Oil change in the box in the "Kalina": step by step instruction, device and recommendations

"Lada Kalina" is a very common car in Russia. It is in high demand due to its low cost and maintainability. Many people serve this machine with their own hands. Usually, car owners pay attention to the engine, changing oil, filters, candles and other details in it. But many people forget about the checkpoint. Changing the oil in the box "Lada Kalina" - a mandatory measure of maintenance. Everyone should know about it. So, let's look at how this procedure is performed and what oil to fill in the checkpoint.


The "Lada Kalina" uses a classic five-speed mechanics. This box takes its history from the time of the "nine". Recently, AvtoVAZ has released a new VAZ-2180 box with a cable-driven drive. Transmission has undergone many changes, but the principle of lubrication remains the same. So, in the pallet a few liters of transmission fluid are filled. It does not splash and is not pumped. Lubrication occurs in a natural way - when rotating in this bath with oil dip the gears of the intermediate and other shafts. Thus, lubrication of friction elements is provided. Many people do not know about this, but this is not the only function of the oil. In addition to lubrication, it also provides heat removal. This is why the box quickly overheats when the liquid level is low. The gears themselves are working on a dry one, which causes a considerable amount of work. Then it accumulates in the oil. Over time, its amount increases, and the liquid itself acquires a darker shade. That's why you need to regularly check the oil level in the box. For this purpose, there is a special dipstick in Kalina. The manufacturer does not recommend using the car if the oil level is below the average.

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The regulations for the replacement of the gear oil differ significantly from the engine oil. The manufacturer advises to change the "transmission" once every 75 thousand kilometers. But experienced motorists recommend to reduce this figure to 60, and if the car was a new one, then even up to 30 thousand kilometers. Why so? New parts in the grinding process form small shavings. Its presence in the oil is undesirable. Therefore, such a lubricant should be replaced as soon as possible. Further, during operation, the oil will be subjected to different temperature differences. The output will decrease, but this does not mean that after 30 thousand kilometers it will cease altogether. And the factory oil itself does not have good quality. Therefore, in order to keep the transmission safe, the oil change in the Kalina Lada gearbox must be made at least every 60,000 kilometers.

What to buy?

Now on the shelves you can find a variety of products. Specialists recommend the use of oil with a viscosity of 70W80 to 80W85. As for the producers, good oils are produced:

  • Rosneft.
  • Lukoil.
  • Shell.

Also a lot of positive feedback is collected by the product from Zic.

Tools and materials

To replace the oil in the gearbox "Kalina" 2 nd and 1 st generation was successful, we need to prepare:

  • Horn key for 17 (or ratchet with a head).
  • Jack.
  • Empty canister or any other container for draining off the work. It is important that it is wide and flat, otherwise it will not go under the bottom. You can cut the side of the canister from under the engine oil and place it under the drain hole. "Kalina" clearance allows you to do this.
  • Lake. It is desirable to lengthen it, since the box with the filler hole is very deep. For a convenient bay, use a suitable diameter hose. It is important that its length is not less than 30 centimeters.

Getting Started

So, how is the oil in the Kalina gearbox changed? Before starting work, you must warm up the gearbox. Especially it needs to be done if it's frosty outside. The oil in the transmission is very viscous, and at subzero temperatures and at all will acquire a jelly-like shape. In addition, on the heated box, all the spent liquid drains faster.

Next, take the jack and lift the car part. Since the "Kalina" we have a front-wheel drive, put a jack at the left front wheel (the box goes exactly this way). Then, using a key on the 17, unscrew the drain plug. Find it very simple - it is located at the bottom of the edge of the checkpoint. For her, a separate hatch has been removed. Then we substitute an empty container and wait until all oil is merged from the transmission. But even with a heated box you have to wait very long - at least 20 minutes. How is oil changed in the box in Kalina?

After this, tighten the cork with the key with the effort of the hand (do not overdo it, otherwise the next time you do not unscrew it). We open the hood and find the filler opening. As such, the neck on the "Kalina" is not - you have to pour through the probe. Therefore, the hose with which we extended the watering can should be thin. That the oil does not leak, it is possible to fasten in a hastily place of connection with an insulating tape or "fumka". Then fill the liquid in full. We put the dipstick in place. This is why the oil change in the Kalina gearbox is complete. Now you can start everyday operation. In the mechanical box there are no filters, so its maintenance is limited only by changing the oil.

Replacement of oil in a box in "Kalina": how much to pour?

At the "Kalina" is used a manual transmission on 5 steps. The manufacturer recommends that you pour 3100 grams of oil. But motorists recommend pouring 100-200 grams more. So we will exclude extraneous noises in the box and the rumble of the shafts at speed (especially the gears of the fifth gear).

Helpful advice

As we have already noted, the gear oil is very viscous. Even on hot it hardly leaves the box. Therefore, part of the liquid remains on the walls of the pallet and on the gears of the shafts themselves. Experts recommend that some liquid be spilled before replacing. To do this, pour in a box of 100-150 grams of oil, without twisting the plugs, and wait until it comes out of the hole. Many are surprised by the result: a clean transmission fluid was filled in the box, and after a couple of seconds a black slurry came out. Thus, we will clear the gearbox as much as possible of the old grease. This is especially useful when switching to a different manufacturer's product and with a different viscosity.


So, we found out how the oil is changed in a box in Kalina. As you can see, you can perform the operation alone, with your own hands. The most difficult thing is to make an adapter to the watering can. The procedure for replacing oil in the box in the "Kalina" takes no more than 40 minutes. And this is in view of the fact that half the time is spent on draining the old liquid.

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