Ignition marks. How do I independently set the ignition?

In the article you will learn about what the ignition labels are, how to correctly place them on different cars. Of course, to accurately adjust the advance angle, you will need to use a special tool. For example, a strobe, but it is not available to all. But you can make the adjustment even by ear. This is relevant in the event that the breakdown has caught you far from home and the service station. In other cases, it is better to adjust only special devices. The article will consider contact and non-contact ignition systems.

Contact system

On old cars contact systems were established. In fact, of course, such a scheme of ignition with a non-contact one has a lot in common. But as a breaker is a mechanical contact group. Common only candles, armor, distributor, coil. And then the last two elements have different designs. For example, BSZ gives out electrodes of candles more than 30 kV, but the contact one - about 25 kV. Therefore, when switching from one system to another, the high-voltage coil needs to be replaced.

The distributor has a different design, since it does not have a Hall sensor, but mechanical contacts. But do not forget about the shortcomings of the system, but there are quite a few of them. And the biggest disadvantage of this design is the presence of a strong mechanical wear of the movable chopper. But there is a plus - the cost of such a design is very low. Unfortunately, it is necessary to constantly monitor it, maintain the breaker and the gap between its contacts in the normal state.

Non-contact system

A little about it you already learned, but you need to mention the advantages of this system. It does not need constant care, there is no need to make any additional adjustments. You only need to know how to put the ignition on the marks, and then just start the engine, and you will not know the hassle. You can only knock off the advance angle if the timing belt (chain) is incorrectly set. And the most sad, if there was a breakage.

BSZ began to be actively used on front-wheel drive cars VAZ, starting with model 2108. Gradually, it came in the classic series. But in recent years has been completely replaced by microprocessor. Of course, it is also a kind of contactless, only the operation of the engine is controlled by the electronic control unit. He collects all the necessary data - air and gasoline consumption, speed, speed and others. Analyzing all these data, the microprocessor selects the optimal opening time of the injectors, the ignition timing, in order to normalize the engine operation.

Ignition installation on front-wheel drive vehicles

And now about how to correctly place the VAZ-2109 ignition marks. This is true for all front-wheel drive models with a carburetor injection system. The most important thing in this business is to install the crankshaft and camshafts so that they rotate synchronously. All measures must occur in a timely manner. And for this you need to remove the timing belt, install labels on the flywheel and pulley camshaft.

First, unscrew the three bolts securing the plastic cover, remove it. The right side of the car is raised, before loosening the bolts on the wheels. Unscrew the tensioning nut and loosen the belt. The generator will also need to remove the belt, and the pulley of its drive must be removed. That's all, the ignition circuit on the "nine" is simple, now you can proceed to set up on the marks of the shafts.

First of all, install the distribution on the label, which is located on the pulley. It should be placed opposite the bar, bolted to the cylinder head. Then remove the plug from the clutch housing. Turn the crankshaft until the mark on the flywheel is opposite the slot in the bar. Put the timing belt on and tighten it.

Correction angle adjustment

But it will be necessary to slightly adjust the angle of advance. To do this, loosen the three nuts securing the tramper and rotate its body in the desired direction. It all depends on what kind of gasoline you use. Just set the ignition marks VAZ-2109 is not enough, you still need to catch the most optimal angle. Unfortunately, in all fueling stations fuel has a different quality. On one - good gasoline, on the other it is diluted with additives. And you will not run after each refueling to the trambler and rotate it.

It is more reasonable to use an octane-proofreader. This is an electronic device that allows you to change the lead angle in a small range. As a rule, it is enough for a normal ride. Rotating the engine on the body, you directly from the car make a fine and rough adjustment of the moment of a leap of a spark. Such devices are most often used on cars equipped with HBO. After all, the gas octane number is above a hundred. Therefore, when changing from one fuel to another, the characteristics of the engine change.

Ignition on a classic lamp

And now it's worth discussing a little about how to put the ignition marks of the 402 engine or any other that uses a contact system. You will need a ratchet wrench, a piece of wire and a test lamp. Of course, you must correctly mark the distribution and crankshafts. Scroll with a special key crankshaft until the marks on the pulley with the protrusions on the cover of the gas distribution mechanism are aligned. In this case, a large notch on the pulley of the camshaft must be in front of the tooth in the upper part of the lid.

In this position, the fourth cylinder must be in the TDC. This is how the VAZ-2106 ignition marks and other classic models are installed. The slider on the distributor is installed opposite the contact, which corresponds to the fourth cylinder. The lamp is connected to the output of the coil "K" and the mass. Turn the body of the trambler, fix it in the position when the lamp goes out. If you removed the cover of the cylinder head, put it on, then start the engine, warm it up to the operating temperature and correct the advance angle by turning the body of the trambler in the desired direction. Note that the gap in the breaker contact must be set correctly.


I would like to conclude that all systems will serve for a long time if we follow them. Even BSZ needs to clean the plugs, replace the Hall sensor, switchboard. Be sure to change the candles and armored carpets in a timely manner. The normal operation of the engine depends on their condition.

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