start thinking right, reacting with a smile to what is happening. It is necessary to stop digging with self-displeasure, looking for shortcomings. For a qualitative change in your life, it is important to begin to believe in yourself, in your strengths and capabilities. Never compare yourself and your successes with the achievements of other people, this will lead to nothing good. And personal shortcomings need to learn how to turn into dignity, while working on your person in parallel.

Finding out how to adjust yourself to the positive, you need to learn to appreciate all that is in life: from the smallest details to really important details and events. There will always be a person who is at times worse, so you should never call it fate and complain about life to higher forces.

The technique of "success diary"

In addition to the general spirit of the mood for positive, you can also use the techniques to establish the correct life position, which many psychologists practice today. One of such psychotechnics is the maintenance of a kind of diary that will record all the positive things that happen in life. To do this, you just need to create a notebook in which every day you need to write down all the good things that happen during the day, as well as all the good deeds done during the day. There you can also enter statuses about the positive, they will be very useful for the right attitude. At first this activity can be a burden, but for a while every day, forcing yourself to write down good moments, you can get used to and keep a diary without much stress. A very large helper such a diary will be in times of bad mood or depression, so it will be much easier to tune in to positive things, remembering all the good moments that happened before in life.

Method "purple bracelet"

Another effective technique, how to adjust yourself to the positive - the method of the priest Will Bowen "purple bracelet". The essence of it is that for three weeks you need to give up negative thoughts and statements about any person, being, object. The bracelet is just needed as a reminder. It can be any decoration or bouquet, favorite watch or ring, but this object should be worn on one hand for as long as a person held on a note of positive, up to 21 days. If a man broke and nahamil someone, the bracelet is worn on the other hand, the period of abstinence from the negative starts counting. According to statistics, many people who actively used this method of attitude to positive changed for the better, helping to later change their own and close people. Among other things, the "purple bracelet" also teaches you to control your thoughts and negative emotions and helps you to better study and, if necessary, re-educate yourself.

All techniques, how to adjust oneself to positive, are good in their own way. They can be used both in a complex, and separately. But the main thing is to understand a simple thing: positive is a life position, which in time can become an excellent companion in life.

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