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What is a pie with "such" and how to cook it?

Mistresses around the world have come up with hundreds and even thousands of recipes for a variety of pies with the same number of fillings. All of them are undoubtedly delicious - both sweet and unsweetened. But Russian women have from ancient times offered mysterious pies with "this." Probably many are interested in the recipe for their preparation. And most importantly, what is a pie with "such", what is its taste and aroma?

What does it mean?

But do not rush to cook it, not figuring out the whole thing. After all, these pies have been given such a strange name. In fact, when they say that cooked pies with "this", then they mean a complete lack of stuffing. Yes Yes exactly. If for the wealthy nobility all the baking was prepared with the addition of meat, mushrooms, vegetables and berries, then the peasants could hardly afford this every day. That's what the housewives invented from the available products.

So, what is a pie with "such"? It's a pie with nothing. But then what is the stuffing in it put, that it gives it a special taste and aroma and distinguishes it from the usual rolls. This is the main secret of Russian housewives who are able to do something from nothing. After all, it's not always possible to cook from expensive products, often quite the opposite. However, this does not mean that baking will be tasteless.

Filling for a pie with "such"

So, what will it take for her?

- 1 glass of warm milk;

- 2 tablespoons of sugar;

- 2 tablespoons butter;

- Vanillin to taste;

- stale bread or ground biscuits.

First you need to collect all the pieces of stale bread in the house. Often there are a lot of them - and there is no one will be, and throw out a pity. Anything that is not covered with mold is suitable. So already, unfortunately, the place is only in the trash can. Cut into small cubes and dry at 200 degrees in the oven until golden brown. Then pass them through the meat grinder to get the crumbs. They will go to the filling. You can use ready-made bread crumbs.

Pour the milk into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Then dissolve the butter or margarine in it, add sugar and vanilla to taste. All mix well. Next you need to gradually pour the ground biscuits, until the mass becomes thick and dense. Everything, the filling is ready. If biscuits remain, they can be used next time. Dough for pie can take your favorite, best yeast. But puff and fresh will do. Now it's obvious what a pie is with "that." It's a cake stuffed with bread crumbs.

Another recipe ...

However, many people, when they hear about such baking, represent the taste and aroma of a completely different dish. These are patties fried with "this." In them, on the one hand, there is a filling, on the other - no. They are amazingly tasty, delicate and mouth-watering. And they are not harder to make than other pies. So, what will it take?

For the test:

- 2 cups of warm milk;

- 1 egg;

- 4 tablespoons of sugar;

- 30 grams of yeast;

- 500-550 grams of wheat flour.

For filling:

- butter;
- sugar.

These are the things that make pies with "this". Dough will be the most common yeast, but the filling in a hot form will simply dissolve in it, and in the cold it will look like a gentle cream. This is the whole secret of the dish.

Cooking dough

Milk slightly warmed to a temperature of 30-40 degrees. Dissolve yeast and sugar in it. Cover with a towel and let it rise. Usually it takes about 15-20 minutes, until the characteristic cap appears. Then add the egg and mix. In this mass, add the flour in portions and knead the dough. It is important to remember that for roast pies it is slightly lighter than for cooked in the oven. The amount of flour can be different from the one specified in the recipe, so it's best to pour on the eye. And most importantly, it is necessary to sift it to saturate with oxygen. Cover the cup with a towel and put it in a warm place until it increases in volume by 2 times. Usually this happens after 1.5-2 hours.

We make pies with "this"

What taste will be in finished products, still depends on the ability to properly and beautifully make. So, after the dough has approached, it should be laid out on the cutting table and a little crumpled with greased in vegetable oil hands. Separate a small piece and form a cake from it. In the center put a piece of butter weighing 10-15 grams and sprinkle well with sugar. To blind well edges. So do with the rest of the test.

Then heat up the frying pan with butter, and better not one. To fry on each side pies to a golden color, to dab with a napkin from excess fat and you can immediately eat, still hot. If you cut in the middle, the filling will flow out, and you can dip the cake into it. It's incredibly delicious. And cold they look like buns with butter cream or fondant. However, at the same time remain the same delicious.

Now, knowing what a pie is with "such" and pies with the same stuffing, you can surprise your friends and relatives with unusual pastries with nothing. Let them say goodbye, and what is this delicious inside. Surely the answer to the question will put them at a dead end and make you wonder. And, of course, such a mistress will collect all the compliments to her culinary skills.

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