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Many of the owners of cars dream of their own motorhome on wheels, thanks to which you can easily travel with your family to various places. But the purchase of a motorhome can not always be afforded by a family, so many make it on their own. This will take a little:

  • Basic basic knowledge;
  • A standard metalwork tool that can be found in any home or garage;
  • Patience and free time.

But, in addition, you should have a high-quality, and most importantly, reliable vehicle that can accommodate a motorhome on wheels.

So, what needs to be done? Before you create a camper yourself, you should visit a legal advice. Such a modernization of the car requires legalization. For each country there are different requirements.

The first step - camper own hands

The whole process of creating such a design can be conditionally divided into several stages:

  • Execution of external works;
  • Performance of internal works;
  • Provision of water supply for the camper;
  • The connection and connection of the gasification and electricity system;
  • Accommodation of furniture;
  • Small work.

After that you will be able to travel on campers in any free time.

Number of seats

As an example of creating a camper, take the usual average van. If the van is operated by only two people, there will be plenty of space. If the family has more people, then you need to think over an additional number of places. Do not forget that all seats must be provided with seat belts.

Determine in advance how many berths your home will have on the wheels. There is a very good option to increase them. Arrange inside the bunk beds. You can also make a bed that will "fall out" from under the roof. This will help save space camper.

At this stage of planning, you must have a clear plan for the internal structure. Of course, you can make your own adjustments during the installation, but the foundation should be thought through to the smallest detail.

Execution of external works

First of all, take care of the cleanliness of the inside of the camping. The zone should not contain dirt, dust, significant defects. This will be the key to the successful formation of the motorhome.

You should also plan the form in general terms. In addition to the plan, you can make sketches on paper.

Further work is to remove corrosion and damage to the body part. If there are many deformations, use full painting or local - in the places of the most damaged.

The body part rarely has windows, which is catastrophic for traveling on campers. Plan where it is best to install windows for the most convenient viewing. In addition, they will open the access to a stream of fresh air and allow them to penetrate the rays of the sun, which will create additional lighting. You can select windows of absolutely different shapes, types and structures. Everything will depend solely on your preferences, as well as the features of the body part.

Additional holes in the body

When creating a camper with your own hands, do not forget to make a few holes:

  • For the removal of gas in the event of its leakage;
  • For ventilation;
  • For removing exhaust gases from the heater;
  • For water jets.

Of course, you can perform some of them after creating a camper, but this can be much more problematic. It is best to do everything at once and in advance. But this should be done only if you are sure that these holes will be located exactly in those places.

Places with an open layer of metal should be immediately treated with a primer coat to prevent corrosion.

Performance of internal works

How to arrange a camper inside? With your hands, you need to create partitions between the front seats and the main body part. But if you want, you can not do them. The installation of the partition is also different. It can be fixed with screws or welded to the body itself. If necessary, use the Bulgarian at this stage.

When operating the Bulgarian, do not forget about the safety features. Work with her carefully, especially if you use the instrument for the first time. Do not forget to put protective goggles on your eyes, and also make sure that the circle is secured. Also in the process of working with the Bulgarian will fly sparks, which when hit on the glass will create defects. Therefore, take care of beforehand to close it securely.


The insulation layer for the mini-camper is very important. From its quality and proper installation will depend on the temperature inside, as well as soundproofing. A large number of materials from various companies are on the market. Their choice will be exclusively individual, proceeding from the features of the environment, financial position, body type.

Isolation must be cut into small pieces and carefully glued. The main feature and the main indicator of quality is protection against moisture ingress. If the insulation layer does not cope with its immediate duty, remove it.

For body shelling, prepare in advance:

  • Isolation;
  • Lightweight plywood that will be waterproof;
  • Soft carpet.

On the side covers should use a thick layer of plywood. This is done so that it can withstand the weight of the furniture, which will be mounted directly on it.

On the side walls it is necessary to use an adhesive that can withstand a wide range of different temperatures. Using it, glue the insulation and carpet on the side walls. Glue for different temperatures is used because the van will be used in various conditions: both in severe frosts and in the scorching summer sun. In addition, heating is arranged. If the glue does not have all the necessary properties, the sealant and coating will simply disappear.

Camper trim

Beginning of the casing of the motorhome from the roof itself and to the floor covering. First of all we make the installation of an insulating and facing layer and only after that smoothly we pass to the side panels. If you will only equip a winter camper, then the sealant layer should be increased and further compacted.

To ensure sufficient space under the insulation should be used wooden slats, which are mounted to the floor. Fastening must be carried out with a special sealant, corresponding to the coating. After this, the insulation layer is laid, and then they are covered with plywood. The plywood itself is attached with screws or sealant. Do not forget about the location of water supply, gas cables and electric cables.

Water supply

An obligatory condition for water supply of a house on wheels - it must have flow of running water. To do this, place a pair of cans of water under the sink. The installed pump will produce the required flow of water to the tap.

If desired, the camper can be provided with hot water. This will be convenient if you want to place a shower. To do this, you need to put large tanks of water under the body of the motorhome. The connection of the heating system requires the purchase and installation of additional hoses.

Do not forget about wastewater. The withdrawal can be carried out using a hose placed in the floor, or to drain water into a portable tank. Capacity should be emptied in the shortest possible time, because in the summer it will go unpleasant odor, and in winter it will simply freeze. It is also possible to install a toilet.

Gasification and electricity

Installation of the hose for gas and electricians must be entrusted exclusively to qualified specialists. At the slightest error of self-installation this can lead to a lamentable outcome.

A propane bottle can be used for cooking. You can do without it, replacing the capacity on a conventional electric stove. Keep the cylinder in a separate place.

The camper's power system consists of a charger, a battery, a control panel and a wire system.

Gasification and electricity in a camper-trailer are very important. In the case of traveling to nature far beyond the city limits, the autonomy of both systems should be at the maximum level.


If you want, you can use absolutely any furniture that you like. You can buy items of new furniture or design and make it yourself.

Virtually everyone who has a camper, reviews leave extremely positive. You can create not only a small family motorhome on wheels. It is also quite possible to make huge off-road camper. The choice is yours!

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