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A simple salad recipe in brine

Despite the fact that fat is a continuous fat, it is not a harmful product and is allowed for use in diseases of the heart, kidneys, stomach and intestines. In winter, a small piece of fat with bread warms perfectly, it is easily digested and even positively affects the exchange of cholesterol in the body. It includes arachidonic acid, which is necessary for the functioning of the heart muscle, normalizes the hormonal and immune systems in the body, is part of the cell membranes.

I'll tell you in several ways how to salt bacon in brine. And you yourself choose which one suits you best. You can make it salty by pickling fat, spicy, you can pour it hot, or you can also cold brine.

A good salting salad in brine can only be if you choose the right way and buy an excellent fat. It should be white and pink, homogeneous, with a thin skin. Ask the seller to cut off a piece for the sample and make sure that it is cut very easily, without jerking the knife. This indicates that such fat without veins and will be soft with ambassador.

The simplest salo recipe in the brine is prepared quickly and easily. On a three-liter jar you need to take two kilograms of fat, cut into small pieces of medium size, so it was convenient to take it out of the jar. Between the layers of fat, put a bay leaf, peppercorns and garlic cloves. Prepare brine from a liter of water and a glass of large salt. Wait until all the salt is well dissolved, bring to a boil, cool and pour lard in the jar. Cover with a lid and let the pot stand for a week on the table at room temperature. Put the lard in a convenient dish and store it in the freezer.

An interesting salo recipe in brine is a wet method for getting a more savory snack. For this, lard is cut into pieces, poured with salt and left in a refrigerator in a closed bowl in two days. Then they take out lard with salt, pour boiled water with onion husks, laurel leaves, black peppercorns, add to brine, a couple of heads of chopped garlic, a teaspoon of black pepper and red bitter pepper to taste. And they all boil for ten minutes. Then, the fat is taken out of the brine and cleaned in a bag in the refrigerator. Finish the fat will be in two days.

But I like another recipe for bacon in a brine cold way. For this it is necessary to cut fat three centimeters thick in large pieces, make cuts, salt, pepper and lay them with cut garlic cloves and lay vertically in a saucepan. I use a greasy hop-suneli seasoning for my greasing, which I really like. Separately, I prepare a saline solution, I take ten tablespoons of a large salt with a slide for three liters of water. I bring it to a boil, add laurel leaves and spices, turn it off, cool the brine to a slightly warm state and pour it gently so as not to wash the spices off the fat in the pan.

After full cooling, I put lard in the fridge for a week. During this time, it is well salted, absorbs the aromas of spices and spices. Ready lard must be taken out of the pan, allowed to dry and can be stored in the freezer.

Recently I met a curious salo recipe in brine with liquid smoke. You should get smoked and salted bacon. I have not tried it myself yet, but I will share the recipe for cooking with you. Cut the fat into a saucepan, pour in brine and cook over moderate heat for forty minutes. To prepare the pickle, take a liter of water, 6 tablespoons of salt, 6 tablespoons of liquid smoke, a bulb in the shell, a handful of onion husks.

Separately, prepare a mixture of black and red pepper with grated garlic and grate the mixture, which has been previously removed from the pan and dried. After this, each piece is wrapped in foil and put into a freezer. Salo will be ready for use in a couple of hours.

Whichever recipe for fat is in front of you, do it according to your taste and discretion. Do not stick to the exact dosage of foods, salt and water. Intuition will help you more, because you are preparing the fat for yourself. And, honestly, I do not understand such recipes, when they say that fat is prepared for twenty days. Yes, it will eat faster!

Try, create, find a convenient recipe for cooking fat in the brine, use it constantly, and you will never regret.

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