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We make the installation of plastic panels with our own hands

To date, the construction market offers a wide range of materials for wall decoration. Each room in the apartment has its own characteristics. For example, in the kitchen and bathroom - high humidity, so the finish should prevent the effects of moisture and contaminants on the walls. An excellent alternative to ceramic tiles are plastic panels, which are easy to install.

High humidity, temperature changes and various types of pollution significantly limit the list of materials that can be used to finish the bathroom and kitchen. The advantages of plastic panels include low cost, durability, practicality, good sound insulation, a wide range of color shades and easy maintenance of the coating. Mounting of plastic panels with your own hands Does not require special skills, so the work will be quick and easy. Due to this they are very popular.

So, we begin the direct installation. Panels can be installed on a special crate of wooden bars or on metal profiles, in this case, no preliminary preparation of the walls is required. But if you plan to mount directly to the surface, then it should be perfectly flat. Installation of plastic panels in the bathroom should not be carried out on wooden bars, as they quickly deteriorate under the influence of moisture.

The lining is made by metal or plastic profiles, which are attached to the wall at a distance of not more than half a meter from each other perpendicular to the direction of the panels. This kind of arrangement is the most popular, it visually narrows and stretches the space of the room. The horizontal arrangement of the plastic panels acts on the contrary, but the diagonal, although very original, is not recommended for small bathrooms. If you are installing the plastic panels with your Hands, it is necessary to have a screwdriver. Self-tapping is used to fix the profiles. Usually the panels start to be fastened from left to right. First install the finishing elements from the place where the installation of plastic panels with their own hands begins, and on the ceiling. They will help to hide the irregularities in the places of cutting the panels.

Each plastic panel has a narrow and wide shelf. The first is on the left, it is inserted into the groove of the previous sheet, and the second is to the right, it is intended for fixation in the crate. The first plastic panel is fixed in the finish element, then the next one is inserted by a narrow shelf into the previous one and is fastened with a construction stapler, and a wide shelf is fixed on the crate by screws. Thus, the installation of plastic panels on the wall. A finished view of the room will give the screen under the bathroom. Its function is to hide the space from below, which can be used to store a variety of cleaning products.

Installation of plastic panels with your own hands will be successful if you follow the technology. Do not forget about the finishing elements, they will help to accurately design not only corners, but also places around windows and doors.

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