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Social payment to young specialists: the procedure for obtaining

Federal and regional authorities set preferences and social payments to young professionals. They serve as a measure to stimulate the work capacity of graduates of vocational training institutions. Let's consider further the procedure of payments to young specialists of amounts of material assistance in some regions.

Subjects of law

Currently, there is no clear regulation of the status of a young specialist at the federal level. There is also no general idea of the benefits. Meanwhile, certain information is contained in the 70th article of the TC. In accordance with the norm, the employer can not establish a probationary period for persons who graduated from universities and secondary vocational education institutions less than a year ago. According to the TC, young specialists have no more privileges. A clear definition of entities that can rely on payments and other material assistance is missing in the legislation. However, based on the analysis of normative acts, it is possible to identify a number of features that a citizen must fall under. In particular, payments to young specialists can be made to citizens:

  1. Age of which is not more than 35 years. In some regions, the limit is 30 years.
  2. Who graduated from the Lyceum or vocational school or have a higher education (received it in a university that has state accreditation, in full time form). In some regions compulsory education on a budget is established as an additional requirement.
  3. Performing activities in an enterprise located on state, municipal or regional security.

Financial Aid: General Information

The provision of support measures is determined by departmental sectoral agreements. If we talk about non-state enterprises, the payment to young specialists is carried out in accordance with local regulatory enactments. To obtain detailed information on the benefits provided for when applying for a job, you should familiarize yourself with the collective agreement. Some enterprises have provisions regulating the status of young specialists. Such documents detail the conditions for carrying out activities in the organization, establish a list of support measures, amounts for which the employee can count. The provisions themselves also regulate directly the mechanism of providing material assistance.

Age threshold features

The payment to young specialists, as mentioned above, is due to citizens who have not reached the age of 30-35. The maximum threshold is established in each region at the discretion of the authorized authorities. From the date of employment (the conclusion of a contract with the employer), the status of yesterday's student will be valid for 3 years. Get it a second time you can not. In some cases, however, an extension of the duration of the status to 6 years is allowed. This is possible if a young specialist:

  1. Trained in postgraduate or graduate school internally.
  2. Undergoes alternative or urgent service.
  3. Is on vacation, related to pregnancy and childbirth, caring for a minor.

Support measures

In 2012, a government decree recommended the adoption of a law, according to which in the first month from the moment of employment, the enterprise is given an incentive payment to young specialists. The corresponding normative act was approved a month after this. The key goal of the law is to attract citizens who have received a certain specialty, to work by profession. At present, there are no single measures to support yesterday's graduates. Each region independently regulates this sphere, adopts the corresponding normative acts. The main support measures today are:

  1. Providing an interest-free loan for the arrangement of housing.
  2. Lump-sum payment to young specialists.
  3. Preferential loans or subsidies for the acquisition / construction of housing. In some regions, provision is made for a corporate area.
  4. Compensation of transportation costs.
  5. Reimbursement of expenses for the maintenance of children in the pre-school. This payment to young specialists can partially or completely compensate for the costs.

Priority areas of activity

These include education and health. As stated above, each region provides its own terms and rules for providing material assistance to former graduates. For example, in the Moscow City Government Resolution of March 23, 2004, there are requirements, under which the payments to a young specialist in education are assigned:

  1. Age to 35 years.
  2. Diploma attesting to the completion of a secondary or higher education institution.
  3. The citizen should start to work by a trade not later than 90 days after the termination of training (reception of the diploma).

In St. Petersburg, Saratov region, a number of other subjects, the age threshold is 30 years. This limit is officially established in regional normative acts. To clarify the information regarding the status of the young specialist, as well as the stipulated benefits, you should contact the territorial department of the education department at the address of work or residence.

An Important Moment

It should be borne in mind that if a citizen works as a teacher without a special education, and at the same time is less than 35 years old, then he is considered a young specialist. Accordingly, a person has the right to expect to receive stipulated benefits. For example, the subject works as a teacher and has a diploma of another profession, not related to teaching. This is not a ground for depriving a citizen of the status of a young specialist.

Payments to young specialists (teachers) in 2016 in St. Petersburg

Specific types of material assistance are provided for in regional legislation. In accordance with it, the following lump sum payment to young specialists is defined:

  1. 6 basic units. Employees who have a diploma of secondary / higher vocational education have the right to qualify for such material assistance.
  2. 8 basic units. This payment to young specialists is assigned if a diploma with honors.

The value of the basic unit is established in the Budget Law. The normative act provides for a planned increase in its size. Accordingly, the payment for a young specialist also increases (in 2016, the base unit is 9174 rubles, the 2017th is 9880 rubles, and in 2018 - 10572 rubles). In addition, it is necessary to compensate for 1/2 of the transportation costs. This monthly payment to a young specialist is appointed on his application. It is worth saying that compensation is due to citizens who have not reached the age of 30, and does not apply to taxis. The application should be submitted to the social protection body or to the territorial division of the education department.


In the metropolitan region, payments are also provided for teachers (young specialists) when they are employed. Unlike St. Petersburg, in Moscow, an employee can get a 40 percent premium to the rate during the first three years of activity. If the graduate has a diploma with distinction, then he is entitled to 50% from above. One important point must be taken into account here. This surcharge does not apply to additional workload. For example, the subject works at 1.5 rates. The surcharge will be charged only for one. In addition, a young specialist can be counted on an additional charge of 15% of the rate that compensates for transportation costs.

Health care system

In this area, lift payments to young professionals and other benefits are provided only if the citizen is sent to work in the countryside. In addition, Federal Law No. 326 establishes the following requirements:

  1. Age to 35 years.
  2. Term of the contract with the employer is not less than 5 years.

Financial aid to doctors

The rules for its provision are provided for in Federal Law No. 326. A one-time payment to young professionals engaged in health care is 1 million rubles. This amount is provided for all workers who arrived in the countryside. Lifting payments to young specialists are carried out within the framework of the program adopted at the federal level. It is called "Zemsky Doctor." To obtain this amount, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with the local authorities of the locality where the professional activities will be carried out. The payment of the allowance to young specialists engaged in health care is performed with a diploma of higher education. At the same time, a citizen should work according to his profile. Legislation establishes one more condition, under which the payment is paid to young specialists. The order to provide material assistance is formalized only if the former graduate enters into a contract for at least 5 years. If, for some reason, a citizen decides to quit, he will have to return some of the amount he has received.

Housing issue

In addition to cash payments, the state provides for the provision of young doctors with living space. This is done by the following:

  1. Apartments.
  2. Subsidies for the acquisition of housing or compensation for part of the loan (mortgage).
  3. Land for construction.

You should also know that the amount of 1 million has a designated purpose. According to the law, it is not taxed. According to established rules, it should be aimed at improving housing conditions. For example, they can be used to repay part of the loan taken in a bank.

Additional guarantees

In some regions, the authorities provide for lift payments to young professionals, in addition to those established by the federal program. For example, in the Pskov region, the list of subjects eligible for financial assistance includes representatives of nursing staff. They, except for the above lifting and other compensation, can receive:

  1. 30 thousand r. - feldshery and nurses, and working in obstetric centers - 50 thousand r.
  2. 100 thousand rubles. - Doctors.

In the Rostov region, students can expect material assistance before they are awarded diplomas. For example, students attending 4-6th courses of the medical university receive additional amounts to their scholarships. Doctors-interns, in turn, have the right to expect payments of $ 5,000 a month. This amount acts as an increase to the salary. Payment of this money is carried out regardless of what course the student is studying.

Employees of other spheres

In the regions, support is provided not only to young teachers and health workers. In Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa, programs were adopted, according to which material assistance is provided to employees of other spheres once a year for three years. The following amounts are set in these regions. For the first year - 40 thousand, for the second - 35, for the third - 30 thousand r. In large cities (St. Petersburg, Moscow), the amount of material assistance, of course, is higher, since the calculation is carried out taking into account various factors. For example, the level of life in the village, the average income in the sphere in which the employee is employed, is of importance. For example, a young teacher in St. Petersburg can receive at a time more than 50 thousand rubles.

Design rules

Payments to specialists who meet the above requirements are carried out in accordance with the procedure established by law. Immediate provision of material assistance is assigned to the employer who provides the workplace to the graduate. A manual aimed at encouraging the attraction of personnel is not taxed. To participate in the targeted program, it is necessary to conclude a contract with the organization for 5 years. The sphere of the citizen's activity must correspond to the specialty he has received.

Required documents

To realize the right to receive incentive payments and other benefits, a young specialist writes an application directly at the time of employment. After this, the standard procedure for registration is carried out. The employer approves the order for hiring and assigning the young specialist appropriate payments. As a general rule, a staff member must be familiar with local acts against signature. To the application, a young specialist applies a copy of the diploma and the work certificate. In the latter, the date with which the citizen is officially employed at the enterprise is put. Based on these documents, payments are made to young doctors, teachers and other specialists.


As was mentioned above, at the federal level only a framework law has been adopted providing for the possibility of receiving material assistance to specialists who graduated from educational institutions less than a year ago. The main activities for the development of specific targeted programs are carried out in regions and municipalities. It is worth noting that financial assistance can be provided to young specialists not only in budget organizations.

Any employer, including the head of a commercial enterprise, has the right, at his discretion, to establish support measures for the employees. In this case, the candidate for the seat must also comply with the requirements provided for in the legislation. In particular, we are talking about age, the availability of a diploma and the duration of the contract.

Material support of young specialists is one of the directions of the internal social policy of the state. At the same time, it was decided at the federal level to delegate authority for the direct implementation of the program to regional and local authorities. This is due to the fact that in the subjects and municipalities, the relevant authorities, when approving regulations, take into account the peculiarities of the terrain, working conditions and other factors. This, in turn, allows us to work out actual measures for a specific territory, to ensure the inflow of demanded personnel. After all, incentive payments can be received by young professionals of any profession.

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