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Time off at own expense. Cases of compulsory discharge of compensatory time off

Leave at own expense is given to the employee only after the coordination of this issue with the head. In cases stipulated by law, the chief can not refuse such a request to a subordinate. This norm is fixed in the Labor Code. In addition, a citizen has the right to ask the head for a time off at his own expense, if he carried out his official work during non-working hours.

Coordination with the manager

In order to get an off-schedule day off, you need to address this question to the head. If the subordinate has good relations with the manager, and he does not fail him in the performance of his duties, the employer will always meet such an employee. In this case, it is necessary to draw up an application for a day off at your own expense and peradat to his boss. Then wait for the decision of the latter.

In some cases, provided for by law, the chief must provide the employee with an off-schedule day-off, for example, for the performance of official activities during off-hours. In addition, some subordinates are entitled to additional unpaid leave. These include:

  • Working pensioners;
  • Veterans of war;
  • Wives and parents of dead soldiers, law enforcement officers, fire service;
  • Disabled people.

Also, time off at your own expense can be taken in the case of official registration of family relations, the appearance of a baby, the death of loved ones. In all other cases, this issue is resolved directly with the manager. At the same time, it is necessary to draw up a statement and indicate in it a valid reason why a person wishes to take a day off at his own expense.


In order to get an unscheduled day off without saving income, you need to prepare an application and transfer it to your boss. You can create this document yourself or take a completed form in the personnel department of the organization. The application for a day off at your own expense is filled in the following way:

To the Director __________ (name of the institution)

___________________ (surname and initials)

From the subordinate ________________________


I ask you to provide a day of additional rest (indicate the number) without saving the average income, in connection with the registration of marital relations.

Date _________

Signature of a citizen of ____________ (decoding)

Also, an application for a day off at your own expense can be written without specifying a legal basis. Thus it will be necessary to receive the consent of the chief.

For example:

To the head of the department _______________________

______________________(surname and initials)

From the employee ______________________________


I ask you to give me a day without saving income due to family circumstances that have arisen (it's best to write about them completely).

Date ______

Signature of subordinate _________

In this case, the time off is granted according to the decision of the head.

For time worked

At the enterprises very often there are such situations when the citizen is involved in performance of official duties during non-working hours, that should be supported by the order. Based on this document, the employee will be able to demand in the future that the manager provide another weekend. If the chief denies this request to a subordinate, then this will be a serious violation of labor legislation.

Leave for vacation

Sometimes in life there are situations when the employee simply needs to take an extra day of rest to solve their personal problems and at the same time save their money for the missed time. In this case, you need to make an application for a day off on vacation. The sample is absent in the legislation, therefore the citizen can prepare it independently or take a form in the personnel department. Here it is necessary to note the fact that such a right is enjoyed by persons who have been working in the organization for at least six months. The following statement is made:

To the Director ____________________ (name of the company)

_______________________________ ( surname and initials )

From the employee ___________________ ( surname and initials )


I ask you to give me one day on the basic leave.

Date __________

Signature of subordinate ____________ (transcript)

After writing the application, it must be handed over to the head for signature and wait for his decision. If it is positive, then with this document it will be necessary to approach the personnel department, where the specialist will draw up a corresponding order. And only after that you can count on an extra day of rest.

Respectful circumstances

Days without saving earnings are provided to employees only upon agreement of this issue with the head of the enterprise. But what to do in the event that the reason is respectful, but the boss does not let go of work? In this case, TC comes to the rescue. It stipulates that the director must provide leave without saving his earnings in the following cases:

  • The appearance of a child;
  • Weddings;
  • Death of a relative.

In this case, its duration is up to five days. Therefore, in such situations it is necessary to prepare a statement. In it, as the basis, it is necessary to write Article 128 of the Labor Code. This is necessary in order to get a day off at your own expense. A sample application is presented below:

Head of the Department __________________

_________________ (surname and initials)

From the employee ________________________


Please give me a day off with income withholding due to the appearance of the baby ________ (specify the date).

A copy of the child's birth certificate will be provided after it is received.

Date __________

Signature _________

How to fill in correctly

Even if a citizen only needs a couple of hours to visit a doctor in a polyclinic, he still needs to write a written leave at his own expense. The sample application is as follows:

To the head of the department _______________________________

____________________________ (surname and initials)

From the subordinate ______________ (surname and initials)


I ask you to provide me a day off with deduction of earnings due to the fact that I need to go to the doctor's office at the polyclinic.

Date ___________

Signature ________

We examined the samples of the application for a vacation. We hope that the information was useful to you.

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