Schengen medical insurance

Medical insurance in Schengen is required in almost every country in the European Union. While registering and getting a visa at the embassy, this item is always negotiated. The presence of the policy protects against the risk of spending large sums of money in case of illness, hospitalization or accident.

Medical insurance covers part of the money spent during exacerbation of chronic diseases, visits to the dental or gynecological office. Also, any transportation needs, accommodation, meals and, if necessary, a rehabilitation period are paid.

There are several mandatory rules for obtaining insurance in the Schengen countries :

1) All days of stay in a foreign country must be insured.

2) All countries of the European Union should be listed in the document.

3) The policy must be executed without a deductible.

4) The limit of liability insurance is determined in the amount of 30,000 euros and above.

Medical insurance Schengen has a very simple procedure for filling out forms. They include personal data, the number of days in the country, the presence of under-age children and infants up to three years. You can come for an insurance policy in any travel agency, insurance company, and also a lot of managers are engaged in insurance issues right next to the embassy buildings. The cost of services is calculated in a single day. If the policy limit is 30,000 €, then one day costs 1 €, respectively, 50,000 € - 1,5 €, 70,000 € - 2 €. If your trips to other countries are of a regular nature, then it is easiest to arrange insurance for six months (65 €) or even for a year (115 €). In each company and travel agency, the Schengen insurance for a child from 3 to 17 years old is discounted at 25%. Beforehand, all insurance items should be discussed in order to prevent misunderstandings.

For obtaining only a passport is required. Choose the package you are interested in, specify the exact dates of your stay, and in ten minutes the statement is ready. Personal presence is not so necessary, the process of registration can be carried out by any person who has a passport on hand. Today, most often this is done via the Internet. When you make an online request, you specify an e-mail address, and after confirming the application , the insurance company agents deal with your information provided. You can receive a ready policy either in the company's office, or by courier, or by ordering delivery via mail.

Insurance Schengen Group A provides the client with emergency medical care in the event of an accident or exacerbation of a chronic illness, as well as stay in the hospital for the entire period of treatment.

Insurance of the Schengen Group B provides for a refund in the case of a previously planned return home, a third person's stay if necessary for caring for the sick, transportation of underage children without parents.

Insurance Schengen Group C includes the conditions of Group A and B plus a guarantee for the costs of car repairs, legal assistance to an attorney and other services necessary in the event of emergencies.

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