The size of the insole is 38 size. Define yourself

Buying shoes is always a pleasant experience, especially for the female. How pleasing women a new pair of beautiful shoes or sneakers! And in order to be not only beautiful, but also comfortable to wear, it's worth buying shoes in accordance with their size.

This article will provide information about the size of the insole 38 size - the most popular among women.

Why know your shoes size?

With this information, it will be easier to buy shoes in regular stores and on the Internet.

Entering the usual shoe store, you can shorten the time to try on and instead of three pairs of different sizes of shoes you like to try on only one. After all, not all sales consultants have the talent for visual determination of the length and width of the buyers' foot.

When ordering shoes in online stores, you need to know your size insole. 38 the size of shoes in all kinds of stores is quite large, since this length of a female foot is average.

And one more important point about knowing your size. With this information, it is much easier to order shoes from foreign sites where the scale of values differs from Russian, and you can translate them only knowing the exact size of the insole. 38 size of shoes a lot, so the discounts on it are much less than on such a rare size, like 35 or 42 female.

Shoe Numbering Systems

Depending on the units in which the foot is being measured, there are several systems of size grids for shoes:

  • International, which is used in Russia and all post-Soviet countries. For example, the length of the foot at 24.5 centimeters has 38 shoes. On the insole, such shoes will be longer than a foot half a centimeter.
  • The European system is also centimetric, but it has a number of nuances, due to which the size of the insole 38 size will be one centimeter smaller than in the previous dimensional grid.
  • English - inch measurement system. It has the smallest size - "0", corresponding to four inches. The numbering of shoes goes through 8.5 millimeters.
  • The American system is similar to the English one, but it is better not to bother with it and immediately know the meaning for its size insole.

Fullness of the foot

A greater number of shoe buyers do not pay attention to such an indicator of size as the width of the foot. And this is sometimes very important, especially for those who have it broad.

Accordingly, GOST 3927-88, Russian footwear manufacturers use numbers from 1 to 12 with an interval of 4 mm to indicate the fullness of the foot.

In European shoes, the width of the foot is in the range of 1 to 8 sizes, which vary after five millimeters.

In the United States and Great Britain, the width of the foot is denoted by letters that change in half a centimeter.

We measure the foot. 38 size

How many cm along the insole has shoes of this size, it is quite easy to find out. You just need to look into any of the dimensional tables, which there is a huge amount. Well, in order to leave no doubt, you can measure your foot yourself.

At home, determine your shoes size is simple. This procedure is best done at the end of the day, when the legs are slightly swollen from a long strain.

You need to stand with your bare foot on a piece of paper, traverse the foot along the contour and measure the distance from the longest finger to the heel. The same thing needs to be done with the second foot (as we know about the asymmetry of the human body) and choose the largest length. Round the result to a larger side up to 5 mm.

Next, look in the dimension table, in which you want to find your dimension value in any of the measuring systems of the dimensional mesh.

For example, 38 cm in size along the insole - 25.


Measure the parameters of the foot is best in the socks and at bedtime, so the result will be more convenient.

If you have any doubts about the correct size when buying in a store, it is better to choose the one that is bigger.

And if the acquisition is in the online store, it is better to find the size grid of the selected manufacturer, because sometimes there is a deviation in one direction or another by 0.5-1 centimeter.

There are cases of squeezing the foot and rubbing calluses because the size that always suited you, from a certain brand is small.

And the best option for buying shoes through the Internet is fitting it in a regular store with a subsequent order on the website of the same model that corresponds to the article.

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