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How to clean the iron from the deposit and scale. Means and methods for cleaning household appliances

We all use different home appliances, which, although they facilitate everyday work, but need care and proper operation to ensure normal operation. Any thing in our homes requires such rules. Do not avoid these problems and household appliances, irons in particular. No matter how they assure us that it is their model that can be cleaned by itself (clicked on the button and it's ready), practice proves that this is not quite so. Whatever your device is supermodern with all the resulting technical innovations, its work is affected by a number of factors that will necessarily affect the functioning of household appliances. Incorrect operation, temperature regime, hard water, impurities in it, the quality of the fabrics from which our things are made can cause problems. And here you have the question: How to clean the iron from carbon deposits, rust, plaque and scale.

In the article we will offer a number of ways to get rid of such problems that interfere with the work of technology and can damage our favorite things, leaving terrible yellow spots and other flaws on clothes.

How to clean the iron from carbon deposits, plaque and rust? What means can I use to get rid of the soiling of the soles?

  1. Special chemical pencils produced by industry. Are applied according to the description to the goods.
  2. Vinegar. Can be used by rubbing the cold or heated surface of the iron. Depends on the degree of pollution. Wipe with cotton wool or any rag soaked in acid, the sole of the technique. If it does not help, add ammonia and iron a rag soaked in solution, heated iron. You can use only one tool. In any case, do such manipulations in a well-ventilated room. Vinegar and ammonia have unpleasant odors.
  3. Soda. A teaspoon of this product with a small amount of water or a dishwashing liquid is mixed into the gruel. The cold sole of the iron is coated with the resulting mass, left for a few minutes. With an intensely soft rag, remove the carbon with a dried solution. Then the iron is rinsed and wiped dry.
  4. Salt. Take a thick sheet of paper, pour a layer of fine extra salt, heated iron "iron" grains. You can not use this method if you have a Teflon-coated technique. If the salt is mixed with the shavings of the paraffin candle, then, in addition to solving the problem of how to clean the iron from the carbon, you can get rid of the roughness and scratches on the sole.
  5. Hydrogen peroxide. You can use a solution or tablets. In the first case, wipe the cotton swab sole, in the second - rub the hydrate by the heated surface. The iron must be hot, but disconnected from the electrical network.
  6. Acetone or nail polish remover. The method is similar to the previous one. Both cleaning options should be carried out in a ventilated area.

We have decided on one problem - external contamination of the sole. Let's look at how to clean the iron from the scale that forms inside the device, and what means are applicable in this case.

  1. Lemon acid. In a small amount of water (take it as much as it will fit in the container of the device), dilute the citric acid, pour the solution into the container, turn on the iron to the maximum temperature regime. After a short period of time, press the steam release button several times. Drain the remnants of the solution, rinse the container. The iron is ready for use. It is advisable for the first time after such cleaning to iron an unnecessary rag to completely remove the residues of contaminants.
  2. Special chemicals for descaling in irons. Apply according to the instructions.

Ways of how to clean the iron from carbon deposits, scale , rust and other types of pollution, a lot. Proper care will extend the life and reliability of your household appliances.

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