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How to make a porch in the country with their own hands: columnar foundation

The first impression of a country house begins to form from the porch. Making this element, each owner strives to give it a maximum of individuality, to make it beautiful, unique and unique. Most often, the question of how to make a porch in the country with their own hands, arises after the construction of the main building is completed. At the same time, it is very important to take into account all the nuances, so that in the future this design would fit organically into the surrounding landscape and would harmonize with the facade of the house. Separately it is worth noting that a competently built porch is not only a cottage decoration, but also an additional area of the room, and a great place to relax.

How to make a porch in the country on your own on a columnar foundation

This construction, like any extension, is built on a certain basis. From the correctness of his choice depends on the appearance of the porch, and the length of his service. Therefore, before you make a porch in the country, you need to establish a foundation. Most often in this case, a columnar foundation is used, which can easily be made from the remains of bricks, pipes or concrete blocks. It should be noted that this method is not costly and simple in execution.

Before you make a porch in the country house with your own hands, choose a place where it will be attached to the house. On the marked area it is necessary to remove the top layer of the earth and carefully clean the place of stones and plant roots. To avoid germination of the grass in the future, it is recommended to cover the cleaned area with sheets of roofing material or to fall asleep with rubble.

The next step of how to make a porch in the country with your own hands is to install the pillars of the basement. Under them it is necessary to dig pits of sufficient depth, install pipes from asbestos cement in them and pour them with concrete solution. If you build a country house with your own hands on a stable ground, which has outstanding drainage properties, you can make poles for the foundation and brick. It is necessary to take care of the waterproofing of the base of the porch. For this, a dense polyethylene film can be used.

After the foundation is ready, you can proceed to flooring. This process is carried out in the usual way for wooden products. After the frame of the structure is ready, lags are laid on it, over which the floorboards are mounted. When stacking, they must be tightly fitted to each other.

The porch can also have side walls, which are made both from a solid board, and from its elements or plywood. You can buy ready-made railings or balusters, with which you can decorate not only the porch itself, but also the ladder.

The roof of this structure is most often made gable. The frame for this element is better assembled on the ground and ready to be installed on the supports of the structure. Roofing material can be chosen either: use the remaining after the construction of the house or purchase a new one. The construction steps are performed last. The width of the steps each person counts on their own feelings.

Taking as a basis these simple tips, you can create in your country house porch of any shape and configuration: it all depends on your wishes and taste.

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