How to restore the MPS for OSAGO in the past years?

On the roads of our country every day you can find a huge number of vehicles. Every driver should know that he must have an insurance policy that can be used in various situations, including during a traffic accident. You can register it in just a few minutes in specialized organizations. If for a certain period of time driving a driver does not fall into an accident, then his insurance class rises. This gives the motorist an opportunity to save significantly on insurance.

In some cases, the amount of the discount can reach 50 percent of the cost of the policy. Therefore, the loss of MBA for an auto citizen can be an unpleasant surprise for any driver. However, as practice shows, cases when the motorist at expansion of term of validity of the insurance reveals, that its cost not only has not decreased, and, on the contrary, has considerably increased has not been rare. Why do such situations arise and what do motorists do? How to restore the MPS for OSAGO? Rosgosstrakh is an excellent solution. This and more will be discussed next.

Why there is a change in the amount of the discount for OSAGO?

All information about insurance periods and the driver, on the basis of which the cost of motor insurance services is calculated, is entered into a single electronic database. However, as a result of a system failure or a human factor, an error may be made that will affect the amount of the discount when renewing car insurance. There are a number of other reasons that depend solely on the driver and lead to zeroing of the MSC. Before to find out how it is possible to restore the MPS for OSAGO, you first need to find out what causes can be behind the change in the bonus-malus ratio.

Replacement of driver's license or personal data

Most often, the combustion of accumulated bonuses is caused precisely by this reason. When changing a driver's license, the document number changes, therefore, in order to restore the MSC, it is necessary to make appropriate corrections to the single register of SAR. This also applies to changing personal data. If the driver changed his name, the insurance rating is automatically reset when the policy expires.

How to restore the coefficient of MPS for OSAGO in this case? To take advantage of the insurance points accumulated over many years, it is necessary to contact your insurer. You can do this via the Internet or go directly to the office of the company.

The insurer did not pass the driver information to the SAR

Everyone can make a mistake due to his negligence, forgetfulness or fatigue. Employees of insurance companies are no exception. In addition, the insurance company may go bankrupt or cease operations. Information in a single electronic database is updated every year. If due to any reasons the insurer did not do this, then the driver's insurance experience will be reset, and he will lose his discount. On how to restore the MSC for OSAGO in this case, will be discussed further.

Invalid insurance contract

If any mistakes were made during the signing of the insurance contract, the information will be entered into the electronic database. This will lead to the fact that AIS will perceive one driver as a completely different person and in calculating the cost of OSAGO will give the full cost of the policy without taking into account the amount of the accumulated discount.

Permission to drive a vehicle by several persons

If two drivers are inscribed in the policy when registering insurance, the coefficient with a lower par value is taken into account. How to restore the MBA discount for OSAGO in this case? Alas, nothing can be done here, since everything is clearly spelled out in the legislation and is standard practice.

Making amendments to an insurance policy or interrupting accident-free service

The size of the MBM is affected by the length of the insurance period, which is charged for the full year of continuous driving, if there were no road accidents recorded. If the driver takes a break for more than 12 months, then all of his accumulated points, which are taken into account in calculating the MSC, are completely burned. In addition, points are not awarded to the driver when the insurance policy is issued, the validity of which is less than 12 months, as well as when making changes to it.

In what cases is MSC not taken into account?

So, we have considered the main mistakes that can affect the size of the MBM when registering OSAGO. Further we will find out how to restore the coefficient of MPS for OSAGO. Rosgosstrakh will be an excellent solution. First, we consider the main cases in which a discount may not be taken into account. At the same time, a single electronic database can be updated with information about the driver, but when the policy is drawn up, he will have to pay his full cost.

The most common cause of this problem is as follows:

  • Break insurance period or make adjustments to the insurance policy. The discount increases as the driver continuously drives the car without getting into an accident. If the break of the insurance period exceeds 12 months, then all accumulated points are automatically reset. This also applies to cases where the insurance was issued for less than a year or any changes were made to the policy. For example, another person was added who has the right to drive a car. In this case, there is not a single way how to restore the MPS for OSAGO, as the legislation does not provide for such an opportunity.
  • Registration of insurance, involving the management of an unlimited number of persons. In this case, the discount specified in the last insurance contract is taken into account. In addition, it operates only if the policy is issued on the same machine.

To be clearer, let's give a small example. The citizen bought a new car and, when registering insurance, wanted to indicate in the policy an unlimited number of persons. In this case, he is not entitled to a discount, and the cost of compulsory motor TPL insurance will be complete. However, if the insurance were issued for an old vehicle, the MSC would be taken into account by the insurer when concluding the contract of compulsory motor TPL insurance. How to restore the MSC over the past years in this case? This will be discussed later.

Is it necessary to restore the MSC?

The procedure for the restoration of the MSC is rather troublesome, so the driver will have to face paperwork, and also make a lot of efforts if he wants to return his previous discount.

However, this is worth it for several reasons:

  • Significant savings on car insurance;
  • Accumulation of accident-free experience and insurance points;
  • Using online services, you can solve the problem in just a few days;
  • After the restoration of the bonus-malus ratio, the driver will receive a refund of all overpayments under the previous policies.

Thus, the facts in favor of the need to restore the MSC are undeniable. However, how to restore the MTPL of OSAGO to VSK?

What documents will be required?

To maximize the process of rebuilding discounts, it is recommended to first identify the cause of the problem and prepare the necessary package of documents. With the first you will have to tinker a lot, but as for the second, you need to make photocopies and scanned copies of the following documents:

  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • Driver's license;
  • All the policies that you have on hand.

At the same time, it is very important that you have both photocopies and electronic versions of the documents listed above, since you will not only have to personally apply to various authorities, but also make numerous requests by e-mail. If you have not saved the old policies, then do not despair, because they can be restored. Each insurance company keeps contracts with its customers. You just need to contact the company office and ask for an extract that you do not have any insurance payments. It will take no more than five working days, so you will not have to wait long.

So, now you know the reason for the KMB's nulling and have already prepared all the necessary documents. But how to restore the coefficient of MPS for OSAGO?

Recovery of discounts for car insurance

There are three main ways to restore the discount amount for vehicle insurance services. To do this, you need to contact one of the following organizations:

  • Insurance Company.
  • Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
  • Russian Union of Motor Insurers.

Organizations are arranged in order of increasing level of influence, so you should first contact your insurer. If this does not bring any positive results, then it is necessary to take advantage of the help of higher authorities. In order to understand the process of rebuilding the discount, let's take a closer look at how to restore the MPS for OSAGO to SAR through each organization.

Contacting the insurance company's office

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the insurance company is obliged to consider complaints of all drivers and help in resolving any questions of citizens related to insurance. In this regard, the site of most insurers implemented a special section through which you can submit an online application. When completing the electronic form, it will be necessary to describe the essence of the problem that has arisen and to attach the scanned copies of the previous policies.

How to restore the MSC for OSAGO, if there is no access to the Internet? In this case, you can send an application by registered mail addressed to the director of the company. The letter should also include photocopies of previous policies. Every appeal of citizens is fixed. He is given an individual number, and also it is recorded in a special magazine. It should be noted that the application must be written in two copies, one of which is numbered and stamped, after which you receive it in your hand by registered mail.

I would like to note that the application can be sent by ordinary mail, but insurers with very great reluctance consider the appeals of their customers, and so you will not only be able to speed up the process, but you will be 100 percent sure that your problem will be solved. The insurer has 10 days to review the application and recount MSC. In most cases, the problem will be solved in this time. If the appeal was ignored, then you can start using heavy artillery. About how to restore the MPSIC OSAGO on the basis of SAR through the Central Bank of Russia, and will go further.

Restoration of a discount on compulsory motor TPL insurance through the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is a very effective tool, with the help of which, in almost 100 percent of cases, drivers manage to return their discount on an insurance policy. However, he considers applications only for those policies whose statute of limitations does not exceed one year.

How to restore the MSC for OSAGO through this organization? On the website of the Central Bank there is a special section in which complaints are filed related to car insurance. To do this, go to the "Submit a complaint" section, then go to the "Insurance organizations" subsection and indicate the reason for the appeal. After this, you will need to fill out the online form, which will need to attach scanned copies of previous policies. After filling in all the required fields and confirming registration of the complaint to the e-mail indicated on the form, confirmation will come.

The Central Bank will file a request to confirm the information you indicated and identify the problem of the insurance company, after which it will deal with your case. The entire procedure takes no more than one month, and you will constantly receive information by e-mail about the review process. Now you know how to restore the MSC for OSAGO through the Central Bank. If this organization for any reason can not solve anything, which happens extremely rarely, then you can always file a complaint with the SAR.

Contacting the SAR

SAR is a self-regulating organization that has many levers of influence on insurance companies, up to and including the deprivation of their license. As a rule, it is necessary to apply to it in very rare cases, since insurers are afraid of this organization and try to solve all the problems of their clients on their own. How to restore the MIS of OSAGO through the SAR, if such a need arose? It is important to understand here that, despite the fact that the single electronic database containing all information on the policies of OSAGO is under the jurisdiction of the SAR, nevertheless this organization is not allowed to make any amendments to it. However, it can influence insurers.

The website of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers provides a special section that details the procedure for filing a complaint by the driver, the procedure for its consideration, the list of required documents, a sample application and contacts for communication.

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