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Blair Underwood: movies, biography, personal life

Billions of people from different corners of our vast planet are convinced that cinema is one of the most important parts of their lives. If you think about it, it becomes clear that this is really so, because it's the films of different genres that help us survive the hardest and sometimes simply unbearable events taking place in life. It should be noted that every day on the screens come a variety of serials and films, because of what to find a truly respectable project is extremely difficult.

Sometimes the problem is in the script, less often the films spoil the actors, and sometimes the films are horribly shot. Thus, each of us wants to watch excellent cinematographic works, but it's extremely difficult to find such films lately. Today we will talk about one actor, and also discuss a few very interesting films that you will definitely like!

Blair Underwood is a well-known man all over the world, who is an excellent American actor. In this article we will discuss in detail the biography of this person, and also learn some cinematographic works in which he took part. Let's start right now!


Blair Underwood was born on August 25, 1964 in Washington, DC (United States of America). His father was a colonel in the army of America, and his mother worked as an ordinary designer. It is also worth noting that the actor has an older brother and several younger sisters. His childhood he spent in the most diverse military bases of the United States of America, as well as in the famous German town called Stuttgart, where his father served.

As for education, the young man studied at an ordinary school, located in the state of Virginia. In addition, he attended classes at a small theater school, located in the city of Pittsburgh.

Cinema. Part 1

Blair Underwood, whose films are now enjoyed with great pleasure by billions of people from different cities and countries, began his career in cinema in 1985, when he took part in the project "Conflict of the ways", as well as the television series "Cosby Show". In addition, the young man took direct part in a soap opera called "One Life to Live." After that, he was invited to play the role of prosecutor in the television series Los Angeles Act, in which he participated in the period from 1987 to 1994. By the way, it was for this role that the young man in 1991 received his first nomination in the Golden Globe.

It is also worth noting that Blair Underwood starred in such films as "Armed Squad", "Challenge", "Clash with the Abyss", "Fair Trial", "Rules of Combat", as well as "Homework". At the same time, the man took part in the film "City Angels", and in 2003 he played the lover of the main character of the television series "Sex and the City", appearing there in only 4 episodes.

Cinema. Part 2

By the way, many heard about such a detective project, like "Law and Order." In this film, the man became a guest star, and the ratings of this episode were simply incredible.

In addition, in a television drama called "Treatment" a man performed the role of a pilot who constantly visits a psychologist. For this film the actor was nominated for the second time for a prize called "Golden Globe". One of the most significant roles is the role of the President of the United States of America in the sci-fi television project "Event". In addition, we note that in 2000 Blair was included in the list of "50 Most Beautiful People" according to the version of the magazine "People".

In general, as you can see, Underwood Blair is a pretty successful personality. What about your personal life?

Personal life

In early 1989, Blair became the official co-founder of a popular non-profit organization called "Artists for a New South Africa", which deals with democracy and human rights in the Republic of South Africa. It is also worth noting that today the man is the representative of several charitable organizations, and in 1993 he was awarded the so-called "Humanitarian award", which he got for the work done in the branch of the Association of muscular dystrophy in the city of Los Angeles.

On September 17, 1994, Blair Underwood took his wife, Desiree DaCost, with whom they had three children. Both the wife and children of this actor are sure that he does everything in order to present to the audience really intriguing cinematographic films!

Blair Underwood: the complete filmography

Now we note only a few cinematographic works, which should pay attention to those who have a desire to see really interesting and exciting films with the participation of this actor. The complete filmography includes such cinematographic works as "Woman, you are free! On the 7th day, Jake and Pirates of Netland, Homework, Event, Good Wife, Patients, Dirty Wet Deeds, Way Up, City Company, New The Adventures of the Old Christine "," Something New "," Fathers and Sons "," In All Glory "," Temptations "," Battle Rules "," City Angels "," Desire Tree "," Los Angeles Airport " "Call", "Trial error", "Just cause", "Second Coming" and others.

Choose any film. Enjoy watching!

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