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Where to rest in October? Tips and Tricks

Long-awaited vacation! Agree, this is really an excuse for joy. At last it will be possible at least for a while to get distracted from work, spend more time in bed in the morning, take care of yourself and your house, perhaps, go on a trip. Everything, it would seem, is great, but there is one big "but". Season of the year ... Where to rest in October? In summer, everyone rushes to the sea, in winter - to ski resorts. But what to do in the off-season?

I propose to deal with the issue of where to rest in October, and finally to reach a consensus.

Section 1. But do not go to conquer the unknown?

According to experienced tourists, the middle of autumn is, perhaps, the most successful time for various kinds of excursions and trips abroad. Therefore, if you like to travel, get acquainted with new countries or unfamiliar corners of your homeland, then the question of where to rest in October, is practically solved for you.

I will propose only a few, in my opinion, the most successful options.

  • Mysterious and unique France. The temperature is favorable for walks here for a long time, so it will be possible to wander along the quiet and decorated streets of crimson foliage, climb the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower, relax with a cup of tea or coffee on the Champs Elysees, take a picture against the Triumphal Arch, Desire, visit the numerous cathedrals, churches and museums of Paris.
  • Planning your vacation, lovers of delicious food and sweet tooth should remember about such amazing directions as Spain and Italy. Why Names But about them? Because it is here, except for the medieval castles and walks through the ancient streets, a chance to enjoy delicious dishes of local cuisine. By the way, sweet tooth is very interested in information that it is in the second half of October in Italy, the annual chocolate festival opens, which certainly can not be missed.
  • In addition, when choosing where to rest in October, one can not but pay attention to such very popular tourist destinations as Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia and Montenegro. The fact is that in summer, unlike in the autumn, it is better to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of these countries to tourists, as a rule, the scorching sun and high air temperature hinders. True, the possibility to swim in an open reservoir can not even be counted.

Section 2. Where can I rest in October at sea?

If you belong to the category of travelers who can not even live in the autumn without snow-white sandy beaches, gentle sea surf and hot sun, then a trip to the coast is, of course, absolutely necessary for you.

How about going to Egypt? Beach vacation in this country can be combined with excursions. For example, to see the famous pyramids, visit ancient temples or tombs of pharaohs, and those who are not fond of history will walk along one of several nature reserves or go to well-known oriental shopping.

A good place could be Tunisia. The air temperature here will be slightly lower than in Egypt, but it will still remain comfortable and favorable.

At this time of the year, perhaps the hotter will be in the United Arab Emirates, the most popular resort of which is the city of Dubai. In addition to this, the entertainment infrastructure is also well developed in this country, and night clubs and discos are eagerly awaiting new guests.

Finance and time allow you to go somewhere far away? Why not choose the US? Miami and Hawaii have always been considered excellent places to rebuild.

So, I sketched an approximate and, of course, a very incomplete list of places where to rest in October, and then everything depends on the preferences of the traveler, his imagination and creativity.

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