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Evpatoria, akvaland "At Lukomorye": description, prices, reviews

Evpatoria is a resort town on the north-west coast of the Crimean peninsula. Since the times of the Soviet Union, this cozy corner is considered the main children's resort of the Crimea. Wide sandy beaches, curative steppe air, soft flat bottom of the clearest sea - all these advantages are simply created for rest with children.

In addition to the factors created by nature, there are many places in Evpatoria where you can spend your time with the whole family. Several water parks, amusement parks, dolphinarium, aquariums, a zoo are waiting for their little visitors.

Evpatoria, aqualand "At the Lukomorye"

In the heart of Evpatoria children and adults are waiting for a modern water park "U Lukomorie". This park of water attractions is located directly on the waterfront. On it all the main entertainments of the city of Evpatoria are concentrated. Akvaland "At Lukomorye" began its work relatively recently - in 2014. The main theme of the park corresponds to the name, that is, everything here is based on the famous fairy tales of the great writer Alexander Pushkin.

At the central entrance visitors are greeted by a huge statue of Chernomor, on the territory of the children they will see Leszno, Golden Fish, Babu Yaga and other heroes of favorite fairy tales. All guests of the water park can make memorable pictures with bright fairy-tale characters.

The highlight of the water park (aqualand) "Lukomorye" (Evpatoria) is the island of "Buyan", located in the center. This large structure in the form of a fantastic island hides the cafe-bar "Ostrov", as well as picturesque observation platforms. On the very top of the "Buyan" cozy nestled green oak with a cat and a mermaid on the branches.

Attractions for adults

Aquapark-aqualand "At Lukomorye" (Evpatoria) is divided into an adult and children's zone.

One of the attractions for adults - a huge slide with a thematic title "Snake Gorynych." Its height is almost thirteen meters, and the length is one hundred and six. This is probably the most sloping hill, it is recommended to begin your trip in the water park with it.

This attraction is intertwined with a similar hill called "Gorynych's Tail". This attraction is a little more abrupt and will please visitors of the park with its speed and drive.

The hill with sharp turns almost ninety degrees, almost sixteen meters high, is called "The Swan Princess" - this is perhaps the most favorite hill of visitors to the water park (aqualand) "At Lukomorye" (Evpatoria). Reviews of tourists about it are full of delight and positive emotions. The only drawback of this attraction is the eternal lines.

No less popular is the complex, which consists of four nearby slides, called "Storm". Their height is also about sixteen meters, but there are no turns on this attraction. The main advantage of the attraction is speed.

The attraction "Baba Yaga" is a hill-trumpet, along which it is necessary to descend in total darkness.

In addition to slides, in the water park there is a large swimming pool for adults and a swimming pool with hydromassage, where you can relax and unwind. Around the pool are sun loungers and umbrellas.

Attractions for children

For children in the water park there is a special area with small slides - "Aquapleys". Fabulous statues, water pistols and guns, fountains and a lot of positive emotions are waiting for the children in this zone. Water springs are beaten everywhere, cups are periodically recruited and spilled out water, an enthusiastic squeal and delight to your child are provided.

Around the "Aquaplea" is a children's pool. It is very shallow, its depth is only half a meter, the bottom is covered with an anti-slip mat, water is constantly heated. In the center of the pool is a fungus, from which flows water flows.

Animators work in the children's area and monitor the safety of children.

Prices for stay in the water park

If you have a rest in the beautiful city of Evpatoria, the aqualand "At Lukomorye" is the place where your child should be reduced, especially since the prices for visiting are quite affordable. For children who have not yet reached a height of 100 centimeters, the entrance to the water park is free.

The cost of a ticket for a visit to the water park depends on the time. So, for example, a subscription for the whole day (from 10 am to 6 pm) costs an adult 1400 rubles, and from 14:00 to 18:00 - 1200 rubles. For children from 100 to 130 cm in height there is a discount for a visit of 400 rubles. The growth of the child can be determined on a rostomere at the cash register.

All the guests of the water park provides free admission.

Reviews about the water park as a whole are positive. Guests celebrate the purity of the territory, water entertainment is a delight for people of all generations. Because of the large number of rides of the queue, as tourists told us, not too big.

A wonderful holiday and entertainment gives its tourists a fabulous Evpatoria. Akvaland "At Lukomorye" gives its guests a lot of positive emotions and pleasant impressions.

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